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DISA CONUS Help Desk. (618) 220-8904, DSN 770. The mission of the CONUS GNSC Network Operations Branch is to lead and direct the CONUS GNSC and all CONUS Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in providing optimum communication networks, services and customer support for the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) on a 24-hour a day, 7-days a week. Send questions/comments to: Customer Support Desk Call or Fax. Phone number: (207) 438-1690 DSN 684-1690 FAX: (207) 438-6535 DSN 684-6535 . Mailing Address. Naval Sea Logistics Center Portsmouth Bldg 153, 2nd Floor Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, NH 03804-5000. For a list of local DON 'PDREP' Activity Coordinators contact the Customer. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Global Service Desk (GSD)Mission Partner Contact Information *For DoD Enterprise Email (DEE) operational issues please contact your local service desk.* 1-844-DISA-HLP (1-844-347-2457)DSN 850-0032 Main Menu OptionsNext Level Optio Go to the help center I'm a Collection Site I need to speak with DISA about a drug test collection, forms, affidavits, billing, or some other collection site related issue

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E-mail and Phone: Main DISA Helpdesk. Last Updated On May 08, 2019. 0 0 cyberx-dv cyberx-dv2019-05-03 00:22:572019-05-08 10:53:27E-mail and Phone: Main DISA Helpdesk Overseas DSN users can now dial US toll-free numbers by simply dialing 94 + the 10-digit toll-free number. For more information, check out this DISA tutorial . Customer Servic

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Phone (800) 477-8227. DoD PKE Help Desk. DISA. Email dodpke@mail.mil. DoD PKI Help Desk. DISA. Email disa.gsd.maops@mail.mil. Phone (844) 347-2457 Option 1,3,4. DSN 850-0032 DISA, Defense Information Systems Agency. Antivirus We support the operation and defense of the DOD Information Network by providing virus protection to DODIN assets

If your issue cannot be resolved through Local Level Support, contact the Travel Assistance Center (TAC): Live Chat for select issues (available Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm ET except federal holidays) Login to Passport and submit an online help desk ticket through TraX. (available 24/7) 1-888-Help-1-Go. ( 1-888-435-7146) (available 24/7 Contact our Help Desk for issues not listed above. Please note, our Help Desk cannot take any action on your WAWF documents. Send a Secure Message. 866-618-5988. Email: disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil. Fax: 801-605-7453. Help Desk Hours

Mission partners may request service by contacting the DISA Infrastructure Global Service Desk (IGSD): • Toll free 844-347-2457 • Commercial 614-692-0032 • DSN 312-850-0032. GVS has 65,000 desktop registrations and 7,500 unique VTC registered endpoints across GVS-U and GVS-C. On the Horizon . Future enhancements include TELEPHONE CALLS RECEIVED AT THE MILITARY POLICE DESK ON OFFICIAL EMERGENCY NUMBERS WILL BE RECORDED FOR ACCURACY OF INFORMATION. CELLULAR PHONE USERS ON FORT IRWIN FOR ALL 911 EMERGENCY CALLS YOU.. Travel Programs > Defense Travel System > Contacts Contacts. Travel Assistance Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Phone: 1-888-Help1Go Overseas: Dial 1-888-Help1Go from any DSN phon DISA Global Service Desk Mailbox or {HOId} for Next 5-PlN/Password Resets disa.gsd.infrastructure@mail.mil O-Enterprise SATCOM Gateway nfrastructure 4-Performance Rep orts Services Infrastructure Ticket Request 2-Video Services (GVS) DISA Global Service Desk Mailbox etifecliivo 17 Oct DISA Multi-Host Internet Access Portal. Contact MIAP Support. E-mail Support. Submit E-Mail Ticket. Phone Support. Toll Free: 1-844-347-2457 (1-844-DISA-HLP) press 1 for Applications and hold for the next available agent. DSN: 850-0032. press 1 for Applications and hold for the next available agent

DISA's Network Connections services provide the networked communication for a collection of computers, printers, routers, switches, and other devices over various transmission medium. IE Services: Our network specialists will take care of your network needs so you can focus on your mission. We provide various network infrastructure services to. Citi Customer Service: 1-800-200-7056 (collect 757-852-9076) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Citi's DoD Travel Card Webpage: www.transactionservices.citigroup.com: Client Services for APCs: 1-866-670-6462 (collect 757-853-2467) Monday-Saturday 7:00 am-9:00 pm EST: All Other GTCC Transition Questions: Travel Assistance Center 1-888-Help1Go DSN. The commercial area code for listings below is 478-XXX-XXXX unless otherwise indicated. DSN is 472-XXXX for 222 prefix, 497-XXXX for 327 prefix, and 468-XXXX for 926 prefix

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Customer Support Desk. Phone number: (207) 438-1690 DSN 684-1690 Contact the Webmaster. Mailing Address and Main Phone Number. Naval Sea Logistics Center Portsmouth Bldg 153, 2nd Floor Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, NH 03804-5000 . Main Line Number: (207) 438-1371 DSN 684-1371 FAX: (207) 438-6535 DSN 684-653 Or call us at: IPPS-A Toll Free Number: 1-844-474-7772. (1-844-HR-IPPS-A) DSN: 312-983-7772. Email Help Desk Inquiries: usarmy.belvoir.peo-eis.mbx.ipps-a-help-desk@mail.mil. Help Desk Hours: Monday - Friday 0800-1800 ET. Saturday - 0800-1600 ET City Code + Number, then if requested enter your assigned PIN. 6. DSN CONUS calls can be called by dialing 94 + the seven digit number, then if requested enter your assigned PIN. Example: 94-552- 5555. 7. Global DSN access is available for Fort Leavenworth. The Global DSN directory is located on the CAC & For ORGANIZATION NUMBER AFTER HOURS; Chaplain (On-Call) 07031 15 3079: Call MP Desk 07031 15 3102/3095: Dental Clinic: DSN 590-2800: Not Applicable: Dental Clini If the sessions listed are not the ones you need, contact MIAP support and request the appropriate sessions needed for your function. To do this,open a trouble ticket by calling the DISA Service Desk (1-844-347-2457 (1-844-DISA HLP), or DSN 850-0032). Press 1 for Applications and hold for the next available agent

Help Desk; Sign In. DoD CAC Login Support. Access resources to assist you with logging into DAU with your DOD CAC. More » DAU Login FAQs. The DAU Login FAQs provide answers to some of the common question users have about DAU's new provider.. Phone: 202-231-5554 Fax: 202-231-0851 Email: DIA-PAO@dodiis.mil Mailing Address: Defense Intelligence Agency 7400 Pentagon Office of Corporate Communications Washington, D.C. 20301-240 DoD CAF Call Center suspends phone service In conjunction with COVID-19 measures, the DoD CAF Call Center temporarily suspended its phone service. We encourage you to submit your questions/inquiries to our group mailbox at dcsa.meade.dcsa-dvd.mbx.dodcaf-callcenter@mail.mil. Please place as much detail as possible to allow us to assist you properly

The Department of Defense (DoD) Consolidated Adjudications Facility (CAF) is located in Ft. Meade, Maryland. Please use the following contact information to address your inquiry: DoD CAF Call Center: Call 301-833-3850 or dcsa.meade.caf.mbx.call-center@mail.mi Contact the DISA Help desk at 800-447-2457 or 614-692-3136 (DSN: 312-850-3136), or email NCES@csd.disa.mil. Title: Enterprise Email Help Author: Marc.Natkiel Created Date Support Contact Information. If you need help with the IDCO application, contact the DMDC Support Center (DSC) help desk. Customer Service Representatives are available 24x7 at: Worldwide: 1-800-477-8227. CONUS - DSN: 878-2856. OCONUS - DSN: 312-878-285 NAVSUP Consolidated Help Desk is now NAVY 311. Our transition from the NAVSUP Consolidated Help Desk to NAVY 311 Service Desk is complete. With a simple email or a telephone call, DOD-wide customers can connect to specially-trained customer service representatives at the NAVY 311 Service Desk

Keep the line connected if you can. Overseas users should call their local telephone reporting desk or the local operator. CONUS users should call the DSN Customer Service desk at DSN 550-1611 or commercial at 1-800-967-6194. Tell the attendant: Your DSN number and location. Called party DSN number and location. What the problem was and when it. If you need assistance with the PKI Management Interface, please contact the help desk at 1-800-490-1643 (DSN 339-5600) option 5. If you have any technical questions about the PKI Management Interface, send inquiries to disa.meade.id.mbx.gds@mail.mil

ISEC: Excellence in Engineering DoD PKI Automatic Key Recovery (520) 538-8133, DSN 312-879-8133, or 866-738-3222, Netcom-9sc.om-iacacpki.helpdesk@mail.mi Welcome To DMDC. Since 1974, DMDC has evolved into a world leader in Department of Defense identity management, serving uniformed service members and their families across the globe. Among its many roles, DMDC is: The one, central access point for information and assistance on DoD entitlements, benefits, and medical readiness for uniformed. GCSS-Army Help Desk. All first time users of the Help Desk will be required to go to the web link below and complete an initial registration form in order to gain access to the system. The requester guide below will assist in walking you through the process to register. New User Requester Guide: Coming Soon. Phone: 804-734-1051, DSN: 687-1051. Phone: (571) 372-2072, DSN 372-2072/2044. Email: WHLDP Staff. Vanguard Senior Executive Leader Development Program (Vanguard) (SES Tier 2-3/equivalents) Phone: 571-372-2059, DSN 372-2059/2044. Email: Vanguard Team

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  1. Please call: 1-800-200-7056. Enter in your 16-digit DoD Travel Card account number. Enter the last 4-digits of your Social Security number. Wait for system to provide balance, available credit, available cash, last payment posted and next payment due. Press or say '2' for pay by phone automated payment
  2. To provide information and services that are mission critical to the operation of the worldwide IP router Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) and other DoD sponsored networks. Help desk services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Toll Free 1-800-365-3642 DSN 850-2708 International 1-614-692-2708
  3. DSN CONUS/OCONUS: 877-352-2255 For dialing questions, contact your local switch operator or email our Support Office at dlacicsupport@dla.mil with your full DSN number and prefix. Commercial: 269-704-7921 ; Fax: 269-704-7930 ; Email: dlacontactcenter@dla.mi
  4. Alert! MWNS gives the chain-of-command the ability to notify you in the event of emergency. The Alert! MWNS can communicate via desktop pop-up, telephone, SMS, and email. Ensuring your information is updated and correct will help increase notification capabilities and response times in emergency situations
  5. Customer Support Desk: DSN: 684-1690 Phone: 207-438-1690 E-mail: webptsmh@navy.mil P Mailing Address: NSLC Portsmouth PO Box 2058 Building 153, 2nd Floor Portsmouth, NH 03804-2058 Phone: 207-438-1371 Fax: 207-438-6535 • Visit our Website:• www.nslcptsmh.csd.disa.mil roduct Data Reporting & Evaluation Program Naval Sea Logistics Center.
  6. The Customer Service Request (CSR) form will open. Instructions for completion are located at the top of the form. Also, visit our . FAQ Page - your question(s) may be easily answered there. NSLC Portsmouth Help Desk . Commercial Phone: (207) 438-1690 / DSN 684-1690 . FAX: (207) 438-6535 / DSN 684-6535 . E-Mail: WEBPTSMH@navy.mil . Mailing.


  1. ISEC: Excellence in Engineering DoD PKI Automatic Key Recovery (520) 538-8133 or Coml. 866 738-3222, netcom-9sc.om-iacacpki.helpdesk@mail.mil. Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-530
  2. This is a local issue due to a group policy being pushed by your end user support. Accessibility/Section 508 The U.S. Department of Defense is committed to making its electronic and information technologies accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. & 794d) as amended in 1999
  3. Help Desk services are provided by DISA WESTHEM DECC Ogden Electronic Business Operational Support Team (OST). This checklist will be updated as needed. DSN: 388-7095 FAX COMMERCIAL: 801-605-7453 FAX DSN: 388-7453 disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil. EDA Quick Start Guide:: Step 1
  4. 910-396-1685 (DSN 236) - Service Desk Support. 910-396-7191 - Eastern Region Office. 571-368-0829 - Eastern Region Cell. usarmy.detrick.medcom-mc4.list.mc4-eastern@mail.mil. 2235 Quartermaster Street. Building M2562. Fort Bragg, NC 28307. MC4 Europe Region Support Office

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  1. 2.2 PDREP LOGIN WITH CAC/PIV OR RECOGNIZED DOD PKI CERTIFICATE 38 3 USER PROFILE 43 3.1 ACCESSING YOUR USER PROFILE 43 NSLC Portsmouth Help Desk . 5 . Commercial Phone: (207) 438-1690 / DSN 684-1690 . FAX: (207) 438-6535 / DSN 684-6535 . have a current DUN and Bradstreet Number, and know their Marketing Partner Identification Number.
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  3. Alert! Help Desk supportem2p@cloudlakellc.com | usarmy.detroit.rdecom.mbx.em2p-help-desk@mail.mil Help Desk Phone 866-515-0551 ALERT! SELF REGISTRATION Guide. NOTE: You must add at least one valid phone number and one email address. You can add up to 10 phone numbers and up to 10 email addresses into the system. Per DoDI 6055.17 Section 5.

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  1. DSN CONUS - Dial 94 plus 7 digit number - Dial 94 plustheater code, 7 digit Off-basecalls Local Area - 99- 7then digit number SC Toll - 98 -1 area code 7 digit number CONUS Longdistance - 98 -1 area code and seven digits-FreeCalls Dial99+1800+7 digit number NOTE: Facilities are maintained withinthe Department of Defens
  2. Information Operations (J6) Document Services Online (DSO) is a web-based e-commerce site that allows customers to shop and order our products and services online. DSO offers convenient and personalized features including agency storefronts, program catalogs, simplified funding process, print job preview, and personalized products
  3. Barracks residents who desire telephone service should contact the contracted service provider by calling 800-893-2018. The Telecommu-nictions Branch is not authorized to coordinate telephone service. WARNING DSN calls at this Command fall under the following restriction: DoD telephone communications systems are provided for the trans
  4. Enter Purchase Order/Solicitation Number. Free form; not previously used . Recorded only in the user's Assessment history. //www.sprs.csd.disa.mil. NSLC Help Desk (Mon-Fri 6:30am- 6:00pm ET) : DSN 684-1690. NSLC Help Desk Email: webptsmh@navy.mil. for participating in the. Risk Analysis Report . Tutorial. Thank You. Thank . you.
  5. If you require assistance with Department of Defense (DoD) Iridium phones and service, please contact General Dynamics, which handles both the DoD/DISA DITCO and GSA contracts. They may be reached at: 1-877-449-0600 (toll-free) or by email at: customer.service@gdc4s.co
  6. Contact the AKO Help Desk by phone, email or through the ticket service on its website as of 2015. You can call them at 1-866-335-ARMY (2769) or send them an email at army.esd-w.support@mail.mil. The help desk operates 24 hours a day, seven days per week and 365 days per year
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SPRS Website: https://www.sprs.csd.disa.mil . SPRS Contact Information. NSLC Help Desk (Mon-Fri 6:30am- 6:00pm ET) : (207) 438-1690. DSN 684-1690. NSLC Help Desk. Service Request (CSR) form will open. Instructions for completion are located at the top of the form. Also, visit our . FAQ Page - your question(s) may be easily answered there. NSLC Portsmouth Help Desk . Commercial Phone: (207) 438-1690 / DSN 684-1690 . FAX: (207) 438-6535 / DSN 684-6535 . E-Mail: WEBPTSMH@navy.mil. Mailing Addres

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Commercial: 1 (833)-ADVSRLN (238-7756) or DSN (312) 429-9089 You have reached the Advanced Virtual Support for Operational Forces (ADVISOR) system, please standby as you are The DSN number allows access from any DOD phone that is connected to the Defense network The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location. In order to place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. Customer Service Desk: 2507 / 2671 Administration. Defense Information Systems Agency. 618th Air Operations Center. Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. Cyberspace Support Squadron. 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing. PHONE NUMBERS. STRAIGHT TALK LINE (618) 256-SAFB (7232) This is activated during times of crisis & inclement weather IT Support NMCI Help Desk. Phone: (866) 843-6624 E-mail: servicedesk_Navy@nmci-isf.com Network Outages; NMCI Workstation Hardware / Software Support; CNATRA Service Desk. 0600 to 1800 | Commercial: (361) 961-HELP (4357) | DSN: 861-HELP (4357) 1800 to 0600 | For NALCOMIS/OOMA and Emergent Network Issues: (850) 450-5063. E-mail: cnatra.servicedesk@navy.mil Legacy Workstation Hardware / Software.

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By calling a Benefits Specialist at 1-877-276-9287. Civilian Employees Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) may access the Toll-Free IVRS System through the numbers below: Belgium: Civilian 0800-78245/DSN 1986. Germany: Civilian 0800-1010282/DSN 1986. Italy: Civilian 800-780821/DSN 1986. Japan: 00531-1-20378 Dial the 7 digit DSN number. Pacific theater includes Korea, Okinawa, Mainland Japan, Guam, and Hawaii. To call DSN to/from the states Dial a 10 digit DSN number. DSN area code to the US is 312, 315 includes Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, 318 for the Middle East, 314 for Europe and 319 for Canada. Or you can check with DISA - DSN Help Desk Contact Information: Request Account * Indicates Required Field Commercial Phone Number is required. DSN is required. Security Manager Full Name is required. I accept the responsibility for the information and DoD system to which I am granted access and will not exceed my authorized level of system access. I understand that my. DSN: 388-7095 FAX COMMERCIAL: 801-605-7453 FAX DSN: 388-7453 disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil. To implement the applications in Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment at your agency: Step 1. Identify the functional lead. Step 2. Ensure that contracts currently active are assigned valid DoDAACs. Step 3

Help Desk @ 454-4040 or via AEDC Help Desk Form on the Team AEDC site. MILITARY TELEPHONE SYSTEM Military telephones and voice systems are authorized for OFFICIAL USE ONLY and must be restricted to calls essential to the accomplishment of the mission. TELEPHONE MONITORING DoD telephones are provided for the transmission of officia Our Help Desk is available Monday through Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm Eastern Time The phone numbers are: Comm. (207) 438-1690, DSN 684-1690 The Help Desk Email is webptsmh@navy.mi Contact Us: Submit online request (1-3 Business Day Processing Time) - This link is for CAC Users Only. For 24/7 support with a live agent, please contact the Field Assistance Service: DSN 596-5771 opt 7 (Country Code 312) Commercial (334) 416-5771 opt 7. Toll free (877) 596-5771 opt 7 Ako Help Desk Number Army Knowledge Online. The ako help desk number is 866-335-2769 when you are calling commercially. Use DSN switch board at 312-560-1110. Select 2 when prompted to select

ARMY AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE (AAFES) BASE EXCHANGE: Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., closed holidays. The check-writing limit for cash is $20 per day at any register. Personal checks up to $300 and two-party checks up to $100 can be cashed at the Armed Forces. The DEE service provides secure cloud-based email to DoD enterprise that is designed to increase operational efficiency & facilitate collaboration across organizational boundaries. DEE Facts: A single, secure email and calendar sharing capability across the Department of Defense (DoD) with a true Global Address List (GAL) tha NMCI Service Desk: 866-843-6624 SNPS/e-leave Help Desk: 877-589-5991 My Navy Portal: 855-628-9311 Navy College Line: 877-838-1659 (TXT only) Navy eLearning Helpdesk: 855-628-9311 Global DSN Operator: Discontinued, Use disa.mil Electronic Phone List Classified Networks Customer Service Manager: Mr. Jim Nostrant - 703-882-0191 (DSN: 381) / NS52 - nostranj@ncr.disa.mil Customer Service Representative - Navy Mr Johnnie (Jay) Johnson - 703-882-0195 (DSN: 381) / NS52 - johns10j@ncr.disa.mil Customer Service Representative - Army / USA Number of Requests Fulfilled completed within 30 days of ordered service date 1c Customer, Service By Service Type (NIPRNet, SIPRNet, DSN, etc) Number of Request in Queue or in process by service type 1b Customer, Service By Service Type (NIPRNet, SIPRNet, DSN, etc) Number of Request Fulfilled by service type 1a Categories Metric KPI No. 41

Each branch of Service, including Navy, populates their own GAL and should get data directly from DISA. Neither DMDC, who operates milConnect, nor DISA, populates the Service GALs. If there is a problem with getting your updated data into your Service GAL, please contact the NMCI Service Desk at 1-866-THE-NMCI. (866-843-6624) Telephone. Operator services for all DoD facilities and offices in the National Capital Region is 0 for operator within NCR DoD offices, DSN 227-0101 for non-NCR DoD, and 703-545-6700, all others. The Command Watch is constantly manned for all operational issues and questions. 202-685-3742/3747 (Secure Capable); Fax 202-685-2801 Ako Help Desk Number Army Knowledge Online. 866-335-2769 Ncoer.net Related Courses ››. The ako help desk number is 866-335-2769 when you are calling commercially. In any other case, you will need use the following instructions: Use DSN switch board at 312-560-1110. Ask the operator to connect you to 866-335-2769 J1 -Director, Personnel 8 782-5030 . LTC Cynthia Millonzi . J2/3-Director, Security 8 782-6255 . COL Richard Blair . J4- Director, Logistics 8 782-608

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25600 South Chrisman Rd, Bldg 100, Rm 8. Tracy, California USA 95304. 209-839-4054 (DSN 426) Distribution Customer Service Help Desk: 209-839-4105 (DSN 426) DLA Installation Management Home. What DLA Installation Management Offers. Business Management Supplier Surveillance. Or. Search by Quality Score color (Select color by clicking on it, or use . CTRL key to select multiple colors) Or. Search by Material ID of your choic same Help menu, select the 'Suggest a Change' option. The Customer Service Request (CSR) form will open. Instructions for completion are located at the top of the form. Also, visit our . FAQ Page - your question(s) may be eas ily answered there. Customer Support Desk . Commercial Phone: (207) 438-1690 / DSN 684-1690 . FAX: (207) 438-6535. HQMC Regional Help Desk: Comm: 1 855-373-8762. HQMC IT Center Help Desk. MISSION. The HQMC Information Technology Center Help Desk is dedicated to providing high quality and efficient day-to-day support for HQMC IT Center technology products and services across our customer base. We strive to resolve a customer's issue on first contact The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED and below. Do not process, store, or transmit any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO or CLASSIFIED information on this system

A toll free number 1800-562--2168, is available for LAAFB DoD/military, civilian and contractor personnel to call LAAFB. The intent of the 800 number is for those individuals who are TDY to contact their duty section or access voice mail when DSN service is not available. The toll-free number is no <iframe src=https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-5QSDD8F height=0 width=0 style=display:none;visibility:hidden></iframe><strong>We're sorry but test. please contact the DISA Service Desk support team for assistance Toll Free: 1-844-347-2457 (1-844-DISA HLP) or DSN: 850-0032. Press 1 for Applications, press 4 for Mechanicsburg menu and then press 6 for MIAP

Email: disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-request@mail.mil. To help facilitate processing of your request please include in the body of the email your name, email address, contact number, and a brief summary of issue. CONUS ONLY: 1-866-618-5988; COMMERCIAL: 801-605-7095; DSN: 388-709 Disa Itsm V1.2 1. Drew Jaehnig, Chief, Services Delivery Division, DISA Amy Speth, Executive Director, IT Service Management, Femme Comp, Inc. IT Service Management in DISA HDI Government Conference June 17, 200 History of army knowledge online. Ako mail services provided by the army are highly secure and use pop s and imap s. Army test and evaluation command at aberdeen proving ground md. Sasmo the gcss armys mission to the sustainment automation support management office sasmo. Alms Help Desk Hours Email Number Dsn Number Ako Help Desk Number

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Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Consolidated Help Desk at 877-962-3365 or DSN 430-6122. OCONUS users can access the NAVSUP Consolidated Help Desk by calling DSN 312-430-6122. The Cargo Routing Information File (CRIF) in FACTS provides CONUS shippers with the information on mobile units to facilitate Port of Embarkation and Port o in your efforts to install, relocate, alter or terminate service. To obtain the identity of your organization's TCO, call 734-5582. Repair Service: Contact 72 ABW/SC at 734-4357. Please have the following information available: Type of trouble (broken receiver, no dial tone, etc) Building number, post, room, location and phone number Facility Control Office DSN: 315-641-3277 DSN: 315-641-410 July 23, 2021. Mr. Michael L. Bruhn, SES, Senior Executive Advisor, DTRA, retired after more than 40 years of service . On July 22, 2021, Mr. Michael L. Bruhn, SES, Senior Executive Advisor, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, retired after more than 40 years of service 571-767-6412. Human Resources Policy Staff Director. 571-767-6406. Human Capital Business Integration Staff Director. 571-767-4302. DLA Human Resources Services Administrator. 571-767-6427. DLA Human Resources Services - Columbus Director. DSN 850-6001

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646-7725. *If calling from a cellular phone: 098-971-WELL. Additional Information. The ENT Clinic offers a full range of consultative and surgical services, including endoscopic sinus and airway surgery, reconstructive/trauma repair, otologic (ear), snoring/sleep apnea, and pediatric services Specific contact information, including field offices, program offices, and service desk automated menu sequences can be found in the DISA Help Guide. 1 Phone: COMM: 855-373-8762 | DSN: 312-465-8079 2 NIPR E-mail: Enterprise_Service_Desk@usmc.mil 3 SIPR E-mail: Enterprise_Service_Desk@usmc.smil.mil Trouble tickets are for any problem with.

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Calling DSN Numbers From State Side. To call Korea from the US: 011-82 + area code minus '0' number. 011-82-31-619-XXXX (for a 754 prefix) 011-82-31-690-XXXX (for a 753 prefix) USFK information from the U.S. (commercial): 011-82-2-7913-1110 or 1113. The area code is not needed for local calls, unless using a cell phone DSN (Defense Switched Network) 94 + 7 digit number 94 + 10 digit number * ALL CALLS OFF BASE (Access required) 99 + 1+ (Area Code) + 7 digit number (OFFICIAL CALLS ONLY) COMBAT CENTER CALLS 830 + 4 digit ext. TELEPHONE TROUBLE DESK Dial 830-7141 (Option 3) TELEPHONE SECURITY ACCESS CODES Contact your Unit/Activity Telephon Email: info@ukeducationcenter.com Phone: +44 07718390736 Address: Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1 V2N If you already have a MIAP account but are in the wrong Community of Interest and do not get the correct session list (See page 17) you need to contact DISA Service Desk support team for assistance Toll Free: 1-844-347-2457 (1-844-DISA HLP) or DSN: 850-0032. Press 1 for Applications, press 4 for Mechanicsburg menu and then press 6 for MIAP • Europe: DSN: 314-626-4357; Comm: 39.081.568.4357 - servicedesk@eu.navy.mil • 18 In-Scope Networks - various • Existing Network Service Desk will submit user ticket information via email template 2) If existing service desk is unknown, contact the NESD (FSSvD). They will resolve the issue or escalate to the appropriate service desk tier

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Create/edit PV Destination Audit reports. Create/edit Food Protection samples. Note: You must request at least one of the following permissions in order to request this permission:Environmental Health 'Create/edit EH samples; View EH surveys; Import EH lab data', and/or Food Protection 'View Food Protection Information' A welcome aboard video for Marines and Sailors inbound to Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) Camp Fuji, Japan. This short video provides a brief history of CATC Camp Fuji, orients audiences to the small base, shows where permanent personnel will live and work, and introduces inbound personnel to the fun opportunities awaiting them on base and throughout the surrounding area Systems Support Specialist in Kuwait | ClearedJobs.Net Overview Applies understanding and knowledge of information systems products and services to provide technical, software, hardware, and network problem resolution to all computer users. Performing..