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  1. Code: zip error: Nothing to do! (<ZipName>) Why such thing happen in the Unix, whats the reason behind it . Please let me know !!! Hi Prasanna. i think you have failed to give the zipname in the zip command. pls try using this command : zip -r file.zip sourcedirectory/filename. Mohan kumar C
  2. Tracker Version 4 . Objective testing and accurate documentation are more important, and more affordable, than ever. Tracker from JTech Medical gives you the tools to raise the level of your patient evaluations, documentation, outcomes tracking, patient education/retention and billable services
  3. istrator Posts 3304 Karma 23 OS: Re: zip error: Nothing to do! (../hello-python.zip) Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:27 pm You're probably missing a dot (.), try this instead: Code: Select all zip -r./hello-web.zip . By the way this is an international forum where.
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  5. zip error: Nothing to do! I know that my syntax is probably not right and that I probably do not have quotes in the right spot (maybe in the zip_command on line 12). I have tried a lot of different possibilities and cannot seem to get the qoutes in the right spot

I created the zip file using the finder. That worked like a champ. The file is on my desktop. I opened Terminal and entered zip -e, my zip file name.zip, entered the password (correctly) twice, and I repeatedly get the following message. scm's MacBook-Pro:~ scm$ zip -e FPTGH.zip Enter password: Verify password: zip error: Nothing to do! (FPTGH.zip It sounds like you are extracting, working on the files (changing/adding/deleting/other), then wanting to re-compress (Zip again) back into the original Zip file. There should be a message asking you to confirm over-write or something to that effect. Are you seeing anything like that? (temporarily, set aside the suggestions for 7-Zip, Winrar, etc The problem is that ls just lists the files off as if it were in the current directory and this is why zip is complaining (essentially the files do not exist to zip because it is being told to look in the wrong/current directory) zip error: Nothing to do! (try: zip -qr./venkman-.9.89.xpi . -i *) Categories (SeaMonkey :: General, defect) Product: SeaMonkey SeaMonkey. An all-in-one internet application suite, including web browser, e-mail and newsgroup client, and HTML composer.. Hi all i am very new to shell scripting and need some help from you to learn 1)i have some log files that gets generated on daily basis example: i have abc_2017_01_30_1.log ,2017_01_30_2.log like wise so i want to zip this 4 logs which are created on same date into one zip folder. 2)Post zipping..

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Problem: Can someone please help fix this, I am new in this language! zip error: nothing to do I followed the usual steps of selecting a file, right-click, hover on Send To, and then select the Zip option to compress the file. However, there isn't an option for using the Zip function. It is missing. I then used File Explorer and found the Zip function on the ribbon, but the function doesn't work. I select the file and click on the Zip icon zip error: Nothing to do! (test.zip) That's telling you that you haven't got a file called test.txt. What I gave you was just an example, if you haven't got a file with exactly that name then you could have either made a simple text file with this name, or edited the command to give a filename which you have got

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The time we save is the biggest benefit of E-E to our team. What could take multiple guys 2 hours or more each to find is accessed in around 15 minutes on Experts Exchange Joined: Jul 17, 2016. Posts: 4. My WebGL, Android, Windows Standalone and Mac Standalone builds are all fine, but recently my iOS builds have been failing with zip error: Nothing to do! Here's the compact log: Code (csharp): AppIcon has an unassigned child. 10: [ xcode] ld: warning: arm64 function not 4-byte aligned: ltmp0 from / BUILD_PATH. As command prompt helps in fixing most of the logical errors on the drive, you can try fixing the empty zip folder after unzipping the folder issue. Go to Start menu and click Command Prompt (Admin) Switch to (change directory to) folder where the corrupted ZIP file is saved. Type C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip -yf zipfile.zip If emptying the Update folder does not fix the error, follow the instructions below to ensure that your Internet Firewall or Internet Security program is set to always allow CTI Navigator to access the Internet and download files. Cannot create output file or Cannot load library error

因为zip没有压缩成功,所以找不到要上传的 *.dSYM.zip而导致上传符号表失败。 zip error: Nothing to do! 这句话的意思是没有要压缩的文件,没做任何事。 经不断的测试及猜测,认为可能是执行zip命令时,dSYM符号表文件是还没有生成的,所以没有文件能压缩。简单粗暴. linux - 含めない - zip error: nothing to do! シェルスクリプトを使用してzipファイルを作成する方法? (1) ディレクトリに基づいてZIPを作成したいです。. しかし、私は結果ディレクトリからzipファイルを作成する必要があります。. あなたの質問から、私はあなたが. Once done, you have to re-download the ZIP file and try to open it again. It may solve the issue. If you still get the message of ' Windows compressed folder is invalid or corrupted', continue the read to know another way My Oracle Support provides customers with access to over a million knowledge articles and a vibrant support community of peers and Oracle experts If I run the example code from the readme document, SplitR runs but gives the following error: zip warning: name not matched. All appropriate meteorological files are downloaded and files are produced which look a lot like the .txt files that I obtain using the online version of Hysplit. Attached: slightly modified version of example code (I.

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  1. (Required) Specify the compression scheme used. To create foo.jar, for example, choose zip for the compression, and specify foo.jar as the archive file to create. For all tar files (including compressed ones), choose tar. zip - default, zip format, choose this for all zip compatible types, (.zip, .jar, .war, .ear) 7z - 7-Zip format, (.7z
  2. Thanks for contributing an answer to Unix & Linux Stack Exchange! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! But avoid . Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers
  3. Long answer: do something similar to the following. is for a Unix-like, text-mode ftp client, but others will work similarly. (The stuff after // is comments; don't type any of it. This example assumes you want UnZip for a Windows 9x or N

Well, with a little more investigation it appears that Eclipse 3.1 PDE build provides a new property called outputUpdateJars. Since all I want to do is build the update sites, and it appears that the build.update.jar target in the feature's build.xml doesn't work, or at least doesn't account for the current os/ws setting, I'm thinking I should just edit my scripts to take advantage of the. I'm trying to archive my file, but the error, file archive failed (code 1), keeps popping up. I have tried the suggested fixes on the knowledge.autodesk site, looked at other threads, disabled anti virus and ran as admin. Nothing has worked so far, but I saw something about cmd.exe being blocked being the issue The download is available as a zip with documentation, or just an exe. I'd recommend just the exe. If you downloaded the zip, extract all (if windows built in zip utility gives an error, use 7-zip). In addition, if you downloaded the 64-bit version, rename the wget64.exe file to wget.exe. Move wget.exe to C:\Windows\System32\ How do I to zip only files and not the whole directory structure? Use the -j (junk I got error: zip error: Nothing to do! name in zip file repeated: .gitignore this may be a result of using -j zip error: Invalid command arguments (cannot repeat names in zip file) - andilabs Nov 18 '14 at 9:57. @andilabs have you got a solution.

zip error: Nothing to do! answered . Close. 2. Posted by 11 months ago. Archived. zip error: Nothing to do! answered . Since updating to SMAPI 3.2 I been receiving the following error (E8) Nothing to do! You did not do something that is required for a task. For example, PKZIP could not find the file you are trying to open or access. You might have specified to update a pattern such as *.txt and PKZIP did not find any files that matched or that needed updating. (E9) No file(s) were processe A file having Zip format is an extension file that is a compressed form of data and is widely used all over to store information. It is like all other available file formats, a collection of one or many file folders that are compressed into one to give it ease of transportation and compression Windows Vista will compress (zip) the file or folder and save the new zipped file in the same place as the original file. Unzip (Uncompress) Files and Folders You can unzip a file a few different ways. Double-click the Zipped File. The easiest way to unzip a file is to double-click it. A window with the zipped files contents will open These instructions only do anything if BakkesMod is properly injected. To check if it is, go into Freeplay and use your quickchat buttons. If BakkesMod is actually injected, pressing those will move the ball. If they don't do anything, BakkesMod is NOT injected (even if it might say it is) and you should follow these steps instead

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I tried downloading optifine for 1.10 HD_U_C1 And it downloads as a zip file. I have winrar on but all it contains are bunches of files and there are no .jar files to be found. I have windows 10 Can't open zip files in Windows 10? You can fix the problem quite easily by following this simple method. Please let's know if it works for you. Right click. Error: Nothing to do # By rpm [root@tst Packages]# rpm -ivh zip-3.-11.el7.x86_64.rpm error: zip-3.-11.el7.x86_64.rpm: not an rpm package (or package manifest): # Added later. As stated below, the issue has been fixed by the Virtual Machine reboot. I suppose something went wrong with the attaching of the disk to the VM

After installing, click open or go to Spotlight ( Command + Space) and search for Stuffit Expander , then open it. Now, click on the Stuffit Expander Icon of application. Locate the zip file that you want to unzip and open. Unzipping the zip file through Stuffit Expander. Then choose the folder where you want to unzip it to ZIP-file is too large. If your ZIP-file is huge, you may need to use a third-party tool like 7-ZIP. This tool is freeware and can handle most archived files. ZIP-file is corrupted. If your ZIP-file is corrupted or contains inconsistencies, you may need to repair the file. One great free tool to repair on Windows is Object Fix Zip

Remove special characters or non-English characters used in file and folder names Ensure that external assets, including bitmaps, have file and folder names that do not contain special characters.For example: C:\!Textures@. If special characters are used within file or folder names, rename them and re-path the assets in 3ds Max using the Material Editor or the Asset Tracking Dialog respectively (E8) Nothing to do! You did not do something that is required for a particular task. For example, Smartcrypt could not find the file you are trying to open or access. You might have specified to update a pattern such as *.txt and Smartcrypt did not find any files that matched or that needed updating. (E9) No file(s) were processe

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zip command show warnings name not matched about symlinks, outside of my working directory, pointing to non-existing target2019 Community Moderator ElectionUnable to stat symbolic link to fileHow can I ignore zip warning: name not matched when using zip command with -d option?zip warning: name not matched while compressing a. zip is a compression and file packaging utility for Unix, VMS, MSDOS, OS/2, Windows 9x/NT/XP, Minix, Atari, Macintosh, Amiga, and Acorn RISC OS. It is analogous to a combination of the Unix commands tar (1) and compress (1) and is compatible with PKZIP (Phil Katz's ZIP for MSDOS systems) 2. Follow the Right Steps. The zip downloads fail for most users due to the unintuitive nature of the download steps. The initial steps are logical i.e. select the folder or multiple files that. To do so, locate the Zip file you'd like to unzip/extract in Explorer. Right-click the file, and then select Extract All from the pop-up menu. A dialog box appears asking where you'd like to put the files you're extracting. If you'd like to change the location, click Browse, and then select a path

To zip up an entire directory, the command: zip -r foo foo creates the archive foo.zip, containing all the files and directories in the directory foo that is contained within the current directory. You may want to make a zip archive that contains the files in foo, without recording the directory name, foo ENVIRONMENT. unzip's default behavior may be modified via options placed in an environment variable.This can be done with any option, but it is probably most useful with the -a, -L, -C, -q, -o, or -n modifiers: make unzip auto-convert text files by default, make it convert filenames from uppercase systems to lowercase, make it match names case-insensitively, make it quieter, or make it always.

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Copy the ROM.zip to your computer. Extract the contents of the zip file. Now head to META-INF\com\android and open the updater-script file using NotePad application. You need to remove the first two lines from the script and save the file. Once the script has been saved compress the ROM as a ZIP and copy it back to your phone MSDeploy package (zip) to Virtual directory. I'm not a build guy, apologies if this is basic. We have an existing setup program, creates the web server, virtual directory etc. Used to use the old Web Deployment project, now on VS2013, we have the package option. I created a publish profile VS creates the package, (zipfile) and also the cmd file. The next thing I do not see my burned files on a disc. It is from the attached files erased my burned files on disc. I can not find them. Is there a way I can recover my data I burned on the CD RW disc. I want those files back . I do have the checked the show hidden files and icons . Repl If you do not receive the actual errors then you can ignore this advisory message. If you do see a real PLS-201 in the log, then you need to review the NN_*.log files created during installation. PLS-201 means that : You tried to reference either: an undeclared variable, exception, procedure, or other item

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Tag Description; zip -r foo foo: will replace foo/file1 in foo.zip and add foo/file3 to foo.zip.After this, foo.zip contains foo/file1, foo/file2, and foo/file3, with foo/file2 unchanged from before. If the file list is specified as -@, [Not on MacOS] zip takes the list of input files from standard input. Under UNIX, this option can be used to powerful effect in conjunction with the find(1. Getting started with your Polaroid ZIP. Step 1: Charge your printerPlug the cable into a 1amp charge block and into your printer. Make sure the printer is laid flat on the ground and the cable is not fully extended. Step 2: Turn on your printerPress and hold the button on the side until the light flashes. Step 3: Connect your device to the.

转载请注明来源:解决centos yum安装Setting up Install Process No package nginx available.Error: Nothing to do的错误问题 - 铁网维 上一篇 下一 ZIP is a compression and file packaging utility for Unix. Each file is stored in single .zip {.zip-filename} file with the extension .zip. zip is used to compress the files to reduce file size and also used as file package utility. zip is available in many operating systems like unix, linux, windows etc How to Download and Install Zip Files for Kodi to a Firestick. First you will need to know the address of the zip file you wish to install. In guides on this site and others you will see links that say download and save the zip file to install this add-on/repo 7-zip Error: Use 7-zip or a compatible program to extract the setup files from the installer EXE, then run setup.exe or Installer.ahk (drag and drop Installer.ahk onto AutoHotkeyU32.exe). AutoHotkey's installer comes packaged as a 7-zip self-extracting archive which attempts to extract to the user's Temp directory and execute a compiled script

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Design. Cryptocurrency. View More. A file with the ZIP file extension is a ZIP Compressed file and is the most widely used archive format you'll run into. A ZIP file, like other archive file formats, is simply a collection of one or more files and/or folders but is compressed into a single file for easy transportation and compression How do I use the yum command to update and patch my Red hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS Linux version 5.x/6.x/7.x server via RHN or the Internet? Can I use up2date command under a RHEL v5.x When i try to start the game nothing happens. It just closes immediatly with no error message. I tried to download OpenAL but openal.com and creatives site doesnt.

Learn how to fix ZIP file after missing or empty ZIP file error: Step 1: Download Remo Repair software from the website. Install the application to your desktop / laptop computer. Launch the application and stick to the main screen procedure. Make use of Browse option to select your corrupt ZIP file. After ZIP file selection, click on. To verify that the zip file is opened correctly, do the following: Go to the Location of the folder where the ZIP file was saved. Right Click on the ZIP file and select Open With. Select File Explorer. If File Explorer is not an option, select Default Program, then select File Explorer and click OK. Click Extract All Files at the top of the. Fix 1 - Clear Corrupted Bluetooth Entry. For many Windows 10 users, this seems to be the fix: Right-click the Start button and open File Explorer . Select the View menu and check Hidden Items to show hidden files and folders. Navigate to This PC > OS C: > Users > yourusername. This happens to me whenever I try sendin one or more fille to a compressed file using the context mene. As you advised, I checked the ownership of the files and the folder that the files are in, and I own the files and folder, also I have full control over these files and folders I stumbled upon this issue couple of times and the reason was that the zip file was not downloaded fully (the browser will not tell you anything about it, perhaps comparing the size of the original file from source with the one you downloaded can.

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  1. I came across a very similar issue in Windows 10 regarding being able to zip a .sql file. The message I received was file not found or no read permissions. I tried adjusting the security and permissions on the file and moving it to a different drive/folder but nothing changed
  2. Jan 16, 2015. #13. start > run > eventvwr.msc > enter > expand the windows logs > right click and empty both system and application, then reboot. Once rebooted, please try to add a file to windows file compression, after it fails, start > run > eventvwr.msc > enter > check both the system logs and windows logs and open any with a red mark
  3. Please verify that there is proper contact between the battery and the battery contacts inside your Zip tracker. You can do this by opening the battery door of your Zip, removing your battery, and ensuring that the silver battery tab located in the lower right half of your tracker is flush with the white box outline in the tracker housing
  4. Next, we'll take you through a series of troubleshooting steps that are specific to your situation. At the end of each step, you'll be asked Did this resolve the issue?. If it's resolved, select Yes, and you're done! If it isn't resolved, select No and continue with the guided walk-through. . Step 1: On which Windows version did.
  5. ehut server but whenever I upload the world through control panel nothing happens when I join the server, it does work when I do commands to upload the world but I lose my items and achievements. MODS have told me they don't know or just ig..

The WinZip Command Line Support Add-On contains functions that attempt to repair Zip files (.zip or .zipx). The appropriate versions are listed on and can be downloaded from the Alternative Download Links web page. If you are using a version earlier than WinZip 11.2, you can download the appropriate add-on version from the Legacy Download Links page. . Access to a Command Prompt window will. Follow the steps below: Click the Search icon. Type cmd (no quotes) and hit Enter. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. In the Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow (no quotes) and press the Enter key. Let the System File Checker perform its scan. Corrupted files will be replaced on reboot Follow the steps below. Download and install the DNS Resolver application. Open the application, and click on the Settings icon. Here, select with WARP and See which of the settings work for you. Ideally, this should fix the problem for you, and the game should work as normal. This method also works for the Get Game greyed.

(2015-07-03, 19:44) ThaMan Wrote: Dont ask me to add a log because there is nothing wrong with the machine And its not recording log files by trying to install a zip file Then you will receive no help at all. Debug Log is required You can do a search on the file that you are unable to move. Click the search button and type the name of your file that you can't copy, move or delete. It's helpful to Show Processes from All Users on the View tab. Look at the Process ID (PID) number in the PID column in the Search box and then locate it in the Process Explorer PID column

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  1. Support to repair Zip files and Zip item files larger than 4GB. Support to repair spanned Zip files, split Zip files and encrypted Zip files. Support to repair Zip files on corrupted media, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CDROMs, etc. Support to repair a batch of files. Support to find and select the Zip files to be repaired on the client.
  2. After running the setup program, right-click on the .zip file that you renamed and change .zip back to .exe. Windows 8 / 8.1. Hold down the Windows key and press X to display a menu, then select Control Panel. Open Folder Options
  3. Firstly, open the Google Chrome browser and click on the 'Customize and Control Google Chrome button' (the three dots at the top right corner of the Chrome window) Now, from the drop-down menu Open Settings. Then, scroll down on the settings window and locate Advanced. Click on the Advanced tab. Now, go to the download section
  4. If the clean boot helped you fix the error, fine! Else in the General tab, also click to clear the Load System Services check box, click Apply/OK and restart. Conclusion. Whenever you are faced with the file stops copying halfway, or external hard drive stops copying error, you can turn to these five solutions above

A vast number of users have reported that re-registering jscript.dll & vbscript.dll have solved the problem completely. Follow the steps to do so; Step 1: First of all, you need to open command prompt with admin access. To do that, type cmd in the Windows search box and right-click on it and choose Run as administrator Save each file (as a ZIP) to your hard drive Once the file is on the hard drive, double-click to open it and then extract the DLL files from within: Copy the newly extracted DLL and browse to C. Here's How: 1. Do step 2 and/or 3 or step 4 and/or 5 below for what you would like to do. 2. To Enable ZIP Compressed Folders. NOTE: This is the default setting. A) Click/tap on the Download button below to download the file below, and go to step 6 below. Enable_ZIP_Compressed_Folders.reg. Download zip warning: name not matched: in Linux Solution There are usually two reasons for this. #1 The most common is that you need to enable the -r (recursive) flag with zip to make it recurse into directories. So the solution is to use -r zip -r somefile.zip yourfiles #2 If you are using bash scripting based on ls without the full path or for some other reason th To do this, follow these steps: Open an elevated command prompt. To do this, do the following as your appropriate: If you are running Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, first run the inbox Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool prior to running the System File Checker

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Solution 1: It may be caused by dragging IPA zip file directly to Cydia Impactor. Try to extract at the desktop and then drag it to the software. Try your luck with VPN for making an attempt with a different region. Utilize another tool for signing IPA file and sideload that signed IPA using Impactor Step 3: Before you can do anything, you need to change the view mode to Expert. You can do this by clicking the gear icon at the bottom left of the page. Change it from Standard to Expert. Step 4: Now you have changed the view mode to expert, you can see more options appear on the screen. Scroll up to the addons section and click on Manage. Delete some files from your computer. Empty your Trash. Insufficient permissions or System busy. These errors mean that Chrome couldn't save the file to your computer. To fix the error: Cancel the download and try again. Instead of clicking the file to download, right-click the link and select Save link as

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An LMS won't be able to find the imsmanifest.xml file for a course if it's not at the root level of the zip file. To correct it, do either of the following: Use the built-in Zip feature on the Publish Successful dialog after you've published your Articulate content. It'll automatically create a well-formed zip file The Stream All The Sources (SALTs) Kodi addon is an excellent multi-source option for movies and TV shows. Read below for updated information. June 19th Update: The Stream All The Sources addon has moved away from tknorris and is now being maintained by k3l3vra. The addon is available in the K3l3vra Repository on Github A file with the .APPLICATION file extension is a ClickOnce Deployment Manifest file. They provide a way to launch Windows applications from a web page with just one click. APPLICATION files hold information about application updates by including the name, identity of the publisher, application version, dependencies, update behavior, digital.

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Move the ZIP folder if necessary. The ZIP folder's contents will automatically extract to the folder in which the ZIP folder is located. To copy the ZIP folder to a different location, do the following: Click once the ZIP folder to select it. Click Edit at the top of the screen. Click Copy in the drop-down menu If in doubt, do not use. Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. We are primarily a Third party Addon News site. What you choose to do with this information if up to you. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it

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Steps to fix WinRAR file that says no files to extract. Step 1: Download and install the RAR repair utility on your system. Open the main screen as shown in fig A. Fig A: Main Screen Step 2: Click on the Browse button to specify the RAR file (that says no files to extract) for scanning. Step 3: Proceed to hit on the Repair button to initiate repair on the WinRAR files that says no files to. In Python, the pass keyword is an entire statement in itself. This statement doesn't do anything: it's discarded during the byte-compile phase. But for a statement that does nothing, the Python pass statement is surprisingly useful.. Sometimes pass is useful in the final code that runs in production. More often, pass is useful as scaffolding while developing code

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In order to find the best VPN service provider all that users need to do is to search for it using any mainstream search engine. After that, they have to pick the one that has the best reputation. You can do that and spend a couple of hours of your precious time to find nothing special Once the recovery image is in the same /tools folder as fastboot, you'll need to put your phone in fastboot USB mode. To do this: 1) make sure the Fast Boot option is disabled. Note, this Fast Boot has nothing to do with the fastboot executable I've been talking about. This is a setting in Sense to allow the phone to boot up faster You can follow the steps below to unzip ZIP files safely: Step 1: Click on File Explorer, also known as the folder icon, located on the Windows 10 taskbar. Step 2: Find the file you want to zip.

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After downloading the zip file, you can extract it to some place where later Hisuite can find. Inside the extracted folder, there is one file called HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro_2019-12-10 21.56.40.zip, extract this zip file again. Install GMS installer. Now in Hisuite, click Restore, in the opened dialog, click Edit icon and select the path in above. yum install specific version. Since there was a dependency for vim-common with vim-enhanced, both are automatically downloaded and installed using yum.. YUM install from specific repo. In our case we have multiple versions of vim-common available but all these rpms are from the same repository rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-rpms; But it is possible in your case you have multiple repositories. After that, we will fix the root cause and then revert the changes. Follow the below steps -. Step 1. Press Windows + R keys at the same time. and you will get the Run dialog box. Step 2. Type regedit and hit ok. Now you will get the registry editor window. Step 3 Sometimes judges make mistakes when issuing warrants—they may not have had sufficient probable cause to do so. Or, the information relied upon by the police may turn out to be wrong, through no fault of the police. In most situations, the search will still be valid. In U.S. v. Leon (1984), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that if the police. STEP 3. Once done head onto the Xbox and Follow STEP 1-6 from Method 3; STEP 4. Now once you are in the Troubleshooting Menu keep it remain ther If you're uploading files manually, you'll want to ensure the files you're uploading from cPanel File Manager don't exceed the Maximum file size allowed for upload per Step 6 or disk usage allotted to that cPanel account. You can check the disk usage from the side of the cPanel page or the cPanel section titled disk usage.. We also cover the section in our bandwidth usage article