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Complete a minimum of 30 units in residence at Sacramento State beyond the first bachelor's degree. Of the 30 units, 24 must be upper division in the major. Note: Former Sacramento State students who have completed 6 or more residence units will be held to 24 upper division units in the major and in residence A minimum of 42 approved semester units in the 600 series in a 60 unit Education Doctoral program must be earned in residence at Sacramento State. For the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, No fewer than 60 semester units shall be completed in residence at Sacramento State Major requirements vary from a minimum of 24 units to a maximum of 105 units, with majors for the Bachelor of Arts requiring a minimum of 12 upper division units and majors for the Bachelor of Science requiring a minimum of 18 upper division units. Also, how many units is a full time student at Sac State? 1

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The Graduate Council has recommended that the Dean of Graduate Studies approve only one semester currency for up to a maximum of six units Generally, transfer students who enter an undergraduate degree completion program without prior units from a four-year bachelor's degree awarding institution will need to complete 50 units at Sac State to reach 120 units to graduate. Total program costs will vary depending on transferable credits, if any

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For all units attempted at California State University Sacramento, withdrawals made after the census date and prior to the last three weeks of instruction are limited to a combined total of no more than 18 semester-units during a student's academic career at CSUS Beginning January 1, 2010, students in foster care who transfer to a new school while in grades 11 or 12 may be able to graduate from high school without meeting the local graduation requirements that exceed the state minimum course requirements

These courses are electives. Some majors leave no room for electives within the minimum 120 credit hours required to graduate. Other requirements. The separate units of ASU — such as colleges, schools and departments — have specific requirements for graduation that must be satisfied for a baccalaureate degree Completion of a minimum of 60 degree-applicable units with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (C average). A minimum of 12 units must be completed at Sacramento City College. Completion of each required course with a grade of C or better for a major offered at Sacramento City College. See a list of majors Housing Overview at Sac State On average, rent for apartments near Sac State is $1,648/mo. Sac State rent is cheaper than the national monthly average of $1,955/mo. We currently offer 7 apartments within walking distance of Sacramento State's campus. In total, there are 70 student housing options available near Sac State. When students are not living off-campus, they can choose between any of. Completion of 120 semester units (students admitted Fall '95 or later), with the required 2.0 GPA. Completion of the General Education program* (48 semester units) as specified by the Board of Trustees in Title 5 of the Administrative Code, Sections 40405 through 40405.4

General Associate Degree, Competency and Other Requirements. UNIT REQUIREMENT: Sixty (60) associate degree appropriate units with a letter grade of C or better in all courses is required for graduation. GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: At least 24 units are required which must include courses in each of the General Education areas, A through E (see reverse side) In addition, they have jointly designated courses that may be used to certify a portion of the CSU General Education objectives to a maximum of 39 semester units. Sacramento State will apply courses completed at a California community college toward the CSU General Education objectives as listed on the community college certification form

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the fulfillment of general education requirements. the satisfaction of competencies, and. completion of sufficient electives to meet a minimum total of 60-degree applicable units with a grade point average of 2.0 (C average). A minimum of 12 degree applicable units must be completed in residence at Sacramento City College The number of units a student has earned also affects SUG eligibility. Undergraduates in most programs may receive SUG for up to 150 units. Transfer students are reviewed for eligibility based on the number of units transferred. Graduate and credential students are also limited based on their program length The following standards apply to all master's degree approved graduate programs: The program must include at least 30 semester units of upper-division and graduate course work (i.e., courses numbered 3000-7999) taken while in post baccalaureate standing Upon recording of Academic or Progress Probation, a student shall have their registration restricted, be required to participate in a prescribed counseling intervention and be limited to enroll in a maximum of 12 units in subsequent semesters, and 4 units in a winter or summer intersession, while on probation. (BP 4250, AP 4250

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Graduation ProcessGraduating with HonorsFAQsCommencement pageA candidate for a bachelor's degree should submit an Application for Graduation when two semesters remain to complete requirements for the degree and when 90 units have been completed so that a graduation evaluation of credit can be provided prior to registration for the student's final term.A candidate for a doctoral/master's degree. Residency requirements: A minimum of 12 units must be taken at Santa Ana College. At least six of these units must be in courses required for the major. Major requirements: Each degree and certificate program specifies courses required for the major (please see college catalog). Students must complete these courses with a grade of C or better Graduate programs at Sacramento State University have specific academic requirements which are discussed below. Other supporting documents: The tuition fees for students is on a per-unit basis. 6 or fewer units have a tuition fee of USD 1,665 and 6 or more units students are required to pay a fee of USD 2,871

Satisfactory completion of 60 units of collegiate work with a 'C' (2.0) grade point average (GPA) in a curriculum that the district accepts toward the degree. (This does not include courses numbered 200 to 299 if taken between fall 1989 and spring 2003, and courses numbered 1 to 99 and numbered 1000 or higher if taken after spring 2003. Must have minimum 2.00 GPA in transferable coursework. Must have at least minimum of 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter). 30 of the 60 semester units (45 quarter), must be in General Education. Completion of the Golden Four. Additional criteria may be required for impacted majors that must be completed with a C or higher At least 24 of these 30 units must be upper division coursework, and 12 of the 30 units must be in the major. At least 9 units of upper division interdisciplinary General Education courses (numbered in the 330-349 or 430-449 ranges) of the required 48 General Education units must be completed in residence at CI. Grade Point Average (GPA units or nine (9) quarter units. • Graduate students must maintain a course load of four (4) semester or six (6) quarter units. Note: The hiring department may have a higher unit requirement. If so, you must follow that department's requirement

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A foster youth, homeless student, former juvenile court school student, migratory children and newly arrived immigrant pupils or child of a military family who transfers into the district any time after completing his/her second year of high school shall be required to complete all graduation requirements specified in Education Code 51225.2 and. California State University, Sacramento (CSUS, Sacramento State, or informally Sac State) is a public university in Sacramento, California.Founded in 1947 as Sacramento State College, it is the eleventh oldest school in the 23-campus California State University system. The university enrolls approximately 31,500 students annually, has an alumni base of more than 250,000 and awards 9,000.

Registration and fees at California State University, Sacramento are $1,536 for the fall 2005 semester for in-state, undergraduate students attending full-time. Students applying from out of state and graduate students have higher costs. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - California State University students may be required to take a course in Ethnic Studies in order to graduate; however, all 23 campuses in the system are pushing back on the. Colleges and universities choose between having one of these systems. Semester systems have semesters that are roughly 15 weeks. In general, a semester system is broken into: There are sometimes short classes offered in January, between fall and spring semesters. Quarter systems have quarters that are roughly 10 weeks Graduate Admissions(916) 278-6470. Sacramento State is a vibrant, comprehensive university with eight colleges that offer 46 masters degree programs, a joint doctorate in Public History, a doctorate in Physical Therapy and an independent doctorate in Educational Leadership. For more information on graduate programs and admission, please visit. If you are disqualified from San Diego State University, you may maintain catalog rights for General Edu- you graduate. Thus, students graduating in December 2019, May 2020, or in the 2020 summer term may adopt this catalog units or in the semester immediately following. • Transfer Students. Transfer students are eligible to take th

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How to Transfer College Credits in Grad School FAQs & Tips for Master's & PhD Students. Many students know that transferring as an undergrad is fairly common -- over one third of undergraduate students transfer schools at least once over six years -- but transferring graduate schools doesn't seem to get the same attention. This can make figuring out how to transfer at the graduate level a bit. To be in good academic standing, graduate students are expected to maintain at least a 3.00 GPA on all courses applicable to the degree. What is Academic Probation? Academic Probation is a serious warning that a student's academic performance is below the minimum requirement for good academic standing and for graduation Upper-Division Units: Forty units must be upper-division work (300-499 courses), including a minimum of 12 units in the major for the B.A. degree or 18 units in the major for the B.S. degree; Residence Units: Thirty units must be completed in residence at Sonoma State University, including 24 upper-division units and 12 units in the major California State University-Sacramento (Sacramento State) is a Public, 4 or more years school located in Sacramento, CA. It offers 52 graduate programs - 42 Master's, 8 Doctorate, and 2 Post-bachelor's. The average tuition & fees for graduate programs are $8,852 for California residents and $18,356 for others in the academic year 2020-2021 Per Wisconsin State Statutes 440.08 (2), the required renewal date for the Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor credential is 02/28/odd years. Should you receive your initial credential in the months leading up to this date, you are still required to renew your license by the statutorily defined date. Pursuant to 2017 Wisconsin Act 262, as of May.

webvtt the manufacturers suggested retail price, $3300 for a coffee making fridge. in an op-ed he's, oscar winning actor tom hanks is talking about his love for the state education system UC requires 60 semester (90 quarter) UC-transferable units for upper division transfer. CSU grants junior standing once a student completes at least 60 transferable semester units. Private colleges and universities often accept students with fewer than 60 semester units. Please check the minimum unit requirements for transfer in the catalog or. According to a Sac State press release, this new implementation is the first program to incorporate a broad academic discipline. It is the sixth degree completion program offered through the College of Continuing Education, joining child development, psychology, career and technical studies, criminal justice and nursing

A maximum of 64 semester hours of credit will be accepted as lower-division credit when transferred from a regionally accredited community, junior or two-year college, with the exception of some special programs. An unlimited number of credits hours will be accepted from four-year institutions. Upon admission to the university, you will work. Ten things you need to know. 1. The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) provides undergraduate students, including students pursuing a teaching credential, with family income up to $191,000 and assets up to $191,000 a scholarship to attend University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) campuses. 2 We recognized California State University: Sacramento as one of the Top 57 Best Schools Offering ABA Bachelor's and BCaBA Courses, and for offering one of the Top 23 Best Master's in Psychology Degrees with an ABA Track.. We were excited to hear from Caio Miguel, Ph.D., BCBA-D, a faculty member at California State University: Sacramento who took the time to answer a few questions about how. Beyond the basic qualifications for the California State University, Cal Poly considers other factors for admission for transfer students. We require you to declare a major when submitting your application and our selection process evaluates you compared to other applicants within the same major. When we review your application, we consider Summer Session offers Sac State and visiting students the opportunity to take classes over the summer during two 6-week sessions and one 12-week session. The short sessions allow students the flexibility to complete graduation requirements and advance toward degree goals while pursuing other interests over the summer

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  1. Watch report: Sac State president presents incentive for students to graduate faster. Nelsen said only 9 percent of four-year students actually complete their studies within four years and only 46.
  2. The California Student Aid Commission provides State financial aid for those who meet certain income, asset, and other financial aid standards to attend college. The Cal Grant C program provides FREE MONEY to students pursuing an occupational or technical program. Download flyer. Cal Grant C Priority Occupational List
  3. Also, in a regular session, you can't take more than 18 units so the tuition fee of $2871 (which is the lump sum fee for 12 units) is paid twice for 24 units so I actually save $6238+$2871=$9109

There are two options to the History major at Cal Poly Pomona: the general history option and the pre-credential option. Both will require 120 semester units. We also offer a history minor (24 units). Click the links below to go directly to each section, or scroll through the entire page. 1 The Victorian Certificate of Education (often abbreviated VCE) is one credential available to secondary school students who successfully complete year 11 and 12 in the Australian state of Victoria.The VCE is the predominant choice for students wishing to pursue tertiary education. An alternative to VCE is the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learnings (VCAL), a vocational based senior. How many classes do I have to take to be considered Full Time? A full time undergraduate student generally takes a minimum of 12 units per semester. This amount may be different for graduate or international students, or students receiving insurance based on enrollment, or Veteran's benefits The Princeton Review has consistently named Stanislaus State as one of the best colleges in the nation. We offer graduate programs that appeal to a variety of schedules, including a hybrid Master of Social Work program, and a fully-online MBA program. We also maintain a friendly and small campus feel while providing many of the amenities. The reported Sacramento State net price for in-state students is $10,271* for the 2018/2019 academic year. This net price includes housing and meal expenses. Pell Grants and other Grant Aid. 80% of California State University Sacramento students received grant aid in 2018/2019

If you're a transfer student from the Western U.S., you can save on your out-of-state tuition. Students from participating states and territories to pay only 150% of our standard Nevada resident tuition. Participating areas include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana. You can transfer if you're enrolled in a regular session (fall, winter or spring) at a college or university after high school. The exception is if you're only taking a couple of classes during the summer straight after graduation. That doesn't quite make you a transfer student yet The School of Social Work at Chico State offers an undergraduate degree (BSW) in Social Work as well as a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW ) which may be completed in a one-year, two-year or three year program. Our Programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and include practical training and supervision in the field Course credit earned at regionally accredited community colleges inside and outside the state of California is evaluated by the Evaluations Unit in accordance with the following provisions: Community college credit is allowed up to a maximum of 105 quarter units (70 semester units) toward overall units for the degree

Challenge yourself in our rigorous University Honors program. Participate in research projects with our renowned faculty. Intern for a government agency or NGO in Sacramento or Washington, D.C. Create and facilitate your own 1-unit course with R'Courses. Ace your classes and prep for graduate school exams with help from the Academic Resource. The video is from 2019 but the content is relevant through 2022. CSUN's Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program prepares students to become public health professionals in order to enhance the general health and wellbeing of diverse human populations and communities. Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) since 1972 Graduate students enrolled in the Fowler College of Business must pay Professional Program Fees.. Professional Program Fees are charged at a rate of $270 per unit of coursework.. This fee is due prior to the first day of classes and is assessed in addition to Basic Tuition & Fees and Non-Resident Tuition & fees, if applicable.. Only Graduate Business programs are charged the Professional. Medical assistants aid doctors by performing basic clinical procedures and handling a variety of administrative duties. Between 2018 and 2028 the employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 23%, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 3 Medical assistants typically work full time

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Transferring to UC Davis from a community college or four-year institution has become a popular path to obtaining a university degree. We welcome transfer applicants from all schools, though we give priority to transfers from California community colleges. The application filing period is November 1. Q: May I transfer in units from another program? A: We allow up to nine (9) units to transfer in from an approved credential program. This is determined at the discretion of the graduate admissions committee. Q: How many units are in the program? A: The Master of Arts in Teaching is 42 units. The credential work is completed in the first 34 units Graduate Students: A grade of Credit (CR) is awarded for work equivalent to a course letter grade of B (3.0) or better. No Credit (NC) is awarded for work equivalent to all grades, which earn less than 3.0 grade points (B- through F). Impact on Financial Aid and Other Program Eligibility:: CR/NC grading may have an impact on your financial aid.

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The requirements for graduate admission to California State University, Fresno must be met. For the Civil Engineering program requirements, applicants should possess: must have a 3.0 grade point average in the last 60 semester-units of engineering courses attempted, on the basis of 4.0 being A, or the approval of the Graduate Committee of the. Office of Admissions 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-7455 Student Services West 100 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. PS Transfer students must be at junior-level standing (60-86 semester units or 90-129 quarter units) by the end of the spring term prior to the fall that they are applying for. Keep in mind that the units used to determine junior-level standing have to be transferable Option #2: The department hires their student assistants through a partnership program with a local college. Many state agencies use University Enterprises Inc. (UEI) and the Community College Foundation (CCF) when filling their student assistant vacancies. Contact your local college, UEI or CCF to inquire about gaining student employment through a program with a local college(s) California State University, Sacramento Sac State 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819 USA Campus Main Phone: (916) 278-6011 N 56° 38.5607423 W 42° -121.42358

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From the college: Students may be granted up to 6 units for each Advanced Placement (AP) examination for which a score of 3, 4, or 5 is earned. Transferable college courses completed as a high school student will be evaluated for possible college credit upon receipt of an official college transcript State with safety to the public, the Board shall require him to pass an examination to demonstrate such ability. CCR 1426 Required Curriculum. This section requires the following to be included in the curriculum: A. Prelicensure content: not less than 58 semester units (87 quarter units) • Nursing: Theory - 18 semester units (27 quarter units 2021-2022 Estimated Cost of Attendance. Tuition and fees are based on residency status, class level (undergraduate, graduate or credential), and number of enrolled units. 1 Based on undergraduate 2021-2022 resident tuition and fees for 6.1 or more units and an academic year of two semesters. Other expenses may vary the Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center and other college units. The 1000 number may also be used for tutoring and other attendance-only courses such as Supervised Tutoring (e.g., HSER 1000 or HCD 1000), and for block scheduling purposes (e.g., Learning Community courses)

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  1. The facility is also referred to as Sacramento State Prison, CSP-Sacramento, and CSP-SAC. California State Prison, Sacramento is adjacent to Folsom State Prison (FSP), so they share the same mailing address, which is Represa, CA 95671. The capacity at CSP Sacramento is 1,828. However, more than 2,000 prisoners are housed at this facility
  2. The first step for a college senior or graduate, Allen said, would be to take as many state exams as possible in a wide variety of jobs. College seniors can take exams that require a four-year.
  3. Students must pass all tests in order to graduate from the basic academy. For many other peace officer classifications, the PC 832 Course is the training standard. The 40-hour PC 832 Arrest Course and the 24-hour PC 832 Firearms Course may be presented separately or as a single course
  4. Although requirements may vary from state to state, typically they entail workshops, self-study courses, university classes, conferences or other approved resources. Being a registered architect makes it easier to become licensed across various states, so many architects are voluntarily pursuing certification from NCARB
  5. Hannah Holzer, a Placer County native and UC Davis graduate, is opinion assistant at The Sacramento Bee. 1 of 2. On May 24, after months of outreach and organizing, student researchers submitted.

Sacramento State Single Sign-On - Stale Request. You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application. Alternatively, you may have mistakenly bookmarked the web form instead of the actual web site you wanted to bookmark or used a link created by somebody else who made the same. The mission of CalStateTEACH is Empower and Equip Teacher Candidates to Support Diverse Learners for California's Future.. Our vision is to prepare educators to cultivate learning and ensure equity for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, language, immigration status, socio-economics, ability status, sexual identity, gender.

Established in 1947, Sacramento State University was created to accommodate the rising demand in higher education after World War II, making it a thriving community of diverse students and intellectually aware individuals TBD. Housing and Meal Plan. $6,620. (18 weeks) TBD. *SAC Tuition & Program Fees include up to 12 credit units for undergraduate students or 9 credit units for graduate students. The Additional Unit Fee applies to each unit above the stated undergraduate or graduate limits: Spring 2022: $352 per unit. Fall 2022: TBD Students can repeat units. However, those units that have the same unit code, e.g. AEENG, and are repeated, do not contribute to the WACE requirements more than once. Note: students who complete ATAR Units 3 and 4 prior to Year 12 and sit the examination cannot repeat these units until after they leave school at the completion of Year 12 San José State is dedicated to providing affordable access to high-quality education. In-state tuition and fees begin at just $7,852. That's an excellent value for one of the best colleges in the nation and a fraction of the cost of our neighboring Silicon Valley universities. Visit the Bursar's Office In order for semester students to achieve a semester's worth of units, we offer the following add-on courses: (A) Political Science 196A (4 units - Letter Grade) This is a course on American political science with an emphasis on California politics. Students work with an instructor on multiple political science research papers and presentations

1 Bedroom: $1,797 per month. The Room and Board expenses included in the off-campus Cost of Attendance represent the typical costs students pay when enrolled at California State University, Northridge. Actual costs of room and board will vary. Many students living off-campus have roommates, which decreases their housing costs On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management, welcome to our home page! The School works collaboratively to investigate, understand, and solve social problems related to crime and criminal behavior, primarily by examining the policies and systems designed to control criminality If you end up on the five year plan and need an additional year to graduate, your five year cost could be as high as $126,290 or $32,275 using an average net price. **Based on a 4 year multiple of Average Annual Net Price for in state students receiving grant or scholarship aid reported to the U.S. Department of Education's 2018/2019 IPEDS. Graduate. Graduate students in the Lam Family College of Business will be charged an additional MBA Program Fee at a rate of $700 for students enrolled in 6.0 units or less or $1,200 for students enrolled in 6.1 or more units for the regular sessions and prorated for the Summer session Graduate students studying out of the State may be eligible to pay 15 percent of the Student Services Fee. M.D. students are required to pay the full Student Services Fee for each fall, winter, and spring quarter, and a reduced Student Services Fee of $80.00 for each summer quarter

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  1. Generally, applicants qualify for admission as upper-division transfer students if they meet all of the following requirements: Have a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better in all transferable units attempted. Applicants from outside of SF State's six-county service area may be held to a different GPA requirement
  2. Steps to Become a California Registered Nurse. 1. Take college prep classes in high school. 2. Choose the type of nursing school you want to attend. 3. Select a college and apply for admission. 4. Apply for financial aid
  3. For example, if your conversion is 1 unit = 4 hours and your transcript lists 1 unit for a course, you would enter 4.00 credits on your application. If 0.50 is listed, you would enter 2.00. Review Cal State Apply Grade Value Charts to view some Canadian institutions' unit conversion ratios
  4. Answer: Average California teaching salaries vary by grade level and other factors, but excluding special education and career/technical education, at the elementary level, the average annual teacher salary is $80,100; at the middle school level it is $75,660; and at the high school level it is $80,510. 4

Complete at least 60 semester (90 quarter) units of UC-transferable credit. No more than 14 semester (21 quarter) units of the 60 semester (90 quarter) units may be taken pass/fail or credit/no credit. Learn more about UC-transferable credit. Earn at least a 2.4 GPA in UC-transferable courses (2.8 if you're a nonresident) Graduate programs ranked top in the nation. California State Fullerton, School of Nursing graduate progams in Nurse-Midwifery and Nurse Anesthesia (offered in partnership with Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia) are ranked Best by U.S. News and World Report in 2017 and 2016 Certificate Program Requirements. Early Childhood Education Certificate 24 units all 8 modules and 495 clock hours. Our Early Childhood Education Certificate is aimed to meet the needs of students who wish to work with young children under California state licensing title 22. It is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills that will support in providing quality. In recognition of the integrity of our educational program, the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California granted Lincoln Law School of Sacramento accreditation in 1978. Learn More . Apply Now. Enrollment and applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall are now being accepted Graduate Level Courses (200-299) Courses numbered 200-299 are graduate-level courses. These courses may be offered by the appropriate UC San Diego department as part of the Concurrent Enrollment Program. Professional Level Education Courses (300-399/30000-39999

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  1. imum UC subject and scholarship requirements. However, students admitted to UC Davis have a higher GPA, and some of our majors require additional coursework with higher GPA thresholds. To ensure your admission to UC Davis from any California community college, check out the UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
  2. The School of Nursing and Health Professions offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree with a variety of track options providing one-of-a-kind opportunities for interprofessional collaboration. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree prepares registered nurses (RNs) to take on greater leadership roles
  3. Non-Resident Distance Education fee (per credit)*. $152.75. $152.75. *Eligible students will be assessed this fee in lieu of non-resident fees. International student fees (Graduate) Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 International Student Fees (Graduate) Fee Type

** Graduate Professional Business Fees are an additional $270 per units in addition to the fees listed. For Informational purposes only : In accordance with California Assembly Bill 990 the California State University San Marcos provides the typical market cost of a one bedroom apartment in the San Marcos area Pre-Pharmacy Freshman Early Assurance Program/Pharm.D (Accelerated 2+3) Orange campus; Rinker Health Science campus; PharmD; Earn your Doctor of Pharmacy degree to become a pharmacist in just five years by completing your prerequisites at the Main campus in Orange in two years and then your Pharm.D. at the Rinker campus in Irvine in just three more years

Three units allowed for students with prior credit in human anatomy; 2 units allowed for students with prior credit in human physiology. An integrated study of the structure and function of the human body. (4 lecture, 3 lab hours) (Course fee, $25) (Formerly PHYAN 33) Units: Sonoma State University knows pursuing a higher education degree is expensive. Investing in a quality education is an investment in your future. Our goal is to provide access to quality education at SSU by assisting students in obtaining and understanding financial aid options The average cost of an online bachelor's degree varies, but according to U.S. News, the average online bachelor's degree costs between $38,496 and $60,593. A complete 120-credit hour bachelor's degree at CSU Global costs $42,000. That amount often decreases when factoring in any transfer credits that are applied Program Charges. Program Charges tables for undergraduate and graduate students are listed below. Additional student fees may apply. Please contact the Student Accounts Department for more information or if you have questions about our payment plans. **All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice*