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Position the center of the drill bit in the marked center of the hole, and ensure the drill is level. Apply moderate pressure to the drill, and drill for one minute. Don't force the bit into the.. Sounds like a lot of work for little profit unless you are selling a lot of boulders. I just take mine to a fountain supply store and they drill them out for me. They have some way to drill in a curved fashion so the hole comes out near the side at the base, not at the bottom, which makes plumbing them much easier Cut a small hole in center of the grate to feed the rubber tubing through Next, we will drill the boulder using a ¾ Masonry Drill Bit with a 2' Length to drill a hole in the top of the boulder

How to Drill a Fountain Hole in a Rock. We are all familiar with the term drilling. Put a bit into a drill, find a suitable piece of wood, and drill a hole s.. Secure your fountain rock to a drill press table by clamping it securely down. Step 2 Insert your drill bit into the drill press, and line it up at the point you want the hole. Tighten down the drill press table Fun but takes for eve

Drill sets of two or three holes on a close spacing of 1 ft or less c/c. Aim the lines of these holes to create smaller pieces. Keep the holes no closer than 2-3 feet from the edges of the boulder. Drill about ⅔ rds of the height, unless the boulder is imbedded in the ground Broomfield landscape contractor 303-255-5554 http://www.patioandhomeimprovementdesign.com Drilling holes for a bubbling rock water feature. We are in Windsor.. lazypup. 13 years ago. If you live in a climate subject to freezing drilling a drain hole would be a false sense of security. The drain hole could quickly become obstructed with debris or ice and water would build up in the bowl. If the water in the bowl were to then freeze it would break the bowl. The only secure method is to cover the bowl. Drill one hole in the top center of one coupling (this is the one that can be a little smaller than the others). This coupling will act as the drain. In the other coupling you will drill a hole in the side. Remember to keep the rest of the holes big enough for the tubing to fit through. For the top section of the fountain, you will use the 6.

Lay the largest rock on a flat surface and drill a hole as close to center as possible with a 5/8-inch masonry bit. Drill all of the other rock pieces in the same fashion 16 Thread the rocks on the.. To make an in-ground bubbler fountain, dig a hole large enough to hold a plastic bucket or container. Line the hole with plastic sheeting and set the bucket on top of the plastic sheeting in the hole #pondcare #fixbuilddiy #waterfeatures #fixbuildkodiy #rockfountain #FBK #kodiacademy How to build a rock fountain from concrete fix build kodiy FBKhttps://ww.. To drill the hole I loaded the ball into the rest, chose a spot that looked like it was in the center of the cut off portion and drilled. The first ball was no problem because I drilled a pilot hole. So I just applied frim steady pressure while drilling and the bit travelled straight through just like I wanted

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If using liner, measure the length and the width of the hole. Add at least 1 foot to each measurement. Account for the depth of the hole by adding the height of each side of the hole 2. Drill 1/4- to 1/2-inch holes through the fountain using the appropriate size drill bit. Drill a hole every 6 inches or so around the bottom of the fountain to give it enough drainage for the.

If you need to make a hole in your selected rock, diamond core drill bits are available from a rental store. Don't be tempted to go with a kit that has a fake fiberglass rock- natural stone will last longer and look better. The Pond. Your bubbling rock will need to sit in some kind of water basin. Plastic pond liners come in a variety of. Line the Fountain With Landscape Fabric. Place strips of landscape fabric in the basins. If you have a water supply leading to the fountain, make sure to turn it off first. Clear the fountain of any debris or water. Measure the circumference of the fountain basins and cut strips of landscape fabric to fit around them Lay the cord from the fountain along the grass, aimed toward the closest power source. Dig a 6-inch deep trench next to the cord. 3 Lay plastic pipe in the trench and feed the cord through the pipe.. Aug 15, 2014 - Explore Rick Hankins's board Rock fountains on Pinterest. See more ideas about fountains, rock fountain, backyard water feature My method for doing this was to drill a pilot hole from inside the boulder through each of the t-nuts using a 1/8 masonry bit. From the outside I drilled the larger hole (either 7/16 or 3/8) to the t-nut. Some of the t-nuts popped out when I drilled the larger hole from the outside because of the force of the drill through the concrete

Ensure that the preformed liner sits level in its hole. David Beaulieu Metal Grate: Some Improvising . Stone fountains such as the granite piece I used have a hole at the bottom, where you insert the pump's tubing. But the stone fountain, for that reason, needs to be elevated off the pond's bottom (so that you have access to this hole) Choosing a pump for a bubbling boulder fountain, free standing waterfall, and other water features can be somewhat confusing at first, but, determining a couple of easy factors regarding the project eases the complexity of choosing a pump for a fountain, waterfall, or water feature

Drill Holes in the Buckets and Set Them in the Hole Drill four columns of 1/2-in. holes around the middle and near the bottom and top of each pail. Then snap on the lids and rest the pails in the hole. Pro Tip: The whole purpose of the pond liner padding is to protect the waterproof liner from punctures, but it won't offer complete protection Design your fountain around your large fountain rocks at the store. Mock up the design in your space and verify the placement of everything. Dig a hole large enough for your basin and install it level, with the top lined up with the top of the dirt. Drill a 3/4 hole into the side of your basin, install a ball valve joint and connect the water.

  1. Fountain Boulder Drilling Fee Create your own look, Angelo's has a wide range of Boulders or Ledge Rocks for you to choose from to make that perfect fountain. They will drill the hole for $59.00, Plus the Cost of the Stone
  2. Secure your fountain rock to a drill press table by clamping it securely down. Insert your drill bit into the drill press, and line it up at the point you want the hole. Tighten down the drill press table. Smaller diameter holes can be done with regular masonry bits, but larger holes, 1/2-inch or more, need to be done with diamond core drill.
  3. imal pressure to keep the bit in place. Move the bit up and down as you drill in order to allow water to flow into the hole at the point of contact

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  1. In construction or remodeling it is often necessary to drill through stone and stone-like materials such as brick and concrete. While with a normal drill and drill bit it is next to impossible to drill a large hole, using a carbide or diamond-tipped hole coring attachment on a drill makes the task much easier
  2. all you need is a hole saw for the end of your drill in the diameter you wish. so much less work! they are at menards home depot lowes walmart, everywhere! they are cheap and easy, and they make the hole perfect. they are used for doors for extra lock hole too! you just put it on the end of your drill and it is shaped in a circle with teeth and does a perfect hole in seconds! the bit he is.
  3. Decide where you want to place the hole in the bottom of the flower pot. You need at least one drainage hole that is usually placed in the center of the pot base. If it is a large pot, you may want more holes. STEP 2: ATTACH THE BIT TO THE DRILL. The type of bit used to drill the hole depends on the type of flower pot

Marcsoltan wrote:These look like the kind of holes left behind after a large boulder is blasted into pieces by a dynamite.I have seen holes like these on canyon walls, rock formations next to a trail, and even on creek beds. If the explosive is not pushed all the way into the hole, what's left behind is a hole that doesn't go through the rock Serving Wyoming, Northern Colorado, Denver and Boulder. 167 Spaulding Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80524 TOLL FREE: (877) 221-0057 PHONE: (970) 221-0057 FAX: (970) 482-0149 EMAIL: info@stonewholesalecorp.co Ideally, the decorative container you select will have a hole in the bottom, through which you can discreetly insert the pump's cord. If not, drill a hole yourself or leave the cord sticking out the back, then disguise it with greenery. When choosing a spot for your container, it's best to set it in a nook or other area close to an outlet Water Fountain Supply List Large Flower Pot Trio with a drainage hole in the bottom to accommodate the pump tubing. 2 Terracotta Saucers close to the same diameter as the bottom and middle pots. PVC pipe large enough to stabilize a pot sitting on top. Pond Pump (see tip below). River rocks Pond Pump Pro-Tip. We used a 100 GPH Pond Pump for our. • GFRC concrete rock boulder •Medium basin • Mag-drive pump • 120 lb Polished pebbles • Kink-free tubing with quick disconnects • Ball valve •Required fittings. How a Water Feature Works. A hole is dug and the fountain basin is placed level in the hole. The fountain piece is placed on top of the basin

Breaking a flat rock bed or a boulder submersed in earth or concrete enclosed on all sides does not allow for room for the material to expand, break. Possible strategies to create expansion room or an open face: › trenching drill to remove material around the case › drill a series of empty relief holes › drill holes at a 45 degree angl Drilling holes in rock. You need a rotary hammer drill and diamond bits to make a clean job. It is the same set up as drilling a hole through a concrete foundation apron so a good rental shop should have it, you can supply the elbow grease yourself. Goggles, ear muffs and regular breaks essential

Dig a hole to fit your basin. I actually built my fountain inside a raised garden bed, which worked out great. A lot less digging. But, you can put this anywhere. Just make sure that you bury the basin but keep the top of the basin level with the ground so that you can set the grill on top at exactly ground level Building the Fountain. This pond is small—a 30 x 36-in. oval, about 14 in. deep. Building a pond couldn't be much simpler. Just dig a hole, line it with pond underlayment followed by an EPDM rubber liner and surround it with stone. Then build a simple stepped-up wall to support the fountain stone. Here are some tips for a smooth project The first step in the drilling process is to drill a pilot hole for the hole saw bit you'll be using. Starting from the exterior, use the same size drill bit as the pilot bit on the hole saw you'll be using to drill through the hull of the boat. Step 3: Drilling the Final Hole 2. Drill drainage holes (not pictured.) If you're not going to use your fountain as a fountain ever again, I recommend drilling a few drainage holes to allow excess rain/water to escape. The fountain isn't very deep but I don't want my plant's roots to sit in water and rot. 3. Now comes the fun part: choose your plants

Drilling a hole in a glass is quite simple. What you need is to use a carbide bit which is designed especially for glass and tile. You can find it at most home centers alongside other drill bits or ceramic tile tools. Since glass is smooth and hard, the bit wanders as you start drilling. Make sure to tape a small scrap of dense cardboard to the. A space- and cost-saving option is to use a basin matrix in place of some of the boulders. A basin matrix is a strong, 27-by-16-by-17½-inch hollow box that's perforated with half-inch holes to allow water to collect and pass through. You can stack them together and landscape right over them This hole will allow the standpipe to reach the pump in the hidden reservoir below. Drilling this hole was nerve racking because I did not want to damage the pot. I knew the replacement value was approximately $200.00. While drilling I had to ream the hole a bit for the pipe to fit. I wanted a tight fit

Wheelbarrow Rock Fountain. credit: Caps Creation. This is a unique and creative rock water fountain. The wheelbarrow makes the fountain distinctive and creates such an industrial theme to your backyard. It is a great rock fountain design for you who want to add something unusual to your property. Classic Rock Fountain Diamond hole saws work well for this with water. If this is anything like the stone foundations I have worked with there will never be a straight mortar line that could be used. On one of the first walls I drilled through I used a hammer drill and bit , The hammer drill caused the rock to break out on the back side and it was very tough to repair (e.g. ¾in Wedges & Shims require a ¾in diameter hole.) Make sure the drill bit can drill deeper than the length of the wedge. Quantities: Wedges & Shims generally need to be placed every 4-6in along the top of the split plane. If splitting a rounded boulder, holes would be drilled every 4-6in in an arch across the top of the stone Step 8. Retract the drill bit, and remove the rock from the vise when the hole is through the rock. Advertisement. Eric Cedric. A former Alaskan of 20 years, Eric Cedric now resides in California. He's published in Outside and Backpacker and has written a book on life in small-town Alaska, North by Southeast

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  1. Using a pothole digger or soil auger dig a hole four feet deep. If groundwater immediately fills in the hole then you have a high water table and a different drainage design must be considered. After digging the hole, pour 5 or more gallons of water into the hole. Make note of the time it takes for the water to drain from the hole
  2. ute hole was now taking 20
  3. Or a pre-drilled boulder. And if you see a boulder you would like to use as a bubbling rock we can drill it! Bubblers are easy to install and very low maintenance. Align hole in feature with hole in grate. #5 Feed tubing through hole in feature, through grating and towards one of the four bays. Leave extra tubing for easy pump maintenance

ABSK48. 48 x 19 H (180 gal 80 lbs) ABSK59. 59 x 22 H. PondMaster Note: In order to drill a hole in the Kettle, you will need a diamond-tipped drill bit as the Kettles are about 1/2 thick. We can have that done upon request at the manufacturers as it requires about 4 hours of labor to drill a 2 Bulkhead Fitting hole Benches, fountains, fire pits, even wine racks take on a deeper richness of quality when cut from solid stone. Basalt or rhyolite columns add focal points to your garden. Add interest to a wall or create a garden centerpiece with trendy wire gabion stone enclosures. Sprinkle landscape glass strategically to dress up planters or create a faux.

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I want that one! With our unique bubbling rocks, you can choose your own stone/boulder and we'll turn it into a one-of-a-kind bubbling rock fountain. These fountains are perfect for noisy yards and work well in small spaces. Cluster two or three rocks for best effect! [divider line_type=Small Line.. Determine the size of the hole: If you want to make a large hole, you need a diamond core bit. Otherwise, a diamond solid will help you drill small ones. For deep holes, you will also need an SDS. Measure correctly: If you make a mistake while drilling a hole, it will be nigh impossible to correct it. This is why measuring is crucial Step 2: Drilling the Holes. The next step is to actually drill the four holes into the stone for the bolts to be inserted into. How We Do It. We use a standard driver drill to drill a nice clean hole with a consistent tubular shape about 2-3 deep depending on the stone we are working on Rubber stoppers are ideal for plugging joints or holes in laboratory glassware and creating a liquid-tight seal. Rubber bungs are often used with glass containers such as test tubes, flasks, jugs, and many other pieces of standard lab equipment. We carry stoppers both with and without pre-drilled holes, in a wide range of the most common sizes

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  1. A hammer-drill has the power and speed to blast through the concrete and whatever aggregate (gravel) it encounters. The easiest way to split large boulders and stones is to use iron wedges and feathers. Start by drilling a series of holes into the boulder with a hammer-drill. Next, insert into each hole two iron feathers and one wedge
  2. 15 Pcs Diamond Drill Bits for Ceramic, Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set Kit, Glass Drill Bit for Bottles,Pots, Marble, Granite Stone, Tile Cutting 0.23 Inch - 2 Inch(6mm - 50mm)YLYL. 4.4 out of 5 stars 199. $8.39 $ 8. 39 $12.99 $12.99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 28
  3. Drill a chamfer-edged hole in your fiberglass the size you wish your final hole to be. The chamfer should have an edge-slope of approximately 1/16 of an inch. Run your chamfer bit at a slow speed and, again, put no pressure on the bit. Allow the bit itself to cut into the surface of the fiberglass slowly and gently. Advertisement
  4. Attempting to use any other type of bit to drill into a rock like a wood bit could result in serious injuries. Step #4: Position your bit. One thing is to have the correct bit the other is to know how to use it. The best way to drill a perfect hole in your rock is by using a pencil or a marker to plot your drill, as we have mentioned above

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Drill water flow holes for the copper pipe and insert it into a routed beam: Insert the copper pipe into the beam. Then Drill ¼ holes into every 1 of the copper pipe. Blow out the metal shavings and make sure the inside of the pipe is clean. Solder a cap onto the LEFT end of the copper pipe Generally speaking, I have have had to pre-drill a pilot hole for a screw, unless it was going into hardwood (which generally isn't used for studs in construction of walls). Second question, are you using drywall screws, or wood screws? Again, better tool to use is a lower speed/higher torque drill/driver. Depending on the size of the screw. Rockler Forstner bits - awesome bits, only used a few - $100. Dewalt Hole Saws - make an offer. Diablo Hole Saws - make an offer. Milescraft Drill Guide - make an offer. Bosch Spade Bits - make an offer. Selling tons of tools, hardware, and supplies - search for JZTools. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7355721164 a light charge placed in small drill holes in the boulder, a technique known as BLOCKHOLING. A quick method for smaller boulders, MUDCAPPING, involves blasting with a part of a stick of powder or a small, bagged binary charge placed against the boulder and covered with mud or a bag of sand. Plastic bags fille

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Drilling Granite Boulder Splitting is not the problem, drilling the holes is. I was using a BIG roto-hammer with a carbide bit and after about 20 holes the carbide smoked off the end of the bit and I was sacked. Does anyone know of a good way to drill holes in granite? The holes only need to be 3/4 x 5 deep drilling the 3/8 holes went pretty quick with my rotary hammer, maybe about a minute or two per hole. That was the major upside with the smaller diameter. It takes some time to drive the wedges, whacking them each in until they're tight, then smacking each one in sequence until you get it to crack From what I understand, this work would require diamond coated drill bits and appropriate cooling. However, I am concerned about cracking the crystal. What RPM and what type of drill would I need for this work? Can £50 drill do the..

1. I do not wish to see the wire of the fountain pump hanging over the rims of my basic bowl which is expected to contain the pump. It is unsightly. The best solution I have come up with so far is to drill a hole at the bottom of the bowl to let out the wire of the pump, before sealing it up with silicon rubber IntroductionWhether you are thinking about drilling a water well on your property or about buying land and would like to know the potential for drilling on that property, you should consider many things.There are no simple solutions, no detailed maps of ground-water presence, and no guarantees. But information is available that can be helpful when making a decision about whether to drill, or. A bubbler fountain is a small water feature that gives your backyard both pizzazz and a relaxing feel. Place one in a tiny garden, or install a large one in your green space to make it the focal point of your yard. Underwater bubblers can also be added to ponds and pools for a bubbling effect similar to a hot spring. Install a Water Blade Fountain

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2. Drill drainage holes (not pictured.) If you're not going to use your fountain as a fountain ever again, I recommend drilling a few drainage holes to allow excess rain/water to escape. The fountain isn't very deep but I don't want my plant's roots to sit in water and rot. 3. Now comes the fun part: choose your plants We design, build and install fountains of all types. Our prices range from $30 to $20,000. Fountains and water features have been so successful for us we decided to offer them on the web. Whether you are buying a pottery fountain or boulder fountain you can rest assured every fountain we offer is created with care by one of our team of experts Drill bits for plastic are available in a variety of sizes; however, it's best to consult with a professional before undertaking a project on your own. When drilling plastic, the larger the hole, the slower drill speed you should use since high speeds can melt the plastic. Also, always reduce the drill speed as the drill bit exits the material Two capacious planting pots, both shades of celadon green with brown rims, make up this simple fountain. You'll need to dig a hole to place the reservoir beneath the ground, and you'll balance the bulk of the larger pot by placing smooth, light gray boulders around it. A bright green vine attached to a trellis behind the fountain adds softness Use a ½ inch spade drill bit for smaller planter sizes. A good rule of thumb for the number of drainage holes needed is 3-4 holes for 36 inch planters, and 4-6 holes for 46 inch planters. However, consider the overall planter width and height before drilling

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First, make a hole at the bottom of the kettle using a metal step drill bit. Run the hose through the hole and place the pump inside the kettle to recycle the water in the kettle. Decorate with rocks and flower beds all around. You can also use a metal fountain-pipe and fix it over the edge of the kettle Mark the area where you plan to drill. For small diameter holes, you can use a small dot. For larger diameter holes, use a template or draw a precise circle that corresponds exactly with the diameter of the hole you're drilling. If you're concerned that the drill bit will wander, you can clamp a piece of scrap wood with the appropriate sized guide hole over your drilling target Hole openers: When your black gold is between a rock and a hard place. When drilling top holes in extreme formations with rock hard boulders, the borehole can sometimes change direction, because the drill bit always chooses the path of least resistance. It needs to be guided by a firm hand - the hole-opener Drill holes all the way around the rock, as close together as you can. Try not to go all the way through. Keep in mind how thick the FR is where you are drilling (it might be thicker or thinner at other parts). When that is done, try to connect the holes that you just drilled. Insert the drill bit about 1/4 into a hole and then lean the drill.

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Spot Drilling: the First Step to Precision Drilling. Drilling an ultra-precise hole can be tough. Material behavior, surface irregularities, and drill point geometry can all be factors leading to inaccurate holes. A Spot Drill, if used properly, will eliminate the chance of drill walking and will help to ensure a more accurate final product Rock water features combine the formality of a fountain with natural looks, textures, and color tones of real stone. Basalt columns, sandstone, vocanic rock, and even granite can be drilled for plumbing. Set one, three, or more stones together for a dramatic effect and the ultimate water flow You can use a hammer drill on rock and stones to drill holes. It is also possible to split boulders by drilling holes and using feathers and wedge to hammer the boulder into separate pieces. However, do not use a hammer drill to drill your granite and marble countertop. The percussive blows can result in developing cracks on your countertop Whether it's a septic tank system, drywell installation or just a simple drilled holeBasic Drilling Co. has the equipment, experience and personnel to get the job done right! Basic Drilling Co. is fully licensed in the State of Arizona for both commercial and residential septic system installation, drywell installation, and piers and. Among the various wood drill bits, glass drill bits and concrete drill bits, there are other options and accessories for more specialized tasks: Installer bits are designed for installing wiring.The drill bit has a hole in the side used for feeding wiring through the drilled hole. Self-centering drill bit ensures that the drill hole is accurately centered each time the drill is applied

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drilling. With the use of these more advanced drilling methods came the ability to drill deeper and larger diameter wells with complex completions. This memorandum addresses how these developments affect everyday well design. Drilling Methods With cable tool drilling, borehole diameters were usually equal to or slightly larger than th This is the size of the hole you need to cut to thread the tube through. At various points in your top piece, drill small holes. These holes will allow the water to drain back into the bucket. Small holes are best to avoid getting debris and bugs in your bucket. You will probably need 5-8 holes but you can start low and adjust later Step 2- Cut holes in your stock tank. I'm not going to lie- this is a pain in the butt. We bought a hole saw with an arbor and it took two people to get through the metal. You will need two holes, one at the top and one at the bottom. In an above ground pool, these aren't usually right on top of each other, but ours are Hi! I'm Jenn. I'm an accidental house flipper turned full time real estate investor & Broker. I buy old, ugly, & neglected houses, and I give them a whole new lease on life! I chronicle the adventures over at my blog, Bachelorette Pad Flip, where I chat all things design, real estate, Airbnb, and investing! Come follow along!I tend to buy old houses, and old houses have quirks. If you've ever.

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Installation is minimal and easy - 1) dig a hole the size of the tub, 2) place the tub so that it is even with the ground, 3) insert pump and riser pieces, 4) place and align the boulder, 5) spread the river rock, 6) plug in the water pump. Complete Water Features include tub, risers, water pump, hose, mini boulder, and decorative River Rock Your destination for all real estate listings and rental properties. Trulia.com provides comprehensive school and neighborhood information on homes for sale in your market and boulder clasts included volcanic and metamorphic rocks that were slightly to moderately weathered and generally softer than the near-surface clasts. Based on the subsurface conditions, environmental constraints, river construction considerations, and proposed bridge configuration, large diameter shafts were selected for support of the piers I have to make an unexpected repair to my poured concrete foundation. A water leak led me to remove drywall in my basement, and to my surprise, I discovered rows of holes 5/8-inch diameter in my. First I drilled a hole in the bottom of the bird bath for drainage. I used a diamond tip drill bit. If you haven't done this before, here is a video tutorial to show you how. Start by filling the bird bath with a little bit of water to keep the surface and drill bit wet. Start at an angle and straighten out the drill bit as you get deeper

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Fill bird bath ½ way with a good, quality potting soil or Cactus Palm & Citrus Soil. Arrange your plants, leaving space for growth, but enough to make it feel lush, and full. This is just by eye, whatever looks good to you. Plant a taller plant in the middle for some height, trailing plants on the edges so they can spill over Step 3. Make a guide hole first. Many hammer drills offer only two speeds, so turn your drill on at the slower speed for best control when making the guide hole. If your drill has only one speed.

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2. FOR CABLE AND PIPEWORK - Build a larger conduit, such as 50mm PVC pipe (big enough to fit your plug and pond hose through), with a bend, into the wall of your pond. ensure that the bottom of the conduit enters the pond below the water level and that the top of the conduit ends above the water level. This way you can simply pass the pond hose. All Phases of Drilling - from 18 up to 10' diameter to 100' depth Tight Area Drilling - up to 2 ½ feet diameter to 10' depth with tight entry or work space; Design Review - assistance for unforeseen problems and consultation Full Design - all phases of design and permitting along with filing for permits with ADEQ; Specialized Drilling - wetlands, remote, rocky, night time, weekends. We design and carve fountains ranging from traditional Japanese to monolithic contemporary. In addition to our collection of granite fountain designs, many of our stone basins can be used with a bamboo spout or can be drilled to become running fountains as well. We have 20 years experience with stone fountains and are happy to share our knowledge Step 2: Drill holes in tray and set on table. Place the tray on a table so that the tray overhangs from the table by a few inches. Place the plastic tub of water underneath the tray overhang. Determine where you want the water to drain from the pan back into the tub. Using a 1/2 inch drill bit, drill one or two drainage holes in your pan

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