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Silver 16g Septum Ring | Free Spirit. $37.00 USD $27.25 USD. quick view What size septum ring do you get pierced with? The most common gauge for septum piercings is 16 gauge (approx. 1.2mm thick), however, your piercer may decide to use a different gauge depending on your individual anatomy The jewelry I'm wearing: Septum Ring - Indian Mystique Solid 14 K Gold Nose Stud - Parvati Solid 14 K Gold Nose Ring - Delicate Beauty Tragus Ring - Cool Breeze Solid 14 K Gold. Hi Doron from Pata Pata Jewelry. I get quite a lot of questions from you guys about your septum ring size To find your Septum size, we recommend you measure the inner diameter of a septum ring you already have. With a pen, on a sheet of paper, mark the inner sides on opposite sides. Then take the ring away and measure the distance you have between both lines. Another way to measure what septum size would suite you would be to use a thin strand of.

Septum: 18g and 16g are the two most common starting septum ring sizes; 14g is also a popular size. Many people stretch septum piercings to much larger sizes after they're healed, but it's less common for people to start with a heavier gauge Want to order a new septum ring, but not sure what size to choose?Can't figure out what gauge and diameter your current septum jewelry is?www.PataPataJewelry.. The best thing about a what is the average mm for septum piercing size (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored

Finding the right sized jewelry for my septum piercing. Trying on 4 different sizes of a 1.2mm/16g hinged seamless ring.★Timestamps:00:55 Pincher (1.2mm/16g).. 3 photos. SALE 10% OFF $299.95 to $369.95. Gold Indigo Septum Seamless Ring. $269.96 - $332.96. 16g. CZ Center Paved Gradient Clicker. $11.95 - $13.95. 16g. Gold Indigo Septum Clicker Ring

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  1. The Septum piercing is incredibly unique, and you have the ability to get creative and adorn your piercing with gems, colors, and designs. We have a little bit of everything including a wide variety of sizes and materials. You can choose from materials such as bone, brass, glass, 14kt gold, horn, niobium, stainless steel, stone, titanium, and wood
  2. 1mm-1.5mm - is the smallest size available. For those that like a discreet dainty sparkle. 2mm - is the average size, most popular style purchased. 2.5mm - For those that like to show a little more of their sparkle
  3. The higher the gauge, the thinner the barbell. For example, a 22G barbell is going to be very thin, and a 14G barbell is going to be thicker. Piercing jewelry ranges in size from 22G - 00G; after 00G, jewelry is measured in fractions of inches in the US and millimeters internationally. You can check out a full sizing chart below
  4. Jun 8, 2016 - Septum Piercing Wire and Diameter Sizing Chart | Pata Pata Jewelry - Septum Piercing | Nose Rings | Fake Septum
  5. e the correct size you need before placing an order
  6. Nose Jewelry Size Chart Gauges and Sizes for Nose Rings. How to figure out size of nose studs (gauge wise) VERY helpful!! Saved by Quality Nose Studs. 1.3k. Small Nose Piercing Body Piercings Piercing Tattoo Piercing Types Cute Nose Piercings Piercing Chart Bellybutton Piercings Septum Nose Ring Stud
  7. The gauge size chart of your piercing is the thickness of the bar that goes through your piercing. In other words, it's the barbell's thickness. Note that the thicker the barbell, the lower the gauge size. So a 12 gauge (or 12G) barbell is much thicker than a 20 gauge (20G) barbell. Piercing Jewelry Length What is The Length of My Piercing Jewelry

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14g - 3/4 inch (5mm balls) 6g - 1/2 inch (8mm balls) Jewelry is measured through a gauge system (see chart below). The higher the gauge number the smaller the wire is. A standard earring is usually 20 gauge. Jewelry gauges/sizes can vary between manufacturers. There is no universal regulation on companies to make a standard size in body jewelry Nose Ring Stud Size Chart - The functions of jewellery throughout the eras have handled the frequent human wishes for elegance, energy, personal connection, superstitious protection, tradition, trade of wealth, utilitarian perform, and for Artwork. We will evaluate and examine these functions by way of the findings of archeological excavations in burials, hoards, temples, and villages, but it. Shop 10mm septum ring, 12 gauge earrings, 12mm septum ring and more Septum Rings at Mystic Moon Shop, Inc: minimal piercing jewelry for cartilage Plain, gemstone, fire o. 719-200-1192 text or call We have a cheap sizing set you can purchase to play with the rings and get the right size! Gauge and Diameter Chart Ring Conversion Chart. 1pc Surgical Steel Piercing Ring for Nose Septum Cartilage Helix Tragus Conch Rook Daith Lobe 20g-18g-16g-14g-12g-10g 5mm-6mm-7mm-8mm-9mm-10mm-11mm-12mm-14mm-16mm Silver/Gold/Rose Gold/Black/Rainbow 4.3 out of 5 stars 5,48 Sep 6, 2014 - Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more lots more

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8PCS 16G Surgical Steel Nose Septum Horseshoe Hoop Earring Eyebrow Tragus Lip Piercing Ring Balls & Spikes 6-12mm. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 879. $7.99. $7. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Septum Ring U Shaped Circular Barbell, 18g 16g 14g, Lots Sizes And Colors, Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Flip Up Hide, Septum Jewelry, Small, Tiny MasterPiercer 5 out of 5 stars (2,254) $ 5.97. Bestseller Add to Favorites Horse Shoe Barbell, Septum Ring, Septum Captive ring, discreet septum, septum piercing, septum, silver septum, horsehoe septum. Therefore, here we have a master ring size conversion chart that will let you cross-convert ring sizes of various countries like India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, China, Japan, South America, Italy, Spain, Netherlands & Switzerland. The International Ring Size Conversion Chart. Learn more about ring sizes here Black Steel Septum Ring Retainer 16G-8G. $19.99 $3.99. Metal: Stainless Steel (PVD Plated) Size: 16G-8G. Available in either 8mm, 10mm or 12mm widths. The total length on these from top to bottom is 9mm all the way from the very top of the retainer

PIERCING size chart. Find out what you need to know without pain. (captive bead ring) Best Piercing Used: CBR. E. Nose Bone/Stud (standard gauge 18g - 20g) Best Piercing Used: Nose Pin, L-Shaped Nose Pin, Nostril Screw, Horseshoe. F. Septum Piercing (standard gauge 18g - 14g) Best Piercing Used: CBR, curved barbell, horseshoe, clicker. G. The best thing about a how to tell what size gauge your septum piercing (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored Septum Ring: Measure the width of the ring at its thickest section. Tunnels & Plugs: Measure the circumference of the inside of your ear. Using the piercing gauge conversion table above and the measurement guide you can now find a piece of piercing jewellery that offers the perfect fit Septum jewelry mm size chart reference. Saved by Bethany Miliara. 543. Septum Jewelry Septum Piercing Jewelry Nose Jewelry Jewelry Septum Rings Small Piercing Tattoo Body Jewelry Piercing Jewelry Small Septum Jewelry Diameter Chart. Diameter is used to measure the size of round barbells like hoops, captives, and circulars. It is measured from the inner and widest point of the circle. Is 16 Gauge Normal for Septum Piercing? For the septum piercing, 16g and 18g are the two most common forms of gauge sizes

16 Gauge 3/8 Row of Rainbow Rings Gay Pride Septum Clicker. $30.99 $10.99 Product Highlights. arrow_forwardSIZE: Small nose rings hoop rose gold 20 gauge (0.8mm thickness), inner diameter 6mm.Check inner diameter carefully and select your most suitable size. Perfect body piercing jewelry as nose ring, septum ring, lip rings, helix earrings, cartilage hoop, conch piercing Septum Piercing. Placement: The septum, aka the layer of cartilage between the nostrils. Pricing: $40-$100. Pain Level: 7/10. Healing Time: Four to six months. Aftercare: Soak with saline solution two times per day and avoid unnecessary touching. Keep soap and skincare products away from the immediate area Ear stretching size conversion chart: This chart converts from gauge to millimeters to inches. Piercing chart: This piercing chart will give you information about the different styles, sizing and how to use the different types of piercing jewelry. Ear lobe: the gauge (piercing size) is usually at 18g or 20g. The length of an ear lobe piercing. As mentioned above 20 Gauge is the standard nose ring size. When on the spring for nose piercings, this is the gauge you'll most commonly find. Being the smallest average size gauge in body jewelry, people often compare it to other body jewelry like earrings as well as belly button piercings

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From 20 gauge to 00 gauge, the smaller the number is, the thicker the jewelry is. After 00 gauge, the diameter of body jewelry is usually measured in fractional inches as shown below; however, some manufacturers make 000 gauge and 0000 gauge jewelry. Millimeters are rounded to the first decimal. The diameter of all types of rings is the inside. As a general rule of thumb: Earlobe, navel, tongue and eyebrow piercings are the least painful. Septum, labret, dermal (surface) piercings, cartilage piercings, nostril and male intimate piercings are typically a medium level of pain for most. The most painful piercings are in sensitive areas, ie. nipple and intimate piercings (for females. Thickness / Diameter: 14 Gauge or 16 Gauge (1.6mm or 1.2mm) Length: 5/16 or 3/8 (8mm or 10mm) Jewelry: Labrets, Circular Barbells, CBR's, Spirals. Labret usually refers to a piercing that is below the bottom lip, above the chin. The most common gauges for a labret piercing are 16ga or 14ga Size Chart. This page is your guide to using all the tools we have available to help you determine which size would fit you best. Rings. Hoop Earrings. Stud Earrings. Necklace. Nose Rings. Belly Button Rings. Gauge Conversion Table The issue clearly has to do with the diameter of the ring and the size of your nose. 14g is standard for septum piercings. When should I size up my septum? The longer you wait between stretches the easier the stretch is. For instance, it is better to wait 6 months in between a stretch then 2 months. Depending on how long you wait to stretch.

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PIERCING SIZE CHART. How do I know what size my body piercing is? These are the standard sizes for body jewelry used for each piercing. However, we cannot guarantee that the size on our chart is the size used for your specific piercing. These are the standard gauges and lengths used by professional piercers 1. Use a piece of paper and trace the interior of your ring on it. 2.Measure the diameter of the circle you now have. 3. Look up our measurement chart to find the corresponding ring size. If your knuckle is a lot larger that the base of your finger, measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle and select a size between the two Some clicker rings also have a thicker gauge hoop with a smaller gauge post, while the segment ring is the same size all around. Clicker rings can be used in all sorts of piercings, but is most popular in the septum , daith, nipple and cartilage piercings , like the helix Ring Size Chart. Below is a standard full size ring chart in mm, US and UK sizes. If you have any questions about your size or our sizes available please contact info@zohrehv.com. If you are unsure of your ring size you can purchase a ring sizer from various online companies or go to a Jeweller to have your finger measured

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Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Opens in a new window. Opens external website 56 n broadway, denver co, 80203 shop hours monday - thursday: 12pm - 8pm friday & saturday: 12pm - 9pm sunday: 12pm-6pm contact soltribe@gmail.co Choosing sizes other than 14 gauge will make finding navel rings next to impossible and should be avoided. The length of the piercing will depend somewhat on the size of the person being pierced and we have seen navel piercings ranging from 5/16 (8mm) all the way up to 5/8 (16mm) Target / Women / Septum Gold Ring (1669) Pompeii3 3/4ct Blue & White Diamond Vintage Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold - Size 5.5. Pompeii3. $983.99. reg $3,199.96. Sale. Sold and shipped by Pompeii3. a Target Plus™ partner. Shipping not available. Not at . your store

Yugen. $ 200.00. Select options. SAFETY FIRST. At Laughing Buddy Body Piercing, we take safety very seriously. We want you to feel totally secure and comfortable when you get pierced. That's why we have industry standard safety procedures, and take every precaution to make sure our equipment, jewelry, and environment are sanitary and healthy. This Captive Bead Septum Ring comes in steel, gold, and black to match any and all fits. Our steel nose rings are sterile and safe for every day wear. Treat yourself to something fun today! Product Details Material: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel + PVD Size: 16g (6mm,8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm lengths)*This product is sold individually It comes in five different sizes, but they are all 20-gauge. That's the thinnest gauge for this style of hoop, and it fits in an 18-gauge septum piercing, which is the smallest hole, in diameter.

Apr 10, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Hailey Olson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Customer Service Address: 7135 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90640 Email: Sales@EveryBodyJewelry.com U.S.(Toll Free): 1-866-962-0191 International : 1-323-767-058

Buy Septum 2 Piece Bikini - Red with Available in Black and Red Two Piece Bikini Scoop Neck Top Septum Ring Accent Bikini Bottom 82% Nylon 18% Spandex Final Sale Imported California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (hexavalent compounds), Lead and Nickel (Metallic), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects. Septum Ring Dermal Anchor There are a variety of ring size standards depending on the country or region you live in. Please refer to the conversion chart below to find out the matching size for our region. Products. Color Chart; Piercing Sizes; Ring Sizes What Type of Jewelry Is Used for a Septum Piercing? A septum piercing should always be completed using either a horseshoe-shaped hoop or a circular hoop, also known as a CBR, says Sue. The gauge normally is a 16 or 14g, and the diameter or size of the hoop depends on each person's own personal anatomy Septum Ring Clicker - PY-049 - Septum - Material: 316L Surgical Steel Ring diameter: 10/12/14 mm Ring thickness: 2.0 mm Clicker thickness: 1.0mm Applicability: septum, ear, nos

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Details. • Seamless Clicker Ring with Multiple CZ. • Prong set round CZ on the side of ring. • Smooth Seamless Round Ring. • Versatile jewelry can be worn as Septum, Cartilage, Lip Ring and many more. • Ring Thickness : 16GA | 1.2mm. • Ring Diameter : 5/16 | 8mm. • Material : 316L Stainless Steel, Cubic Zirconia. Skip to the end. Details. Description. 20G - 16G 316L STEEL ROSE GOLD PVD SEAMLESS RINGS. Metallic plating can tarnish depending on the environment it is kept in but tarnish remover can be used to clean and remove tarnish from jewelry. Unfortunately plating will wear off after a while but here are some recommendations you can take to make it last as long as. Sep 24, 2015 - Shop for 20 Gauge 316L Surgical Steel Gem Nose Stud Ring online at Body Jewelry Factory today and enjoy savings up to 90% off, free shipping worldwide, and 30-day returns on over 10,000 styles

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5/16 or 3/8 inch,Aztec Sterling Silver jewelry - A beautiful powerful design , made from 925 Sterling silver and love Gipsy Tribal style nose jewelry thats shine on, ~ Can be used as a nose ring /septum / tragus / single earring / helix / lip ring ~ Size of the nose ring: Inner diameter : 1/4,Fast FREE Shipping,Quick delivery,Give you the best quality and lowest price 504. 18g Titanium Nose Ring Piercing Gold Jewellery Silver Nose Ring Helix Silver Body Piercings Cartilage Earrings Body Jewelry Septum. Please read MANUFACTURE SIZE CHART in PICTURE 2 to make sure the size you choose fits as expected, Functional Storage - 8 card slots for your credit cards. as described: Shop top fashion brands Sunglasses at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible. Description STEEL CAST 16G 5/16 SEPTUM CLICKER WITH FILIGREE. All steel used is implant 316L. Click here to view our mill certificate. Do not use harsh chemicals on any jewelry. Novelty navel jewelry is not intended for initial piercings and should only be used in healed piercings as it should not be sterilized with harsh chemicals It is often difficult to know exactly what size hoop to purchase when trying to buy it for a specific piercing or to achieve specific look. In attempt to aid and ease your shopping experience, we have put together this Piercing Jewelry Sizing Guide just for HOOPS! Let's get started! First it is important to know the terminology when it comes to the sizing of a hoop Banded Septum Ring Small Diameter. $160.00. Barbed Wire Continuous Ring Extra Small Diameter. $286.00. Barbed Wire Continuous Ring Medium Diameter. $355.00. Barbed Wire Continuous Ring Small Diameter. $327.00. Barbed Wire Septum Ring Medium Diameter

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horseshoe earring size chart horseshoe lip ring size chart horseshoe nail size chart horseshoe septum piercing size chart horseshoe size chart james harvest size chart kerckhaert horseshoe size chart kitz ball valve torque chart label unwind chart label unwind position chart lucky diamond nlcb play whe chart modèle d'une charte mxt 3 torque chart Choose the thinnest and most discreet piercing ring. The lowest width of a septum piercing ring is usually a 16 grams (0.56 oz) ring. Choosing the smallest size will help make the ring look less obvious. Avoid rings with diamantes because they will stand out when they catch the light But other than that, where exactly in your nose is the septum ring supposed to sit, according to the experts?The correct placement for the septum is not the hard piece of tissue at the base of your nostrils, as many have done, professional piercer Sean Dowdell revealed in an interview with GQ. It is instead a very thin membrane located just above that tissue, and underneath the septal. Size Chart. GAUGE = Standard measurements for bar thickness. 0.8mm = 20G = Standard size for thin nose bars and rings.. 1mm = 18G = Standard size for nose bars and rings.. 1.2mm = 16G = Standard size for cartilage bars and rings. septum jewellery, daith, eyebrow and rook jewellery.. 1.6mm = 14G = Standard size for belly bars, nipple bars and rings, tongue bar

Nose and Septum Clips. Nose Jewelry Sets - 925 silver jewelry is launching his first silver jewelry set collection, gathering silver nose studs, and/or nose rings together. Our beautiful and stylish nose jewelry sets are available in 3 or 6 pieces, all made with genuine 925 sterling silver Mens gauge and diameter sizing chart. Read our article on gauges for more information and on diameters and how to measure Watch our Instruction Videos Still not sure? We have a cheap sizing set you can purchase to play with the rings and get the right size! Gauge and Diameter Chart Ring Conversion Chart Typical piercing sizes nose jewelry size chart gauges and measuring body jewelry picking out best nose rings wife s choice How To Choose The Perfect Fit Diamond Nose RingsWhat Is The Best Nose Hoop Size To Get UndertentshaitiNose Jewelry Size Chart Gauges And Sizes For RingsSizing Your Nose Piercing BijoufishNose Ring Mm Chart Lewisburg Distric Inside Diameter Measure the inside of the ring from one side to the other in millimeters, this is your ring's 'inside diameter' - now that you have this you can use our sizing chart below.. Band Widths Rings with thinner bands tend to run a bit larger, whereas a wider banned ring has a more snug fit. The more metal around your finger, the more space it takes up and the tighter it fits, ie: a.

Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Circumference (in) Circumference (mm) US & Canada UK, Ireland & Australia Japan, China Swiss; 0.610: 15.49: 1.92: 48.7: 4¾: J: 9: 0.618. Shop our large collection of unique Septum Ring designs in Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Black. Fake clip-ins or real piercings, we have you covered. 16 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 12 Gauge. Regal Rose ships worldwide. Browse the whole collection her

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Septum Ring Dermal Anchor There are a variety of ring size standards depending on the country or region you live in. Please refer to the conversion chart below to find out the matching size for our region. Products. Color Chart; Piercing Sizes; Ring Sizes Gauge. This is the wire thickness of the jewelry. Most body piercing jewelry manufacturers, including us, use the Brown and Sharpe wire gauge (also known as the American wire gauge) to indicate the wire thickness. Remember, the bigger the number, the smaller the wire thickness. So, 20ga is the smallest gauge we sell and 2ga is much thicker Septum Ring Crystal - PB-033 - steel - PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT NAME Septum Ring CrystalPRODUCT CODE PB-033MATERIAL* steel 316, crystalDIAMETER 8 - 10 mmTHICKNESS 1,2 mmCOLOR gold, greyORNAMENT COLOR AB, whiteAPPLICABILITY nose, septum, earring *fo Posted By Anuradha on Jan 22, 2016 in Septum piercing. Septum piercing is a common trend! Regardless of the sexes, septum ring is among the topmost choices to look stylish and to stay ahead of the game. For men and women who are always on a lookout for fashion that defines their uniqueness, try septum clickers for, at least, once in their lifetime Septum Rings. We have so many cute faux septum rings, they are the perfect addition to your festival look. We offer a large range of silver, gold, bronze & multi coloured faux septum rings. Grab your favorite septum ring from our Melbourne store - Or have it shipped globally! Plus we have same-day shipping available for our Melbourne babes

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8mm Septum Ring / Small 8mm nose hoop rings: 20 gauge (thickness: 0.8mm), inner diameter 8mm ( 5/16 inches ). Please check the inside diameter carefully according to the SIZE CHART OF THE HOOP NOSE RING. Select the most suitable size for yourself. Material: Grade 23 Titanium Explore more on the new septum piercing, the aftercare, cleaning, healing time and the pain associated with septum piercing. What Is a Septum Piercing? This is the piercing of the wall separating the two orifices located on the nose mainly for the purpose of wearing a ring or a jewelry. Most men and women have this kind of nose piercing, but it. Implant Grade Titanium White Opal Inlay Septum Daith Clicker Hinged Hoop Ring. $29.95. 16ga (1.2mm) / 5/16 (8mm) Bar Thickness

16 Gauge. AU$4.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Floral Septum Clicker Ring. 2 Colours Available. 2 Sizes Available. AU$4.95 Lots of jewellery brands have created septum rings that have a bendable function, which allows you to simply adjust the size of the fake nose ring to fit the septum and the nose. Genius eh ADD TO CART. 14G/16G 316L Stainless Steel V-Shape Septum Ring. $8.99 1 review. ADD TO CART. 16G CZ Double Hoop Daith Earrings Septum Ring. $12.99. ADD TO CART. 18G Nose Hoop with Gem Sparkling CZ Daith Jewelry Product Name (all) Snap Ring Cap w/Liner Snap Ring Cap w/Septum. Cap Size (all) 11 mm. Septa Material (all) PTFE, 10 mil PTFE/Butyl Rubber PTFE/Silicone. Well Bottom (all) Well Shape (all) Clear All. 21729

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Standard Size: 16G (1.2mm) bar thickness, 8mm inner diameter, can be used as helix earring, daith earring, a septum ring. Hand Checked: Each one is hand-checked carefully before sending it out, to ensure you get the best ones. Package: 1Pcs sold as an order. Bonus Gift: The lucky one will get a bonus gift together Glitters has High Quality and The Largest Selection Septum Rings Body Jewelry. Great for nose piercings. Septum Rings Available in 316L Stainless Steel, 18 Karat Gold, Ion Plated, and more. Worldwide shipping. Buy High-Quality Selection 316L Surgical Steel Septum Rings from Glitters From simple and elegant to glamorous and extravagant, we have a captive ring to fit every type of body piercing and budget. Wholesale prices to the public, only at Stylz.com Body Jewelry! Check out our Body Piercing Size Chart for help in selecting the perfect size jewelry for your piercing Clicker Hoop, Titanium Piercing, Astm f136 Titanium Body Jewelry Supplier China. Giometal is a company in Guangdong, China which has been dedicated to producing high quality body piercing jewelry , titanium Jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and fine jewelry for 14 years. From the process of choosing jewelry materials, hand crimp-setting. Size: 16ga Bar Length: 6mm (1/4) Inside: W: 10mm, H: 8.8mm Whole: W: 17.5mm, H: 14.2m

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18G HINGED SEGMENT RING ASTM F-136 TITANIUM. Metal Mafia offers a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of all its ASTMF-136 titanium. If there is any defect caused by manufacturing, please contact Metal Mafia at any time, and we will gladly replace your piece once we receive the original broken piece back. Ti 6AL 4V ELI is Titanium that has. Jan 16, 2019 - A stunning choice for any cartilage/helix, lobe, flat, tragus, conch, lip, or philtrum piercing, the Titanium Quadruple Opal Cluster Labret is for those who want to make a statement! It is sold by piece and is implant grade titanium made at 16 gauge (1.2mm) and 5/16 (8mm) long with internal threading. Different lengt 316L Surgical Steel Nose Hoop Ring. 316L Surgical Steel Nose Hoop Ring Material: 316L Surgical Steel Size: 18 GA, 20GA / 5/16, 3/.. $1.8 Diablo Body Jewelry : - Gift Certificates Surgical Steel Titanium Gold Silver Stone Glass By Size/Gauge By Piercing One of a Kind Exclusive Jewelry Diamonds Retainers Aftercare Dermal Anchors Ear Lobe Hanging Designs Threaded Ends and Extra Beads Tapers and Tools Ear Weights Ear Projects Septum Rings & Clickers Brass & Copper NeoMetal Threadless Mill Certificates O-rings Ear Gauges Septum.