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  1. utes after treatment. Results are expected to last 1+ years. The patient couldn't be happier and liked that it made the skin look tighter with less wrinkles
  2. Before and after images in case of Juvederm Volbella refer to a set of pictures belonging to a previous patient who has undergone the same injection procedure with a successful outcome
  3. Volbella is an ideal filler for injection into the lips for subtle augmentation and correction of perioral lines (vertical lip lines) It was FDA approved in May 2016, making it one of the newest fillers on the market. Volbella costs $400-600 per syringe. Results are immediate with the most common side effect being mild bruising and swelling
  4. This 31-year old woman had lip filler with Volbella. Results may last for up to one year. View Photos. Before. After. Juvederm. Age: 29. Gender: Female. This client had .5ml of Volbella injected to the top lip and .05ml to the bottom lip
  5. Volbella Xc Before And After Lips masuzi July 26, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Juvederm volbella scottsdale chandler az ultra smooth skin juvÉderm volbella tupelo lip injections north ms accent plastic surgery juvederm volbella lip fillers in grand rapids urban you modern beauty wellness juvederm volbella naperville lip enhancement chicago the john.
  6. 1 syringe of Volbella to lips and vertical lip lines Before After 2 syringes of Juvéderm Voluma to midface Before After 2 Syringes of Voluma, 1 syringe of Vollure to lateral and midface Before After Before + After whole-face volumization. Patient had two treatment sessions four months apart. She received 4 syringes of Voluma to [
  7. Fabulousness all around! We got this client's lips looking fuller than ever, with a definable contour lip line using the Juvederm Volbella injectable. Juvederm Volbella is used to shape vertical lip lines while giving the lip body a little extra plump. 5. Lip Filler Before and After: The best lips in life are worth waiting fo

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  1. Some people say you shouldn't drink alcohol before filler because you can bruise, but I haven't seen a huge difference after, she said. As for ice, the doctor will put a cold pack on your lips.
  2. Our patient was concerned with the fine and deep etched in lines around the mouth. Dr. Russak smoothed out using JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA®, a new filler indicated f..
  3. d about the amount of volume added to your Volbella lips, we can inject you with hyaluronidase in
  4. Volbella is unique because it is the first lip augmentation filler that is FDA approved to address perioral lines, or smoker lines around the mouth. Volbella is now the solution for patients who are particularly concerned about the appearance of perioral lines. Just like Voluma, Volbella boasts the filler technology by Allergan called VYCROSS®
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Volbella is unique as one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available. For most patients, final results last up to 12 months without any touch-ups required. In contrast, many competing fillers designed to enhance your lips last just 3-6 months. Our experienced doctor can give you an idea of how long you can expect your own results to last. If you are looking for fuller lips with a natural approach, our lip filler Volbella is the answer to all your needs. Check out our Lip Fillers Before and After gallery of our patients who've had Juvederm Volbella injections. Want to learn more or book an appointment? Contact our office and our staff can assist you

Dr. Shervin Naderi demonstrates #volbella lip injection. Dr. Naderi is an Internationally known clinical instructor for minimally invasive injections of Bot.. Click on the images below to view more photos: Volbella ® Gallery. View More. Volbella ® Gallery. View More. Volbella ® Gallery. View More. Volbella ® Gallery. View More She received one syringe of Volbella mostly in the upper lip to provide a natural result without a dramatically full appearance. Before and three weeks after her treatment. This 28 year old female enjoyed a fullness and projection of her lips using two syringes of Volbella and one syringe of Vollure JUVÉDERM ® VOLBELLA ™ XC is a crystal-clear gel that is injected directly into and around the lips using an ultra-fine needle to temporarily plump the lips for lip augmentation and to smooth the appearance of lines around the mouth. The lidocaine gel improves the comfort of the injection by reducing sensitivity to pain Volbella is an advanced injectable filler for lip enhancement, now available at our Los Angeles clinic. It is based upon hyaluronic acid, a natural substance present in connective tissue. Volbella can create a more attractive, youthful lip appearance by boosting lip volume, smoothing vertical lip lines and lines from mouth corners to chin

Volbella is FDA approved and was developed specifically for the lips and mouth area. Volbella XC improves: Lip contouring by accentuating the border of the lips. Boosts volume making the lips appear fuller. Smooths Vertical Creases (smoker's lines/lipstick lines) Enhances the M part of your mid-upper lip. Achieves Symmetry After PRP Hair Restoration. Client had filler performed at another Medspa. Lips were uneven. Unevenness was treated with Hyaluronidase to break down fillers - one week after. Two weeks after Hyaluronidase, before treatment with Volbella. After Volbella Lip Correction Before the procedure, the doctor may map the injections sites on your face or lips using a pen. Belotero products now contain lidocaine (an anesthetic) to help make you more comfortable during and. We injected 0.55 cc of hyaluronic acid filler (Juvederm Volbella) into the upper and lower lips to improve fullness and symmetry. This is immediately after the injection. Our patient in her late 30's disliked the prominence of her smile lines and desired fuller lips. Here we injected 1.2 cc of Versa into the nasolabial folds (smile lines) to.

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Before and after 1/2 syringe of Juvederm Volbella in lips, and 1 syringe Restylane Defyne in nasolabial folds. Close. 377. Posted by 8 months ago. This subreddit is a general hub for discussion, before and after posts, stories, experiences, and general information about cosmetic/plastic surgeries of all sorts. A core principle of this. Before. After. Patient wanted subtle enhancements made to her lips. Results are after two weeks post-op from using Restylane Kysse. Before. This was accomplished using Juvederm Volbella and these are the results after 5 days. Before. After. Patient desired a more natural appearance and result. Restylane L was used to achieve this After this point, your lips will gradually return to their previous appearance. You can preserve your plump, attractive lips by receiving touch-up treatments once your results begin to wear off. 8. It Delivers Natura Results. You've probably seen pictures of people who received lip injections from an inexperienced medical provider Having such a high satisfactory rate after such a long period of time is something to smile about: Previous lip fillers typically last up to 6 months, before your body breaks it up, leaving you with a deflated pout. Additionally, Volbella is a softer, smoother gel that allows for easier injection

Before you even make the appointment, you need to think long and hard about how you want your lips to look. For me, I wanted both my upper and bottom lip to look fuller for a 'juicier lips' look. A lot of the time, people feel as if they've wasted their money as their lips haven't changed enough or have changed too dramatically Doft prefers to use filler with smaller hyaluronic acid particles, like Restylane Refyne or Juvéderm Volbella XC. The smaller caliber particle will leave the lips smoother and softer, she. 555 Washington Street, Suite #1 Wellesley, MA 02482. Phone: (508) 366-2020. Office Hours TBD. Explore Our Practice. Connect. Schedule your Consultation Meet Dr. Ahn. Explore. Before & After Gallery Read Our Reviews Our Specials Volbella is a relatively new injectable that was approved by the FDA in 2016. Volbella is one of the most sought-after injectable treatments worldwide for diminishing fine lines around the mouth and creating a natural enhancement for lips. Below, we will discuss everything you need to know about Volbella

Volbella smooths the lips and softens the appearance of the lines around the mouth. Volbella with lidocaine is a new dermal filler treatment for the lips and lines around the mouth. Designed not only for gentle restoration of natural looking lip volume, it can also be used for defining lip contours, treating oral commissures, smoothing fine. View some of our previous Juvederm patients. Click thumbnail to view each before and after photo. From Juvederm Voluma, to Juvederm Volbella, Vollure and more, view various Juvederm treatments. 35-44 year old, treated with Juvederm in Nasolabial folds. 28 year old female, Fraxel & 1 syringe of Juvederm on lips - 4 weeks VOLBELLA ®, made by Allergan, the company behind the BOTOX® Cosmetic, was approved in Europe in 2011, and is distributed in over 70 countries. The symmetry and volume of the lip is unique in every individual. Many patients may be nervous to add dermal filler into their lips, afraid of looking like overdone celebrities and their peers Restylane Kysse Lip Filler Injections Before (top), 8 weeks after (middle), and 48 weeks after injection (bottom) At 24 weeks, results are consistently impressive: 86% of treating physicians and 88% of patients noticed a significant enhancement of their lips. At the conclusion of the study (48 weeks after injection), 67% of treating.

Before and after pictures depict real patients who have undergone complete CoolSculpting treatments. However, results may vary per client. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results Nov 25, 2017 - Volbella Lip Filler Dr. John L. Burns, Jr., MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon President, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institut Before and after Volbella injections to augment the lips by Dr. Wu. Before and after lip filler treatment using Juvederm Ultra by Dr. Boen. Before and after filler treatment for keyhole pout lip augmentation by Dr. Butterwick Before & immediately after Volbella to lips, notice the difference in the cupids bow and shape! Before and after Volbella filler injections to lips. lip fillers to achieve a fuller, more shapely lip. fuller lips but in a natural way. Before and after Juvederm filler to lips Before and After. Dermal Fillers and Injectables Juvederm Vobella - Used to smooth vertical lip lines and add volume to the lips. Volbella can last for up to one year. How long does swelling last after a Juvederm treatment? Swelling is a common side effect after a dermal filler treatment. The individual's body chemistry, the area being.

Juvederm Volbella XC Side Effects. Generic name: dermal filler topical Note: This document contains side effect information about dermal filler topical. Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Juvederm Volbella XC.. Applies to dermal filler topical: injection ge Juvederm Before and After Lips. Make your lips look plumper and softer using Juvederm lip products. Juvederm Lips Before and After 1 Syringe. After just one syringe, the lips have a softer and smoother appearance and feel. Juvederm Voluma Before and After. Juvederm Voluma prices are higher than usual but gives a long-lasting result. Supports in. Volbella is available in both a 1ml and .55ml syringe. This product also contains lidocaine, which makes for a very comfortable injection. Most facilities will apply a numbing cream on the lips and surrounding area for 15 to 30 minutes before injecting the filler to make the treatment even more comfortable. Like with any cosmetic filler, there. Juvederm before and after pics reveal how Hyaluronic Acid fillers effectively fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and add youthful contours by plumping lips, or replacing volume loss in the cheek area. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary. However, these Juvederm before and after images showcase real patients who are experiencing real. Juvéderm before and after pictures demonstrate how these hyaluronic acid fillers can fill in fine lines and wrinkles, restore cheeks suffering from age related volume loss, and plump up lips. As with any cosmetic procedure, Juvéderm results may vary. However, these Juvéderm before and after pictures depict real patients, who demonstrate real.

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  1. Take a look for yourself! See our customers' results before and after they use our services
  2. utes after the injection. Ice the lips on and off for an additional hour or so. Keep the head elevated for the first night to prevent any additional swelling
  3. Volbella. NEW Volbella filler is used to smooth upper and lower lip lines or to achieve natural fullness in your lips. YouTube

Before the JUVÉDERM ® treatment I was looking forward to having more of an energised look, less tired and a little less wrinkles. I was a little bit nervous, I didn't know what to expect. The results after were just excellent. It went above and beyond my expectations. Out of 1 to 10 I'm probably a 12 Lips Before Volbella. Volbella Post Operative Day #6. Disclaimer: These patients demonstrate results unique to their case and no patient can be guaranteed excellent results. Back to Main Photo Gallery. Address:-317 East 34th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Call Us:-(212) 593-1818 Juvederm Before and After Photos. BOTOX Volbella Lips Before. Volbella Lips After. What to Expect During and After a Volbella XC Treatment. Not only is a Volbella XC treatment a quick in-office visit, but there is virtually no bruising or swelling after the treatment because of its innovative composition. Allergan's propriety Vycross. Juvederm Volbella. Juvederm Volbella is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler used to augment the lips and smooth away perioral lines above the upper lip. The filler is injected into the dermal layers to add subtle volume and reduce signs of aging around the mouth. All of our physicians at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York® have extensive. Before and immediately after: Two syringes of Juvederm® was used to improve this client's concerns of nasolabial folds, laugh lines, and lip size. A. Re-creation of philtral columns (antiaging) B. Improvement of nasolabial & laugh lines. C. Half syringe total used to increase lip volum

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  1. Lips lose volume, color, and elasticity with age. Restylane Kysse is a lip filler that adds volume, smooths upper lip lines for up to one year, and enhances lip color. 1-4 Designed specifically for the movement of lips, Restylane Kysse is made with XpresHAn Technology's innovative cross-linking gel for precise, natural-looking results
  2. The most common reaction after undergoing dermal filler treatment is slight redness and swelling. Certain areas on the face are more sensitive, like the lips and the areas around the mouth, notes Emily Johnston, certified physician assistant at Sanova Dermatology.In general, any swelling quickly subsides after the treatment, but a cold compress or ice pack is a great way to help.
  3. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA™ XC. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA™ XC or Juvederm lips focuses on lip augmentation. The Juvederm lip filler corrects perial lines often called lipstick lines and can last up to 1 year with optimal treatment with moderate side effects that could last up to 30 days
  4. See before-and-after photos. Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics offers lip injections with JUVEDERM VOLBELLA XC for fuller, sculpted lips near Plano and Frisco. Dallas, TX: (214) 631-SKIN (7546
  5. 7) Do not fly for at least a week. Flying should be avoided for at least a week after getting lip injections. This is because the air pressure in a plane can worsen the swelling and bruising caused by the new lip fillers. Air pressure also dehydrates your body, which isn't good if you're looking to increase the volume in your lips
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  1. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA ® XC is for injection into the lips for lip augmentation and for correction of perioral rhytids in adults over the age of 21. ONE COLLECTION. Unretouched photos of paid patient taken before treatment, 1 month after treatment, and 2 years after treatment
  2. What is Juvéderm® Volbella®? Juvéderm® Volbella® is recommended for men and women with naturally thin lips or lips that have lost volume due to aging. The facial filler is also helpful for vertical lip lines. The results may last up to 12 months. You can see the results in our Juvéderm® lips before and after pictures
  3. Juvéderm Before and After Images: Real patient photos | Ron Shelton M.D. Thenyac.com. Opening Hours Mon to Fri - 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM 317 East 34th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Call Us (212) 593-1818. Email Us Dr.Shelton@Thenyac.com. Menu
  4. imize the appearance of fine lines above the upper lip with a natural look and feel. Restylane Kysse is the first HA lip filler formulated with XpresHAn Technology™ (pronounced ex-'spre-shan'). XpresHAn Technology™ designed for excellent tissue integration that allows.
  5. istration (FDA)

Before. After. Case #5570 - Lips. Before and directly after injecting Juvederm Volbella to lips. Individual results may vary. Click here to contact Dr. Brian Joseph and set up a consultation Beautiful Lips after Juvéderm and Volbella. Volumized Lips After Lip Injections These before and after photos are a small sampling of the amazing results Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis achieve for their Lip Enhancement patients in our Scottsdale location. All Lip Enhancement before and after photographs on this site are actual Rejuvent Medical.

After photos taken immediately post injection . Procedure: Lips 65-year-old female injected with 1 syringe of Juvederm XC and 1 syringe of Volbella in both pink and white lip Case #7337 - Injectable Fillers/Botox. This 41 year old woman from Logan, Ohio wanted to plump her lips and have fine lines disappear. She had 1.0 cc of Juvederm Volbella injected by Dr. Jason Lichten at Central Ohio Plastic Surgery in Lancaster and got exactly what I wanted. 5 Stars! BEFORE: Top 2 Photos IMMEDIATELY AFTER: Middle 2 Photos 3. Juvederm Volbella XC to address fine lip lines and provide a moderate volume increase. Restylane for fuller lips and to correct minor lip folds. Restylane-L for results similar to Restylane but with an additional numbing agent for added comfort during the injection process

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Nov 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Andrea H. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres After applying the numbing agent to your lips, you get to simply relax for 10 minutes or so while the lidocaine takes effect. Once your lips are completely numbed, the injector will look closely at your lips to assess the area where they will need to inject the filler to achieve the results you are looking for Merrianne is very much focused on looking as natural as possible, but still wants to look really good for her age - see her before and after photos! Kysse is the perfect low-maintenance lip filler for this busy grandma, because it gives an incredibly natural result, and lasts about twice as long as other fillers in the lip - see her results now The full effects of Defyne fillers can be seen in a span of one to two weeks after the procedure and can last for 12 months or more for wrinkles. Effects last shorter when used on the lips, for about six months to one year, due to the range of movements the lips do. Unlike other fillers available in the market today which creates a fake.

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Based on how thin your lips are and how enhanced you want them to be, most patients will do well with 1-2 syringes of dermal filler to get the long term aesthetic goal that they want. 1 syringe has 1.0 cc of dermal filler, so most patients will look great after 1-2 cc of dermal filler. These fillers can last anywhere between 10 to 18 months Dr Nick Milojevic, owner of Milo Clinic and one of the UK's leading aesthetic doctors, explains: Hyaluronic fillers can take six to 12 months to dissolve on their own, this is down to an. 8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Lip Injections. July 27, 2021. Look at the doctors' websites and social media pages for before-and-after photos. Volbella: Best for subtle plumping. This recently-approved formula is useful for small enhancements and fine lines around the mouth And in younger patients with thinner lips, she likes to use Juvéderm Volbella for volume who is highly experienced in lip injections. Ask to see before and after pictures of what the doctor. Restylane® Before & After Photos. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary. Case: 1 of 6. Volbella Case #24. View Case Details. About 5 months after surgery I inquired about lip injections and again Dr. Lee came through giving me a natural fullness look to my lips. Thanks for making me feel confident again!!!

Patient Case #3787. In these before and after photos, we see the results of a lip augmentation using Restylane Kysse. Lips lose volume, color, and elasticity with age. Restylane Kysse is a lip filler that adds volume, smooths upper lip lines for up to one year, and enhances lip color. Designed specifically for the movement of lips, Restylane. Juvederm Before and After Photo Gallery. The most popular common fillers are made of a gelatinous substance, hyaluronic acid, which is found around the cells in the body. Juvederm is the most popular hyaluronic acid filler. Voluma 2.0cc to midface. Volbella 1.2cc to lip lines. *All patients are unique and results may vary. Patient Focus 4 Case 7. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC Filler (2mL) to increase uppper and lower lip volume. After photos are 9 days post-op. David Deisher, MD and J. Stewart Humphrey, MD offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Missouri including Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Sikeston, Cape Girardeau County, Bollinger County, Perryville, and Dexter

Before + After Chin Results. Restylane Defyne showed clinically proven safety and lasting results for chin enhancement for up to 1 year after the last injection. 5. Actual patient. Individual results may vary. Treated with 2.6 mL of Restylane Defyne in the chin You are then free to carry on your day as normal. I felt a little sore on the lip area immediately after but it didn't stop me from doing anything as usual. Obviously avoid slathering on lipstick & keep the lips makeup free for the rest of the day. Results : Before + After. I was really and am really happy at the result If you want to bring new life to your smile, lip fillers give you plump, youthful lips. Lip injection is a common procedure across age groups to get natural-looking, fuller features. In a few short months, you can toss out your lip liners for a more permanent solution. The office of Jim Brantner, M.D., is here for your cosmetic surgery needs. Dr Juvederm Volbella® is an injectable lip augmentation treatment used to add subtle boosts in volume and symmetry to the lips. This product can also smooth and soften vertical creases and marionette lines near the mouth, accentuating the patient's newly defined lips. This injectable helps countless people achieve subtle, natural-looking lip.

Juvederm Lip Enhancement Before and After Photos | Oxnard, Ventura. Lip Enhancement with Juvederm - Before and After Images. Most photos are taken right after the procedure. Redness usually goes away within a couple of hours of the procedure. You can also notice that some of our patients prefer subtle results and some go for more plump lips 32 Years Old, Juvederm Volbella Filler to the Lips, Before and One Month Post Treatment. To schedule a consultation. Call 1-888-884-4448. or. Email Us. Contact Us. do or do not , there is no try check that box. First Name* Last Name* Email* Phone* Message. Subscribe to our complimentary E-Newslette Day 1 - After a procedure, the lips may feel hard and tender. This is a common reaction to the surgical procedure and can be remedied by applying an ice pack to the injection site of the lip filler. Day 2 - The pain at the Botox injection site starts to subside and the patient may already see what their filled lips look like Shown below is the before and after of the second procedure, Juvederm Volbella under eye filler, and the difference to me is like night and day. You can really tell a difference in the left under eye area especially, and although there is still a slight amount of dark circles left, it completely covers up with concealer now and the shadowing.

Avoid Bruising After Fillers Before Treatment. To a large extent your results will depend on how well you and your doctor are communicating about what you want and expect. If you are both clear and realistic, treatments tend to go well. Medications to possibly discontinue 7 days before treatment For example, Juvederm Ultra Plus was used in the lips before Volbella hit the market. Juvederm Ultra Plus does not have the Vycross technology and lasts about six to nine months whereas Volbella lasts around eight to eighteen months. Once we reach the goal for lip volume, the duration between treatments generally is pretty long, maybe a year.

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Jun 5, 2017 - Integrity Medical Aesthetics, located in North Seattle, is a medical clinic focusing on cosmetic services, fillers and injectables, and laser treatments Before and 2 weeks after lip filler by Dr Campey. The after photo shows the healed results of improved symmetry and volume. Before and immediately after lip filler by Nurse Marian. Correcting asymmetry and increasing volume. Before and immediately after lip filler by Nurse Marian. Correction of assymetry and enhancing the borders of the lips fillers before and after: under the eyes Like so many other things that come with age, the number of bone regenerating cells in our face decreases as we get older. That leads to the widening of the bone around our eyes which, in turn, leaves less of a scaffold for skin and fat to sit on top of

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Buy Juvederm Volbella, a new dermal filler based on HA to the lips and perioral areas used the treatment of softest and delicate area Lip Lift Before and After Photos. A subnasal upper lip lift is a procedure designed to make the upper lip look fuller, while simultaneously shortening the length of the upper lip between the nose and the mouth. It is ideal for those individuals who have a long upper lip, inadequate red lip or dental show, and an upper lip that is flat and. How to Reduce Swelling After Lip Injections. 6 to 10 Hours After Treatment. Until the swelling and redness have resolved, avoid intense heat in the treated area(s). This includes sunbathing, tanning, saunas, hot tubs, or hot wax. To help alleviate swelling, we recommend an antihistamine during the day, such as Zyrtec or Claritin, and Benadryl.

Juvederm Volbella with Lidocaine contains biocompatible hyaluronic acid which is an injectable filler that provides instant results that are natural. Volbella is a dermal filler used to define lips and for the correction of fine wrinkles around the lips. This temporary filler is made of Hyaluronic Acid and does not require a skin test before. View lips before and after photos. Contact Us. To learn more about our premier wellness and rejuvenation treatment, please contact our office juvederm ultra 3 lips before and after . Tweet. Mon, 1 March, 2021; Uncategorized; 0 Comment

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Volbella is a dermal filler under the Juvéderm Family of Fillers made by Allergan and is specifically used to create more definition in the lips and correct fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. The filler consists of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body JUVÉDERM ® Ultra XC is for injection into the lips and perioral area for lip augmentation in adults over the age of 21. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA ® XC injectable gel is for injection into the lips for lip augmentation and for correction of perioral lines in adults over the age of 21 Volbella. Volbella is used for lip contouring, to add volume and fullness to lips, to smooth out vertical creases around lips, to achieve face symmetry, to treat marionettes lines, as well to smooth out wrinkles and lines around lips. Besides the area around lips, Volbella is used to treat tear trough depressions. It offers natural look and it does not let clients down with promised end results Volbella is one of the newest dermal fillers on the market that's quickly become a popular choice. Similar to Vollure, Volbella is also a part of the Juvederm family of facial fillers. Volbella is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler that's used to enhance lip fullness and soften the appearance of smoker's lines above and around the mouth 5

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Juvederm Volbella Cost. Volbella is an FDA-approved lip filler and one of the newest in the line of Juvederm products. Like other Juvederm products, this one has a base and XC options. It is primarily used for lip augmentation, but can also be used to correct perioral lines A 45-year-old female before and after treatment with 1.0 mL of Juvéderm® Volbella™: 0.6 mL in the upper lip, 0.2 mL in the lower lip, and 0.2 mL in the oral commissures. Figures - uploaded by. Juvederm Voluma XC from Allergan's Juvederm Family of Fillers, which are all hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers that differ in concentration of (HA. juvederm ultra 3 lips before and after. Post Author: Post published: February 28, 2021 Post Category: Uncategorized Post Comments: 0 Comments 0 Comment

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