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Pay 20-40% Less than Traditional Jewelry Stores when You Shop Online at Blue Nile. Make the Most of Your Budget. We Direct-Source Diamonds and Pass the Savings on to You Shop A Wide Selection Of Unique And Exclusive Pink Diamond Ring Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds which weigh more than 10 carats are virtually unheard of, according to a Christie's statement, which notes that only four times in the auction house's 250-year history. The jump between Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Vivid Pink creates a similarly large price gap. This 0.59 Carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Round Diamond costs $59,100, while this 0.58 Carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Round Diamond is priced at $174,100. In most cases, the price leap from Intense to Vivid grades is severe

On 1stDibs, you can find the most appropriate fancy vivid pink diamond for your needs in our varied inventory. Frequently made of 18k Gold, Gold and Platinum, this item was constructed with great care.For this particular accessory, there are many different carat weights to choose from, but .5 Carat and 1 Carat versions are of considerable interest. . Finding an appealing fancy vivid pink. Fancy Vivid. Fancy Deep; Fancy Dark; Price. The price slider is for the DIAMOND only. Clear Filters. Pink Fancy Diamonds - All Viewable In 360° HD That Match Your Setting. Fancy pink diamonds are often worn by celebrities as they are the height of luxury and incredibly rare Pink Diamonds - One of the rarest color in the nature the pink diamond with a range of intensity from faint pink, light, Fancy light and fancy pink diamond to fancy intense Deep and vivid pink diamonds are presented here for the best price available, we are specialist in pink diamonds for Jewelry and for investment now you can Buy online pink diamond with Talore Diamonds

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  1. Although the Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, Round Diamond ring sold in 2013 was over three times smaller than the 1.60ct round Vivid pink in 2000, it still showed an outstanding 238% price increase! Needless to say, if the ring was a similar size to the 1.60ct, the price appreciation would have been far more dramatic
  2. Fancy Vivid Pink Diamonds Price Range. The fancy vivid graded pink diamonds have the highest pink hue among all 4 grading brackets. A Fancy vivid grade pink diamond range in price anywhere from $340 to $218,440. As you can see as the price goes up so does the beautiful clear pink hues. This is because there are less inclusions and.
  3. Pink Diamonds. LEIBISH specializes in rare and unique natural Pink diamonds and fine Pink diamond jewelry, in addition to a plethora of other fancy color diamonds. 1,010 items. Fancy Color. Yellow. Pink. Champagne
  4. The Sakura is a 15.8-carat purple-pink diamond set on a platinum and gold ring. It was auctioned alongside The Sweet Heart, a 4.2-carat fancy vivid heart-shaped pink diamond ring, which sold.
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Fancy Color Diamond Quality Factors. This 10.12 ct Fancy Vivid yellow pear shape illustrates the effect a fancy shape can have on intensifying the color in a yellow diamond. - Courtesy the Scarselli Family. In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of color, because colorless diamonds are. The Pink Legacy, a Fancy Vivid Pink cut-cornered rectangular-cut diamond of 18.96 carats. Sold for CHF 50,375,000 on 13 November in the Magnificent Jewels sale at Christie's in Geneva. While most pink diamonds exhibit a colour modifier like purple, orange, brown or grey, the Pink Legacy shows no trace of a secondary colour 0.75 Ct. Fancy Vivid Pink Oval Lab Created Diamond. $1,880 want. 1.52 Ct. Fancy Orangy Pink Pear Lab Created Diamond. $14,930 pre; 1 of 4; next; 60. 20 60 100. show: close. Create Your Own Gemstone Ring . Step 1. Choose Gemstone. Choose from thousands of ethically sourced gemstones. Step 2. Choose Setting.

Exclusive Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond, Radiant, 0.08 carat. SKU 20049 by Naturally Colored - Dealer and Manufacturer of Pink Diamonds. No Commissions, Free Shippin Find the best quality Certified Lab Grown Pink Diamonds at New World Diamonds. Buy Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Online Today! 877-653-2250 | Hello@Newworlddiamonds.Com. Engagement Fancy vivid pink. VS2. Good IGI. $305 Color. Round. 0.43. Fancy Vivid Orangy Pink. VS1. Good IGI. $305. Two fancy pink diamonds may have very different tone and saturation levels. (A 10 would be a colorless white diamond). On this scale, a GIA fancy vivid or fancy deep would have a value of 1 to 3, fancy intense from 3 to 6, fancy from 6 to 7, and fancy light at 7. Light, very light, and faint stones are an 8 or 9 on the Argyle grading. AN EXCEPTIONAL FANCY VIVID PINK DIAMOND AND DIAMOND RING4.49卡拉 心形 艷彩粉紅色 內部無瑕(IF) 鑽石 配 鑽石 戒指Set with a heart modified brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 4.49 carats, flanked by pear-shaped diamonds, mounted in 18 karat white gold, size 5½.Accompanied by GIA report no. 2205859856, dated 10 February 2020, stating that the diamond is Fancy. The Pink Star, formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink, is a diamond weighing 59.60 carat (11.92 g), rated in color as Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America.The Pink Star was mined by De Beers in 1999 in South Africa, and weighed 132.5 carat in the rough. The Pink Star is the largest known diamond having been rated Vivid Pink. As a result of this exceptional rarity, the Beny.

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Pink diamonds can occur in eight intensities, faint pink, very light pink, light pink, fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink, fancy vivid pink, fancy deep/dark pink. Just like in all fancy color diamonds, the more vivid intensity pink diamonds are far rarer than the less vivid, which is in part why they demand a higher price A 14.83-carat fancy vivid purple-pink internally flawless diamond will be the top lot at Sotheby's Geneva Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction on November 11. It is the largest vivid. These diamonds are from the 2016 Argyle Pink Tender in New York City. Left to right: 0.64 ct Fancy Deep pink oval, 0.75 ct Fancy Intense purplish pink trilliant, 0.91 ct Fancy Vivid purplish pink oval, 1.30 ct Fancy Intense pink heart, 1.35 ct Fancy Intense purplish pink cushion, 0.80 ct Fancy Vivid pink pear, and 0.45 ct Fancy Vivid purplish pink emerald cut The Unique Pink, a 15.38-carat fancy vivid pink diamond, sold for more than $31.5 million (more than $2 million per carat) at Sotheby's sale of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels in. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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In 2017 a 15-carat fancy vivid pink sold for $32 million. And then the Pink Legacy, which set a world auction record price per carat for a pink diamond at Christie's Geneva in 2018. That diamond. View Sotheby's Hong Kong sold an 8.41-carat pear-shape internally flawless fancy vivid purple-pink diamond as part of the Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale 2014 on Oct. 7, 2014 at the. An exquisite investment grade pink diamond with no other colors but even pink and exceptional vvs1 clarity certified by GIA. The most basic pricing principle in the world of natural diamonds, whether fancy colored or colorless, states that the rarer the diamond, the higher its value First Online Diamond Retailer in 1999 and the World's Largest Online Jeweler Today. Free Shipping & Free Returns The diamond is a 59.60-carat, oval mixed-cut, fancy vivid pink stone with a clarity grade of internally flawless (FL). A unique feature of the diamond is the step-cut crown and the brilliant-cut pavilion. The combination of desirable characteristics such as color, clarity, and size makes this diamond an extremely rare and unique diamond indeed

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In recent years, pink diamonds have fetched staggering prices on the market. In April 2017, the record for the most expensive diamond or jewel ever sold at auction was broken with the sale of The Pink Star, a 59.6-carat fancy vivid pink diamond mined in South Africa The fact that this fancy vivid purplish pink diamond weighs 10.64 carats is an astonishing marvel. The diamond was hammered down at HK$135m, below its estimate of HK$150m-200m, and sold for HK$155m after premium. An 80.88 carat emerald cut diamond failed to sell THE LARGEST CUSHION-SHAPED FANCY VIVID PINK DIAMOND AT AUCTION Set with a cushion-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond, weighing approximately 16.08 carats, within a diamond twin surround, to the pink diamond gallery and diamond-set hoop, ring size 6, mounted in platinum and gol Famous pink diamonds: Jennifer Lopez received a 6 carat radiant shaped pink diamond from Ben Affleck. This pink diamond is estimated US $ 2,000,000. The Steinmetz pink diamond is the largest known diamond having been rated Vivid Pink, loupe clean, measuring 59.6 carats (11.92 g) Estimated value: US $ 25,000,000. Learn more about pink diamonds For example, Fancy light pink diamonds, which 38 years ago cost $10,000 per carat, are now estimated at an astronomical price of $220,000 per carat - 22 times the value in 1979. Vivid pink diamonds, whose rare color is even more valued, were sold in 1979 for $50,000 per carat, a considerable amount by all accounts

From left to right: Faint Pink, Very Light Pink, Light Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, and Fancy Deep Pink. Australian Pink Diamonds Pink diamonds are found in a small number of diamond mines throughout the world ONE OF A KIND. Created by our master craftsmen, the Vivid Pink Sacred Lily jewel is a story told with an incredibly rare 1.24 carat natural vivid pink diamond SI2 accented by two beautiful natural fancy light blue shield diamonds, the combination of bubblegum and baby blue tones set in platinum and 18k brings the two colors together in an innovated design — the ultimate symbol of love and. A rare purple-pink diamond likely to be worth tens of millions of dollars is on display in New York City this month. The rare 14.83-carat fancy vivid purple-pink diamond was extracted from a. Colored diamonds are highly rated in the order of [Fancy Light <Fancy Intense<Fancy Vivid]. Clarity(Grade): SI1. Stone Detail: natural vivid pink. Color(Grade): Fancy Vivid Pink. the lesser S color from GIA

Natural Pink Diamonds Pink Diamonds are among the most sought after fancy color diamonds in the world. Browse our collection of Pink Diamonds ranging from Light and Fancy Pink to Intense and Vivid Pink Diamonds. View All Light - Fancy - Intense - Vivid Diamond for sale: 3.52 Carat, Fancy Vivid Pink, Radiant, VS1 along with other Color enhanced diamonds by Dianer Diamonds

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A fancy vivid pink 14.83-carat diamond is expected to fetch between CHF21 million and CHF35 million (US$23 million and US$38 million) at an upcoming Sotheby's live auction in Geneva. The oval. 0.19 carat, Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, Cushion shape Diamond with SI1 clarity, graded by GIA. An outstanding Vivid Pink Diamond with a remarkable color tone. The stone has Very Good polish and Good symmetry. For more information about this item please contact our customer service department On November 10, 2015, a 16.08-carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond fetched $28.5 million at Christie's Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva. It is a new world record price for any Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond. First known simply as The Pink, the diamond was renamed The Sweet Josephine by its new owner. One of the largest known Red Diamonds in the.

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De Beers heroes nature's works of art in the form of this ~1.11 carat fancy vivid purple-pink diamond ring. A part of our 1888 Master Diamonds collection, it is inspired by Van Gogh's pioneering use of colour to stir emotion. The hue has a masterfully even saturation, created by subterranean conditions. While vivid pink is the primary colour, a third of the diamond is purple, representing. This recent sale more than doubled the record for a fancy vivid pink diamond sold at auction. Sotheby's set the old record in 2016, when the Unique Pink, a 15.38-carat and pear-shaped diamond.

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In a newly released ring, Graff flanks a central 5.63-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink pear shaped diamond ring with two Fancy Intense Pink pear-shaped diamond shoulder stones. The goal of the design is to highlight the unusually vibrant pink hue of the center stone, which is carved from the famous Lesotho Pink Dec 10th: 1 new Takara pink diamond may be ready end of this week: After a long dry spell, we are expecting to complete a .42ct fancy vivid lab grown pink diamond and have it available for sale. Most of the current batch only came out in very small sizes, so the .42ct is the largest of this batch The 2.24 carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond known as Argyle Eternity™ is part of the historic collection comprising 62 diamonds weighing 57.23 carats. Rio Tinto chief executive of Copper and Diamonds, Arnaud Soirat said Rio Tinto's Argyle mine is the first and only ongoing source of rare pink, red and violet diamonds in the world Diamond for sale: 0.64 Carat, Fancy Vivid Pink, Round, VS2 along with other Color enhanced diamonds by Dianer Diamonds They are not described as Vivid or as Intense, but simply as Fancy Red. On November 10, 2015, a 16.08-carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond fetched $28.5 million at Christie's Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva. It is a new world record price for any Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond

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  1. The Eclipse is a 3.47-carat radiant-cut diamond that's fancy intense pink in color. Rio Tinto said it's the largest fancy intense pink diamond ever offered at its tender. This 1.79-carat radiant-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond is named Stella
  2. 1.86 Ct. Fancy Vivid Pink Oval Lab Created Diamond. This 1.86 Carat 9.64 x 6.80 x 4.34 mm Pink Oval Lab Created Diamond has been hand selected by our GIA-certified gemologists for its exceptional characteristics and rarity. Order loose gemstone for delivery by Wednesday, April 21
  3. Only 1% of all pink diamonds are larger than 10 carats and only 4% of all pink diamonds are graded 'Fancy Vivid' and display a rich, vivid color, Schuler said in a press statement prior to the sale
  4. Fancy Deep Orangey Pink 1.12ct VS1 Radiant Lab Created Diamond. $4,440.00. View. Fancy Vivid Orangey Yellow 0.97ct VS2 Radiant Lab Created Diamond. $3,495.00. Out of stock. Fancy Vivid Orangey Yellow 1.88ct VS2 Emerald Lab Created Diamond. $12,185.00. View
  5. ed from the rough stone
  6. Specializing in natural fancy pink diamonds yellow diamonds and other colored diamonds, including fancy color diamond rings and jewelry at wholesale prices. Buy direct from the source with money-back guarantee. Inquire Online or Call 800.411.0951: Fancy Vivid Yellow (Pair

Pink diamonds fall under the rare Type IIa category of diamonds, which make up less than 2% of all gem diamonds. The 59.6-carat, flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond called The Pink Star still holds the record for the highest price paid at auction for a pink diamond. That stone fetched $71.2 million at Sotheby's Hong Kong in 2017 Another fancy vivid pink diamond that hit the auction block in 2017 was The Pink Promise, an oval-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond that weighs approximately 14.93 carats. It fetched HK$249.9m (US$32.4m) at a Christie's Hong Kong sale Many diamond graders use the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scale, which starts with faint and moves through very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid. A fancy vivid will have the richest color, and tends to be more valuable A 15.38 carat pink diamond sold for $31.6 million at Sotheby's on Tuesday, making it the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever to sell at auction

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This treatment is an effective tool for changing the color of certain diamonds, making them colorless, pink, blue, green, yellowish green, or yellow. Outside of a well-equipped grading laboratory, this form of diamond treatment is virtually undetectable. $166,900. GIA Explanation of treatment : HPHT Treatment stands for a high-pressure, high. Add to cart. Vivid Diamonds GIA Certified 5.93 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring -V31960. $120,000.00. Add to cart. Vivid Diamonds GIA Certified 6.42 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring -V32006. $90,000.00. Add to cart. Vivid Diamonds GIA Certified 5.60 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring -V29800. $88,000.00 Purple-pink diamond known as 'The Sakura' was sold by Christie's auction house for $29.3 million. The 15.8-carat gemstone is 'internally flawless' and 'fancy vivid,' a measure of its color. An Asian private buyer purchased the stone. The Sakura, Japanese for cherry blossom, is 'exactly' the shade of the tree, an expert said


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The Pink Star, a 59.6-carat oval mixed-cut pink diamond, and the largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond that the Gemological Institute of America has ever graded, will be auctioned. The color will be graded as 'even' or 'uneven' depending on how consistent the concentration of color appears. A fancy color diamond of moderate tone will be assigned a grade according to its overall face up appearance. These grades are Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep The Graff Pink diamond holds the current record for a fancy intense pink diamond sold at auction. Once owned by American jeweler Harry Winston, the 24.78-carat stone sold for $46.1 million at a. Intense fancy yellow diamonds are mostly found in South Africa. Fancy Pink; Natural pink diamonds are among the most valuable and rare treasures on Earth. Top colored stones (graded intense and vivid on the GIA's colour scale) can fetch more than $2 million per carat at major auctions Emilio Jewelry GIA Certified Fancy Vivid Purple Pink Diamond Ring. By Emilio! Located in New York, NY. From the Emilio Jewelry Museum Vault, Showcasing a stunning Gia certified 2.00 fancy natural Vivid purple pink diamond in the center. The mounting was custom made around the center s..

The Aurora Green. Christie's Hong Kong will auction the 'Aurora Green' diamond, a rare 5.03 carat Fancy Vivid Green diamond on May 31. It special not only because of its size, which makes it the largest ever Fancy Vivid Green diamond ever sold at auction, but also because of its VS2 clarity, and that it has no fluorescence, which is extremely rare for such a diamond The Spirit of Rose diamond, is a 14.83 ct Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink, IF, Type IIa diamond. Only 1% of all pink diamonds are larger than 10-carats and only 4% of all pink are graded 'Fancy Vivid'. Named 'The Spirit of the Rose' after Vaslav Nijinsky's legendary ballet, Le Spectre de la rose, the diamond was mined, cut and polished in Russia The price of a 0.5 carat light blue diamond is $26,280 on average. Deep blue and vivid blue diamonds cost much more—around $75,000 for a 0.25 carat diamond. As you increase in color intensity and carat weight, blue diamond prices extend beyond $100,000, $200,000, and more To know the fancy color diamond prices of a diamond: select a shape-cut, a weight in carat, a color and click on the buttom «Color Diamond Price». The clarity of a color diamond is secondary because most inclusions are hidden by the saturation of color within a diamond. The field «Clarity» is optional in our simulator

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  1. The previous record for a vivid blue diamond was the $15.7 million BVLGARI Blue, a two-stone fancy vivid blue triangular-cut diamond of 10.95 and 9.87 carats sold through Christie's New York in.
  2. A lovely natural fancy vivid pink diamond shaped as a cushion mixed cut with a measured weight of 1.02 carats, certified by the gemological institute of america (gia)
  3. This was for a 5 carat, Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond known as the The Vivid Pink. It was sold at auction for a total price of $10.78 Million. Pink Diamond Color Grading - GIA Diamond scale: Pink diamonds are graded and valued based on the intensity of the pink color, along with any secondary 'overtones' (purple, orange and brown are most common)
  4. This fancy vivid pink diamond was the top lot in the Sotheby's Geneva jewel auction last night. Last night's Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction at Sotheby's Geneva was one for.
  5. ed by De Beers in South Africa in 1999. Steinmetz Diamonds spent two years cutting the Type IIa stone. It eventually came to auction in 2013 at Sotheby's Hong Kong when the oval mixed-cut fetched an unprecedented $83m

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The photo (above) illustrates a selection fancy color grades for pink diamonds. From left to right: Very Light Pink, Light Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Deep Pink. Fancy colored diamond grading is a complex process, and colors are evaluated based on the intensity As fewer than 10 per cent of pink diamonds weigh more than one-fifth of a carat, this fancy vivid purple-pink diamond is of an unprecedented size of 15.81 carats, which is the largest of its. The famed South African diamond dynasty controlled much of the world's diamond trade over three generations. The 18.95 carat, fancy vivid pink stone is a rectangular cut and is called The Pink Legacy The natural pink diamonds are the oldest of all fancy color diamonds. The reason is that they require 1.6-3.50 million years to obtain a pink hue. Due to less supply, the price of a real pink diamond is always in the uptrend. The pink diamond ring is the most desired piece, due to its beauty and rarity

The first was the Vivid Pink diamond. This 5 carat, cushion cut, VS1, Fancy Vivid Pink stone made a staggering appearance in Christie's 2009 Honk Kong auction where it sold for $10.78 million (yielding slightly more than $2 million per carat). The clarity and color classification of this diamond makes it one of the most expensive pink gems per. For pink diamonds, this difference between two extremes is striking - shine, sparkle, and penetration of light are severely damaged in an imperfect stone, thanks to the purity of a fancy pink hue itself. In addition, any fancy-colored stone with visible imperfections falls in price significantly. Thus, always check the diamond certificates of. Fancy Vivid is the top colored diamond grade you can receive from the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory. Only one in 100,000 diamonds receive this grade. You don't have to use your imagination to see the vibrant colors of this gem. Like many of these hot pinks, the stone has some eye visible inclusions. However, pretty hard to see face-up. Despite the clarity this is a gem gem

Mined in South Africa in 1999, the Pink Star, previously known as the Steinmetz Pink, is the largest diamond to have been graded a Fancy Vivid Pink. Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, a Hong Kong, bought the Pink Star from Sotheby's auction in 2017 in a telephone bid. An internally flawless, oval diamond weighing a huge 59.60ct, this gemstone was. Displaying the rarest, most vibrant Fancy Vivid hue, the superb 12.02 carat Internally Flawless pear shape pink diamond is set in rose gold to complement its captivating hue and accompained by two heart shape white diamond shoulders - the ultimate token of love. 12.02 carat Internally Flawless pear shape Fancy Vivid Pink diamond ring (14.09 carats Pushing the rarified 3ct range, this 2.73ct Fancy VIVID Pink lab grown diamond impresses. For the lady who wants her diamond to be seen. The diamond is Excellent Cut Grade which really is important for the light return (brilliance). The clarity is SI1, which means you will need magnification to see any inclusions Pear-Shaped Fancy Intense Pink and White Diamond Earrings. Totaling 15.84 carats, handcrafted in platinum and 18 karat rose gold. Yellow Diamond Ring. Totaling 4.41 carats, handcrafted in platinum. Cushion-Shaped Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring. Totaling 73.51 carats, handcrafted in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink: The photo above is of a Fancy Vivid purplish pink diamond, part of ALROSA's 2019 True Colors auction at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. This is a spectacular diamond, weighing 0.55 carat, with a GIA cut grade of excellent, and a clarity grade of internally flawless

Christie's noted that only four percent of pink diamonds obtain the 'fancy vivid' classification and just ten percent weight more than 0.2 carats, making the Sakura exceedingly rare While the Pink Star may be the overall record holder as far as pink diamonds go, in November 2017, Christie's Hong Kong sold the Pink Promise, an oval-shape fancy vivid pink, for $32.4 million, or $2.1 million a carat, which set a world record per-carat price for a pink diamond

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Jewelry experts have estimated the value of this diamond between $5million and $7 million. The auction is expected to be held in the beginning of December. With a weight of a neat 5 carats, it is perhaps the largest Fancy Vivid Pink Potentially Flawless diamond to have ever been sold at Christie's Pink fancy colored diamonds are more popular than ever. That is why we're excited to get a glimpse of this 15.81 carats, fancy pink Sakura diamond ring. It happens to be the centerpiece for the upcoming Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale in Hong Kong. It is the largest fancy-vivid-purple-pink-colored diamond ever to go up for auction

The Pink Legacy: A 19 carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamond

The Pink Star, a 59.6ct Fancy Vivid Pink Oval Diamond Sold For $71.2 Million Dollars The world's most expensive gemstone was sold on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at Sotheby's Auction Spring Sell. The Pink Star, a 59.6ct Fancy Vivid Pink, Internally Flawless, Type IIa.. Another notable pink stone—the Sweet Heart, a 4.19 ct. heart-shape fancy vivid pink with VVS1 clarity—also fetched a sweet price. It sold to an Asian private as well, for $6.6 million, or $1.6 million a carat. That price also fell within its pre-sale estimate. The Sweet Heart diamond fetched $6.6 million fancy vivid pink loose diamonds This is a beautiful .07 CARAT, GIA certified Fancy Vivid Pink, Cushion Brilliant shape and cut Diamond rated with an super clean SI1 clarity. $ 5,950.0 View An Exquisite Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond, Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring/ Earrings sold at Jewels & Jadeite on Hong Kong Auction 25 November 2019. Learn more about the piece and artist, and its final selling price A delicate natural fancy vivid purple-pink diamond jewel shaped as a pear with a measured weight of 0.51 carats, certified by the gemological institute of america (gia)

This Pink 59-Carat Diamond Could Be the Most ExpensiveWill This $60 Million Rare Pink Diamond Shatter theGetting engaged? This pink diamond ring is being auctionedGraff Pink - Fancy Intense Pink - 24Christie’s Hong Kong to Present HK$46

The Fancy Color Price Index. This opens in a new window. The FCDI tracks the market behavior and changes in the wholesale buying prices of Yellow, Pink and Blue Fancy Color Diamonds. The index is an objective tool, based on exclusive data and refined, real-time information, supplied by independent industry leaders Fancy DiamondsHighest Quality, Vivid Natural Colors. Fancy Diamonds. Choose from our selection of loose fancy diamonds in a wide range. of colors and shapes. We also have a beautiful collection of fashionable. fancy diamond rings and can custom-design. a complete range of fancy diamond jewelry. Design Your Own Diamond Ring They are known as Fancy Color Diamonds and are found in an extensive range of color including yellow, pink, blue, and green. Some of the most famous diamonds in history, such as the Hope Diamond, are fancy colors. 3 Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond. Diamond is composed almost entirely of crystalized carbon A ring set with The Vivid Pink, a 5.00 carat cushion-shaped Fancy Vivid Pink Potentially Flawless diamond, the largest such diamond to ever be offered for sale, is displayed at a preview by.

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