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So the concept of having movement and focus activities in a cup filled with popsicle sticks fits right in with what teachers are already doing. It's not more work for them. It's just easy. 5. You can build on this concept and use color-coded popsicle sticks to incorporate strategies in line with the Zones of Regulation In the simple popsicle stick, or as they call them in craft stores craft sticks. They are sold in boxes of over 500 pieces or in smaller amounts. They come in the traditional wood as well as multicolored. They are now coming in smaller sizes, or have slats to use them to build, similar to Lincoln Logs of long ago in order to be able. In the meantime, I made my own physical version in 3 seconds by grabbing some colored popsicle sticks. By having my little OT kid practice with these popsicle sticks in real life, I'm hoping it will speed her up and carry over so she can do the i-Pad version soon, which is much more motivating/engaging. In this rainbow math activity, we used popsicle sticks to make a rainbow hundreds chart puzzle that was perfect for my kindergarten and second grade kiddos. (And, it would be a nice hands-on math activity for first grade, too.) This is a multisensory math idea that combines fine motors skills with the colors of the rainbow to teach kids about groups of tens in a hundreds chart Last year, Kelly over at Speech2U inspired me to write about 3 ways to use popsicle sticks and tongue depressors in therapy (besides the obvious of holding popsicles and depressing tongues of course!).Now Miss Speechie at Speech Time Fun is linking up for more popsicle stick fun! You know you all have these hiding away in a cabinet

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New OT Channel OT With Me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_2Rjd2fQlyZjNHYHedD_0gThis occupational therapy (OT) activity is a really fun one and my two h.. Occupational Therapy Home Activities Here are some suggestions for fine motor, visual motor, sensory and self-help skills that c. cut /snip with safety scissors or a popsicle stick *find homemade playdoh type recipes online (Pinterest has lots of leaves, and sticks (play outdoor iSpy) 3. Use sticks and stones to form letters or. Using markers, write small acts of kindness and good deeds on popsicle sticks, write one good deed per stick. 3. Place the sticks in your jar. 4. Cut out the Do Good Jar tag from the free printable (click here for PDF download link). 5. Punch a hole in one end of the tag. 6.Thread a piece of ribbon or twine through the tag and tie it onto. Make word spacers out of popsicle sticks - Therapy Fun Zone I have many kids that I see for problems with their writing, and many times it is not the legibility of their letters that is the problem, it is the spacing of the words I started by choosing a few popsicle sticks of varying colors, like these: Wood Craft Colored Sticks. (Adjusting the number of sticks that you start with is an easy way to grade this activity up or down, depending on the child's skills.) Then I asked the child to create a design using the popsicle sticks. Here is an example

Mar 11, 2017 - Explore Ali G's board OT- Activities, followed by 435 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about activities, occupational therapy activities, therapy activities Various sensory motor activities can be used to facilitate fun with handwriting! • Using popsicle sticks to form uppercase letters with straight lines. o one popsicle stick being 1 single side. o use a finger tip, then also crayon or marker to trace over top each popsicle stick to re-enforce that motor learning for each letter multiple trials

matching game by using popsicle sticks with a variety of textures glued on- the student must match the popsicle sticks with the same textures. 4. Scanning Surfaces: Encourage the use of patterns to locate materials. For example, starting in the top left-hand corner and working in a zig-za Week 2_Occupational Therapy_ Tool Use: Cutting, Keyboarding, Joystick Please choose one activity per day to complete. Circle the activity when complete. If possible, print the sheet and email it to your therapist or save it in a folder to turn in at a later date Try these fun speech and language games that you can do with a bunch of popsicle sticks and a marker. Great for home, a classroom, or in speech therapy 2 || Use Popsicle Stick Spacers This is a fun option, especially for younger students who may just be learning to write. You can have them decorate the sticks into fun themes or objects. My friend Colleen at The OT Toolbox has some posts on how to make these. DIY Handwriting Spacing Tool - The OT Toolbo A Look At Pediatric Occupational Therapy Activities. May 7, 2016. Some of us might wonder why children need pediatric occupational therapy. This is often offered to help certain children with special needs. For example, it can foster the way to improve their social relationships either at home or in school

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  1. 1. Popsicle Stick Reading - Put different colored circle stickers, or draw circles with different colors down a popsicle stick (see picture below) and have student hold this vertically. They can say the colors they see in order from top to bottom, you can also then turn the stick sideways and read from left to right
  2. matching game by using popsicle sticks with a variety of textures glued on- the student must match the popsicle sticks with the same textures. 4. Scanning Surfaces: Encourage the use of patterns to locate materials. For example, starting in the top left-hand corner and working in a zig-za
  3. Six occupational therapy activities to try at home. 1. Create a sensory bin. You'll need a paper plate, four Popsicle sticks, and objects to create facial features like a nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. Use objects you have around the house, or pick up supplies at a craft store
  4. ate for durability. Using colored Craft or Popsicle sticks, the child must match the card to create the shape. Great for color and shape recognition
  5. Getting back to the roots of OT. Pinterest has limitless options for groups using affordable materials such as popsicle sticks, magazines, glue, construction paper, etc. Apples to Apples A great game for groups that can be funny and entertaining. Pictionary. Easy to set up and you probably already have everything needed to play

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  1. ate the pages for durability and multiple use
  2. Popsicle Stick Spacing (a Popsicle stick helps with spacing between words when practicing handwriting) A few months ago, my son began occupational therapy (again) for difficulties he experiences in writing. We walked into the waiting room and saw a sweet, but very loud toddler awaiting her appointment..
  3. Happy OT Month! Hi, we're celebrating OT month by sharing daily activities that can be done at home. Thanks for visiting! #1: Pinch Me Use clothespins, tweezers, or tongs to pick up small objects such as pompoms, cotton balls, or beans and drop them into a container. To make it more competitive you can dra
  4. Week 6_Occupational Therapy_ Tool Use: Cutting, Keyboarding, Joystick . Please choose one activity per day to complete. Circle the activity when complete. popsicle sticks to make letters E, F, H and L. Repeat five times. Use play dough to make letters F, E, D, P, and B. Letter Formation: Lower Case . Week 6
  5. This video is an adaptation of one of my favorite activities as an OT! I usually do Vision sticks Exercises with my students using popsicle sticks. Just mad..

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Practice shuffling cards. Play with eye droppers (make this fun by using food dye in water and mixing colors) Squeeze round balls like stress balls or other sensory balls. Wash the car with a sponge. Practice cupping hands around the mouth to shout. Play Connect Four , Jenga or Lite Brite Occupational and physical therapists are licensed by the State of Illinois. The Physical Therapy Licensure Act (225ILCS 90) requires that therapists work under a physician's prescription. Per the Occupational Therapy Licensure Act (225 ILCS 75), a prescription is preferred for a student to receive occupational therapy Teaching Moments: Popsicle Sticks to the Rescue! January 14, 2014. Share. Tweet. Cindie Hudson, Lead DA Faculty at the Ross Medical Education Center in Kokomo, IN, campus has several good tips, which are tested and proven from her Dental classroom. An important preparation item: a cup of popsicle sticks, each one with a student's name on it Place the popsicle molds into the freezer for 5 hours or until completely frozen. *If you are using paper cups and popsicle sticks, fill your cups ¾ of the way full with your gelatin mixture. Freeze for 2 hours, insert sticks, then return to the freezer for 3 more hours or until completely frozen

• 10-15 popsicle sticks • 1 pen or marker. Label most of the popsicle sticks with various inclusive tasks or exercises. Label a few of the sticks with the word zap. Place all of the sticks in the plastic cup. Have the children take turns drawing a stick from the cup. When a stick is drawn, have the child do the task labeled on the stick Occupational Therapy Newsletter Spring 2021 Did you know April is Occupational Therapy month?! Check out the Rady 's Facebook page to see how we are Write a letter of the alphabet on one end of the popsicle stick 2. Write the exercises from below on the other end of the stick 3. Have your child pick the letters to spell their name or. 1. Fill paper cups with water and insert popsicle sticks if desired. 2. Place in freezer overnight. To Use: 1. Trim the bottom of the cup to expose the ice, or use popsicle stick to remove. 2. Apply ice directly to skin while constantly moving the ice cup (You can use a towel or the stick to keep from freezing the opposite hand). 3 May 26, 2013 - This is a brain workout. Kids need to match the pattern on the cards with colored popsicle sticks. The bag comes with 10 double-sided laminated pattern cards professionally printed on card stock. Each card can be rotated in all 4 directions for extra puzzles, so this bag includes 80 differen Frozen desserts have been enjoyed for millennia. Ancient Roman slaves were sent up into the mountains to retrieve blocks of ice, to be crushed and served with fruit and spice syrups

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For many sessions, therapy items needed will be household items such as paper, crayons, scissors, popsicle sticks, string, playdoh, tongs, pennies, and small manipulatives. If the activity is sensory, the therapist will either instruct you to have items ready or have items themselves for parallel play -Popsicle sticks. Directions: 1. Prepare sugar-free lemonade according to package instructions. 2. Fill paper cups about ¾ full of lemonade, leaving ½ inch to an inch space. 3. Place cups in the freezer for 90 minutes. 4. Insert the popsicle sticks into the center of the cups. 5. Place cups back in the freezer for at least 60 more minutes or. After painting the popsicle sticks red and white and letting them dry, glue the backs together horizontally to make the stripes of the flag onto one full popsicle stick on the left (the flag staff) and two half pieces of popsicle stick on the middle and the right). Cut out a blue square and affix it to the top left corner of the flag Popsicle Stick Flag - great fine motor activity! Glue 7-8 popsicle sticks horizontally on two vertical sticks. Glue on a blue square on the top left corner. Then, glue on red buttons on every other horizontal popsicle stick. Glue on white buttons on the other sticks. Add white buttons on the blue square Step 4: Allow the child to stick on the assorted craft materials. The glue from step 2 will help the materials stick. If needed, you can always brush more glue onto the popsicle stick frame. Allow time for the entire frame to dry. Step 5: Slide the picture in between the popsicle sticks. The layers of popsicle sticks will keep the picture in place

See below for this fun popsicle stick box craft where you can choose to make either a Christmas tree or Hanukkah Menorah! Pushing the popsicle sticks into the corresponding slots is a great way for kids to work o . Occupational Therapy. About OT Services OT Team Shop Ot Physical Therapy. About PT Services PT Team. Craft Stick Fun Sample. Download of craft stick activities to encourage math, fine motor, visual motor and figure ground skills. Start by asking the child how many sailboats are in the picture. Have the child place craft sticks on top each sail boat mast to count and check the answer. Glue them on for a dimensional piece of art work Occupational Therapy Handout: Visual Integration Skills. Visual Perceptual Skills. The brain's ability to make sense of what our eyes see. Visual Motor Skills. Coordination of visual perceptual abilities and fine motor control. Using our eyes and hands together in a coordinated way. Visual integration is what happens when these visual skills. Step 7: Glue leaves onto the back of Popsicle stick. Step 8: Glue the Popsicle stick to the back of the paper plate. All done! Congrats, you now have a beautiful spring flower. Springtime Craft #2: Up-cycled T-Shirt Bag. Up-cycled T-shirt Bag is the perfect craft, in the spirit of Earth Day, to demonstrate your support for environmental. by Dana Moore, OTR/L There are so many ways to use popsicle sticks for craft projects. But did you also know that they can be great tools for building school-readiness skills? Check out these easy ways to use popsicle sticks to prepare your little one for reading, writing, and academic success! 1) Spacing Buddy: Firs

Craft is a great way for your child to explore their imagination and their interests while developing their fine motor skills. Help your child make different creations with a range of material, including crayons, pencils, paint, glitter, pom poms, crepe paper, feathers and more! As your child grows, their interest and ability to draw and engage. Occupational Therapy Home Activities School isn't in session? Then let's work on fine motor, visual motor, visual as popsicle sticks, Q-tips, pieces of spaghetti 2. Draw shapes with straight sides on the piece Collect and sort rocks, leaves, and sticks 3. Use sticks and stones to form letters or shapes 4. Blowing and popping bubbles. Use of 2-3 popsicle sticks glued side by side on a paper, identified as the Indentor Use of bigger stickers as indents Use of three fingers ; Reversals. Letter strip on desk for reference Beyond typical instruction, can have children draw in salt on pizza pan each letter with their eyes closed. This utilizes kinesthethic learning. Erasin Occupational Therapy. About OT Services OT Team Shop Ot Physical Therapy. About PT Services PT Team See below for this fun popsicle stick box craft where you can choose to make either a Christmas tree or Hanukkah Menorah! Pushing the popsicle sticks into the corresponding slots is a great way for kids to work on fine motor strength and.

DIY Therapy Putty: Therapy putty is a useful aid for occupational therapists. It can be used to strengthen weak muscles, improve fine motor function, and even act as a cognitive activity in some cases. For a fun and easy fine motor exercise, add beads to the putty an Kids need to match the shape on the cards with popsicle sticks. The bag comes with 6 double-sided laminated pattern cards professionally printed on card stock (12 shapes total). This bag also includes 11 popsicle sticks in 2 sizes. I also have an option that uses plastic sticks that snap together and hold their shape An Occupational Therapy clinic can not function without this game. That may be an over statement, but Connect 4 certainly does work on a lot of OT skills. You have to pick up the checker-like pieces and reach up and slide them into the slots at the top of the game. and they can stand upright using a stand made out of popsicle sticks ( Wood.

Popsicle sticks can up your creative game easily in your therapy sessions. I love using popsicle sticks to build with. I color each stick a different.. See more ideas about occupational therapy activities, therapy activities, occupational therapy. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures. popsicle stick loom. mug rug Download File. What to Expect & How to Help Develop Fine Motor Skills - 0-36 Months. This educational resource details fine motor skills in 3 month age ranges from 0 to 36 months of age. This is an amazing tool to use as a guide to learn what fine motor skills to expect, and how to help your child move to the next stage Supplies: popsicle sticks, glue or superglue (use with supervision), construction paper, paint. Use construction paper as a base for the popsicle stick house, as the glue may get messy on a table. *Make a floor out of popsicle sticks and secure it with glue to the construction paper. Glue popsicle sticks together to make the walls and the roof

popsicle sticks; small paper cups; plastic wrap; Directions: Pour yogurt into paper cups. Fill them almost to the top. Stretch a small piece of plastic wrap across the top of each cup. Using a popsicle stick, poke a hole in the plastic wrap. Stand the stick straight up in the center of the cup. Put the cups in the freezer until the yogurt is. Some of the core skills we look for in occupational therapy! Materials: -paper -scissors -hole punch -pipe cleaners -popsicle stick -string Get creative! Have your kiddo decorate the fish to their liking! Happy fishing! **this activity is to be performed at parents discretion and with parental supervision

Kirsch Therapy, Oceanside, CA. 534 свиђања · 240 су били овде. Kirsch Therapy: pediatric speech, occupational & physical therapy clinic treating feeding, motor, speech, lang, sensory processing and more Using the popsicle stick, poke a hole in the plastic wrap. Stand the stick straight up in the center of the cup. Put the cups in the freezer until the mixture is frozen solid. Remove the plastic wrap and peel away the paper cup. You'll have pineapple pops to eat and share! Serves: 6. Serving size: 1 pop. Nutritional analysis (per serving): 169. Printable Visuals. In line with our mission, we believe in using as much visual support for our clients as possible to help them be as independent in their daily activities as possible. Consult with your supervisor during a parent training on how to use visuals in your home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to support you during this time Fill popsicle molds a little over half full of coconut milk mixture. Spoon in blueberry mixture to each popsicle - about 1-2 Tbsp. per popsicle. Place mold in freezer for 1 hour. Remove molds and add popsicle sticks into each popsicle. Place mold back in the freezer for at least another 4 hours until ice pops are solid Jul 4, 2021 - Explore Amy Ponder Flora's board OT on Pinterest. See more ideas about preschool activities, activities for kids, fine motor activities

Dec 12, 2012 - Mia Diamonds Stainless Steel Polished and Laser Cut Bracele OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Fine Motor Visual Perceptual Motor wikki stix, popsicle sticks on cardboard) Trace the shape and then use finger paint or crayons to repeat the shape JULIE HIGHT, MA, OTR/L. SENSORY PROCESSING Sensory Integration is the organization of sensations for use (Ayres, 1979) Occupational Therapists have advanced clinical.

Child Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy: Fine Motor Development. Lumiere Children's Therapy. August 8, 2017. Next, have your child add as many elastic rubber bands to each Popsicle stick to match the number • Color sort: Have your child pick up different colored pom poms with tweezers and color sort into labeled Dixie cups 3 Pre-Writing Activities Using Craft Sticks. Here are three simple activities using craft sticks to help learn horizontal, vertical and diagonal pre-writing strokes. Using the craft sticks makes the child associate linear objects with lines and provides a more kinesthetic approach versus just drawing lines. Find out more information about the. If not, they can be easily DIYed using two popsicle sticks, a pom-pom, and a small elastic. You can make it in your session as a therapeutic activity in itself. Then use the tongs to pick up pom-poms, cotton balls, counting bears, and other small manipulatives your client has handy

Mix together with a coffee stirrer or popsicle stick; In a jar add 1/4 cup of Borax to 1 cup of warm water. Put on lid and shake vigorously to dissolve Borax. Add 1/4 cup of Borax mixture to the glue mixture (you will have leftover Borax mixture) Mix together, as above. Putty Fun: Putty Fun vide Popsicle sticks 18. Tear pieces of paper and glue on letter models. 19. Frootloops or Cheerios. Parents and educators will find fun and simple occupational therapy ideas to help the favorite kids in your life improve fine motor development, motor skills, and sensory function. I hope you will learn a little something new every time you visit Occupational therapy Is a therapy which uses activities to improve child's motor control, coordination, sensory processing, self -care and play skills. The goals of occupational therapy are improve participation and performance of the child in all his/her occupation like self-care, play, school and other daily activities Visual Motor Integration (Prewriting) Visual motor integration basically measures a child's ability to make sense of visual information and coordinate it with fine motor output. It is the skill that helps our eyes and hands to work together to complete tasks such as drawing and handwriting

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Popsicle sticks; Scissors and Glue Sharpie Empty bucket or flower pot Step-By-Step: Have your student/child trace a flower, cut it out and glue it to a popsicle stick. Then place a physical gross motor activity written at the bottom of the stick and place it in the pot/bucket. Chose from the following gross motor developmental movements: 1 Article by The OT Toolbox- Pediatric Occupational Therapy Activities. 1.3k. Popsicle Stick Crafts Craft Stick Crafts Diy Crafts For Kids Art For Kids Craft Sticks Yarn Crafts Kids Popsicle Sticks Crafts With Yarn Kids Diy Losing place while writing/reading low endurance for writing tasks eye. Squinting, eye watering, eye rubbing. Warm-up activities: Finding and circling all of one letter— letters must be circled in correct order as if the child was reading the passage (i.e., left to right and top to bottom ) Following overlapping lines using eyes only (picture Kids can learn so much when taking part in weaving activities and crafts.Keep on reading to find out how to make your own popsicle stick weaving looms!. Follow our Creative Play Pinterest board!. Weaving provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to discover patterns and textures and to encourage growth in fine motor skills and eye hand coordination

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See more ideas about occupational therapy, therapy, pediatric occupational therapy. Occupational Therapy! Build a Chain Reaction with Popsicle or Craft Sticks - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls. Fun Activity for Kids - Build a Chain Reaction with Popsicle or Craft Sticks! This is a great boredom buster project Popsicle Stick Holiday Craft. Decorative and Developmental! Click the button on the image to download a printable page of instructions to do this fun festive craft at home! Making these gingerbread men or snowmen can help enhance imaginative play through pretend! Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Assistive Technology. Popsicle Sticks to Encourage Movement and Focus in the Classroom. Motor gross motor activities kids 4-12 Kids Activities Learning Style midline activities motor planning motor skills Movement occupational therapy preschool activities Stronger Core toddlers 2-4. Brooke Elder. Related Posts

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The goal of occupational therapy is to promote the highest level of functioning in daily life. For this activity, you'll need a paper plate, four popsicle sticks, and cutouts of different eyes, noses, mouths, and ears. Work with your child to make a person. Let them know they are able to choose the way the face looks by choosing certain. 12 Q-tips or toothpicks or Popsicle sticks. 12 cotton balls. Rubber bands or scrunchies. Empty plastic water bottle. Empty container with a lid (empty coffee can, sour cream container, butter container) Please click below to see some occupational and physical therapy home activities. OT/PTHomeActivitie You might hear your occupational therapist frequently referring to the term crossing midline. Crossing midline is a vital skill for proficiency in fine motor and gross motor skills. Imagine a vertical line cutting your body in right and left halves. Therefore, your ability to reach across that line refers to the term crossing midline Cut a popsicle stick in half and use the flat edge side to mix the water and food coloring. Leave the popsicle stick inside and freeze the tray overnight. Ways to PLAY: Bring a blank piece of paper to life by creating colorful and bright patterns, images and letters! Enjoy exploring new sensory experiences with these summertime activities Popsicle sticks (2) {Special Weekend Pre-Holiday Edition} Let's Talk OT's Role: Some Simple Solutions for Home/Schoo

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OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ACTIVITIES AND RESOURCES Activities that can be done with household items: Use popsicle sticks to make letters, numbers, and shapes and then trace them Play with Play Doh - practice making letters, numbers, shapes - use cookie cutters to make cut-out Watch or read Three Little Pigs with your child, and have fun being the Big Bad Wolf! Create 3 different houses with popsicle sticks/toothpicks, cotton balls, and blocks. Try to blow them down utilizing the language in the book! Materials needed: Three Little Pigs book or audio. Popsicle sticks or tooth picks. Cotton balls. Block. Try these ot activities for toddlers to build fine motor skills in occupational therapy with toddlers: finger paint you can start with taste safe finger paints made from flour, baby foods, or pudding, and as toddlers gain more self awareness, body awareness, and impulse control, you can move to actual finger paints. 50 occupational therapy activities at home to practice fine motor skills. this. Say Something Nice Day - June 1! June 1 st is a day dedicated to simply being kind and boy do we love this day! Sometimes it's the little things that can help brighten someone's day; like telling someone they look nice, or asking how someone's day went, or even saying I appreciate you. Say something nice day provides a wonderful. See more ideas about occupational therapy, therapy, geriatric occupational therapy. Nov 10, 2017 - Explore Jenny Brannon's board Geriatric Occupational Therapy, followed by 242 people on Pinterest. pushing colored popsicle sticks into an old coffee can! Children stick golf tees into sand and try to balance marbles onto top of the tees.

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Following are ideas for seven DIY speech therapy activities we love that you can try at home. Sight Word Hopscotch For this easy activity , all you need is some chalk and a rock or bean bag, and the game can be adapted to aid in recognition of letters, numbers, or colors, or to practice letter sounds, spelling, etc. BONUS: it'll get your. Popsicle sticks ideas (1) {Special Weekend Pre-Holiday Edition} Let's Talk OT's Role: Some Simple Solutions for Home/Schoo See more ideas about occupational therapy, preschool activities, preschool crafts. Feb 9, 2021 - Explore Lauren Owens's board Occupational Therapy on Pinterest. See more ideas about occupational therapy, preschool activities, preschool crafts. There are three Omament ideas kids will love making with popsicle sticks including Santa.

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-Popsicle sticks-Clothespins-A pencil-A marble-An empty cardboard box (a cereal or granola bar box works well) her career with a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism but quickly changed course to pursue graduate studies in occupational therapy. She has been practicing therapy for 10 years in public and specialized preschool/primary. area of occupational therapy. Many students attending the School District of Philadelphia receive Occupational Therapy services to support their participation in their education. Below is a description of activities to help your child to continue to work toward achieving the goals on their IEP/504 plans Free Apps for Occupational Therapy - The OT Toolbox. WNET Education. The Butterfly Challenge. 40+ FREE digital escape rooms (plus a step by step guide for creating your own) - Ditch That Textbook. Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms: Teacher Pack with Answers! - Google Slides. Public Facing Literacy First 20 Slide - Google Slides. Shadow. To construct the dreidel, glue 7 Popsicle sticks together to make the body. Do your best to line them up evenly side by side. Next, one Popsicle stick across the top and one across the bottom. Then, take 2 more sticks and glue then in a v shape at the bottom of the dreidel

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Occupational Therapy. ⦁ Have child draw a hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk or driveway-play with both feet jumping into each square-forward and sideways. Progress to one foot as able. ⦁ Place pillows on the floor with a small puzzle next to the first pillow. Have child pick up one piece of the puzzle, and jump from one pillow to the. Oct 4, 2018 - Vu sur Pinterest : refaire le modèle Boîte à oeufs et balles de tennis de table, pour différencier: boîte de 6 oeufs ;) Chaque lundi, une idée trouvée sur Pinteres Occupational therapy is provided to facilitate a student's ability to adapt to and function in an educational program. An occupational therapy program may be designed to assist in developing underlying skills that support academic learning or to help in the acquisition of specific skills. Popsicle stick or tongue depressor. Making these. The popsicle sticks poke into rice or play doh so that they stand up, and the kids have to scan all of the flowers to find the one that they need. I stuck the flowers onto the popsicle sticks with velcro and put more velcro below the flowers for the matching leaves to be placed onto. It is a visual motor challenge to scan and find th