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That said, slugs or either 00 or 000 buckshot are better choices. The mass of these projectiles ensure penetration (which is why birdshot is a non-starter except at basically point-blank range) and thus the requisite damage to soft targets to be effective I'd go so far to say that anyone shot by a 12g shotgun shell having a load of buckshot or a slug will most likely die if hit anywhere near the center of their body mass from close range. Unlike the movies, buckshot doesn't really spread out that much unless you're pretty far away In my opinion, and my experience, Slugs seem to go right through Metal Chestplates (not sure if this is still accurate), in essence more damage (the statistic I saw somewhere was 25 Bullet for Buckshot, and 75 Bullet 25 Blunt for Slugs; could still be wrong about this too, just recently got back into Rust)

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  1. Usually slugs are selected when penetration is needed and ranges exceed where buck is effective. For cylinder bore shotguns that's usually about 15 yards. Inside 15 yards the massive damage of 00..
  2. Slug vs Buckshot • Buckshot and slug are two different shots used inside shotgun. • Buckshot consists of many small pellets inside the shell whereas slug contains a heavy single pellet made of lead that s covered with copper. • Buckshot was so named as it was meant to hunt game like a buck
  3. If you're using a pipe, use buckshot and get close. One HS at close range will kill a geared guy in 1 hit. If you're using a pump and want to 2-3 shot people from range use slugs. If you want to get close and rekt shop, use buckshot

Smith suggests a shotgun and rifled slugs when lethal force is required. You want stopping power and accuracy. Although buckshot gives you a wider pattern, it divides that energy too much. Also, unlike some specialized rifle ammunition, shotgun slugs are easily replaceable if you run out of them or your luggage is lost The wound edges are abraded and there is a thin linear abrasion on the upper right from the muzzle. Loose contact shotgun wound and a larger, more ragged exit wound. This loose contact suicide wound to the neck is larger than expected because the neck was bent over the barrel. Most of the decedent's face was blown out A buckshot round (left) will contain anywhere from 8 to 18 smaller projectiles. A slug (right) contains one larger projectile. Before we get into which is best for home defense, we need to know the difference between a buckshot and a slug

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Buckshot. Buckshot technology has also seen significant advances in the last 20 years or so, mainly in the areas of shot buffering and copper plating. Both of these additions mean longer ranges, better patterns and better penetration. The brush-busting abilities of buckshot for hitting moving targets in close quarters and dense cover is where buckshot shines over slugs, and this has made them. Both buckshot and slugs can (and are) used by hunters to harvest larger game, but it takes more buckshot to do it than with a slug. Buckshot takes advantage of the multiple larger size projectiles to accomplish what is generally able to be done by one slug Also, you have to have all the mods you want to use installed on a gun and then click the mod button to see the actual damage that you will do with a weapon. If you do that, you will see that slug damage is very much on par with standard buckshot. It also comes with the guarantee that all of that damage will be delivered to the head

In interior (not mixed interior/exterior) home defense situations, buckshot and slugs are totally out of the question, unless perhaps you are using them in a.410 shotgun. At seven yards, the Remington 8-pellet reduced recoil round puts an excellent, tight pattern on this bad guy target. Large hole in suspect's hand is from the wad Exotic Perk: Fires a pellet spread in hip-fire or a single high-damage slug while aiming. Pellet final blows grant a stacking precision damage and reload speed buff. Precision hits with slugs extend the duration. Duality has always been a unique shotgun that combines the strengths of both pellet and slug shotguns The slugs we'll set aside for now, as they work similarly to very large pistol projectiles. Shot, the common term for a collection of round projectiles fired from a shotgun, is packed into a shotshell atop a wad. Larger shotshells like 12 gauge can shoot larger payloads of shot than smaller shotshells, like the .410 bore Truly appreciate you watching the videos!Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/whoteewhoHeavy Metal: https://www.youtube.com/user/heavymetalpaul1Impa..

Shotgun slugs are also usually very heavy: a 3/4 ounce (328 gr) 20 gauge slug and a 1 ounce (437.5 gr) 12 gauge slug are both significantly heavier than a 150 gr .30-06 bullet. Additionally, shotgun slugs retain their energy better and typically penetrate much deeper than buckshot. A shotgun shooting a slug is also much more precise than a. It is a Remington 11-87, set up with a 20.5 inch rifled slug barrel and a 1.5 X 5 power scope for deer hunting. He also has a 28 inch barrel with an Improved Cylinder choke that we will use today. We intended to shoot three different loads today at three different yardages. (But we had to have a change in plans. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DemolitionRanch to communicate with us on what you want to see next.4 identical pieces of meat with 4 very different. Rifled Slug Remington 12 Gauge 2-3/4 Inch Shell, Rifled Slug, 1560 Velocity, Shot At 25 Feet. A rifled slug has spiraling grooves on the body of the projectile, giving it a spin that increases accuracy. Rifled slugs are generally useful for long-distance shots, although most rifled slugs will not perform better than a true rifle shot

#38 - RBCD Ammo Vs. The Box O' Truth #39 - Oil Vs. Primers #40 - Deflected Bullets and the Box O' Truth #41 - The Taurus Judge Vs. The Box O' Truth #42 - Precision Shooting With Buckshot #43 - Buckshot in a Rifled Shotgun Barrel #44 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot #45 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot - Part Two #46 - Shotgun Slugs, Sabots, and. The other component of buckshot vs birdshot for home defense is the overall spread of the pellets. With birdshot you will have a larger spread of pellets with more pellets striking the targeted area. At ten yards, depending on the shotgun barrel, a birdshot loan can have an overall pattern spread over a foot in diameter 12ga Rifled Slugs are a type of ammunition in DayZ Standalone. Slug shells fire a single projectile similar to a bullet which retains all kinetic energy when fired. This results in great range and damage. The disadvantage is it decreases your chances of hitting your target and can only hit one target compared to 12ga 00 Buckshots The 12/70 8.5 mm Magnum Buckshot (8.5 12c) is a 12x70mm‎ ammunition in Escape from Tarkov. 12/70 shell loaded with 16 8.5mm buckshot for 12ga shotguns Rifled Slugs vs. Sabot Slugs - Price. Rifled Slugs have the added benifit of being a cost-effective solution for many hunters. Sabot slugs have two factors that make them slightly more expensive than rifled slugs. First is the more complex design. With the sleeve, sabot slugs feature more components and take a few more steps to assemble.

Testing birdshot vs buckshot vs slug for home defense slow mo & damage close ups this test really opened my eyes ! Birdshot if devastatingly effective home defense round. Like birdshot, buckshot shells have multiple pellets in the shell casing 12 Gauge Slug shells are used by the Pump Shotgun, Water Pipe Shotgun, Eoka Pistol, and Double Barrel Shotgun. When crafting the slug, you craft two at a time. The slug is highly similar to the less expensive 12 Gauge Buckshot, except a slug is designed for long range engagements like rifles, whereas buckshot are designed for close range lethality. The 12 Gauge Slug Blueprint can be researched.

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The 12x70mm (12 gauge) is a shotgun cartridge used for shotguns in Escape from Tarkov. 1 Description 1.1 Weapons that use it 2 Types 3 Trivia Shotguns 590A1 M870 MP-133 MP-153 MP-155 Saiga-12 The cartridge size is wrongly spelled: the caliber designation should be spelled 12/70. 12x70 would mean a 12mm projectile diameter when the 12 gauge ammo is actually 18.5mm, bigger than a 20 gauge. Buckshot can one-shot limbs and kill other than the head. Slugs cannot. That's because in tarkov when you damage a destroyed (0hp) limb it's instant death. Buckshot makes this easy because each pellet is a different shot. Slugs on the other hand require 2, one to destroy and one to kill The 5.56 gives you a MUCH longer range and accuracy at that longer range with a trade-off that the damage you can do downrange also has a longer range. For my SD purposes, living in an apartment, I'm worried about using even the shotgun with slugs due to overpenetration and downrange concerns

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04-21-2009, 20:44. A charging bear is using sight to come at you if a dose of 00 buck to the eyes at 20 feet doesn't blind him (he's too far away to be charging) then you go to the slugs. My only DLP bear was shot in the face with 3 T shot and died 4 paces from me 1 shot and half his face was tore up really messy Buckshot vs. Slug Winchester PDX1 12 gauge ammunition is loaded with a 1-ounce rifled slug and three copper-plated 00 buckshot, using a wafer wad, all stuffed into a 2¾ hull. Buckshot of the 00 variety is an excellent attitude adjustment load (other sizes may occasionally work, but their records are spotty), with most working well out to. #38 - RBCD Ammo Vs. The Box O' Truth #39 - Oil Vs. Primers #40 - Deflected Bullets and the Box O' Truth #41 - The Taurus Judge Vs. The Box O' Truth #42 - Precision Shooting With Buckshot #43 - Buckshot in a Rifled Shotgun Barrel #44 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot #45 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot - Part Two #46 - Shotgun Slugs, Sabots, and. The team tries slugs at 100 yards, 200 yards, 300 yards, and 400 yards to determine their range and lethality. It's well worth a watch. The slugs used are 1oz slugs from Federal, birdshot, and 27 pellet buckshot. The slug has a muzzle velocity of 1600 ft/s

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Slugs are pretty nasty at close range too. A Slug is basically a giant piece of lead (like a bullet but larger), and buckshot is well, a bunch of smaller pieces of lead. I use slugs all the time. I dunno about in the game, but IRL, slugs also produce a much bigger kickback and are definitely louder Anyways, the main differences. Magnum = slight damage increase (15%), still short ranged, damage is divided up into 7 or 14 pellets. Slug = greater range, greater DT bypass as all damage in dumped into one pellet, need to place your shots well. Imagine a swarm of deadly hornets pouring from the devil's mouth

12-gauge 27 pellet #4 buckshot, with a velocity of 1350 ft./sec, has a penetration range of 6-10 inches, Compare this to 13 penetration for #1, 14 for 00 and 15 for 000 buckshot; 12-gauge #4 shot, with a velocity of 1200 ft./sec has a maximum penetration 11 inches, and an average penetration of 5.5 to 7.5 inches; Shotgun Wound presentatio The test was to fire a singe round of 7 1/2 bird shot and a singe round of 9-pellet 00 buckshot out of a rifled barrel and a conventional barrel at the same distance, and compare the results Shotgun Slug Vs Buckshot | Testing birdshot vs buckshot vs slug for home defense slow mo & damage close ups this test really opened my eyes ! Slugs, however, are guaranteed one hit kill in close quarters, and still deal an appreciable amount of damage at range. Birdshot vs buckshot vs slug against meat At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. This may be a slight exaggeration. 12 gauge pump shotguns are preferred bear defense guns by many knowledgeable people living in areas with high grizzly densities. They are definitely adequate grizzly defense guns Have you ever wondered which ammunition is best for home defense purposes? Watch Jeremy Stafford explain the difference in impact between slugs, birdshot, and buckshot while he dispels common myths about each and highlights the best option for home defense. Some of you may even be surprised by what you'll learn here

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  1. While the first shot types were buckshot, it wasn't until 1898 when the first, modern slug was invented. Wilhelm Brenneke was the genius behind the slug design that is still used to this day. While the first round projectiles were effective shooters quickly found that slugs fired through rifled bores produced more accurate shots because of.
  2. Check the video for yourself, but to my eyes the damage it created looked very similar to what the shotgun slug did. All three were very impressive, although none were particularly suitable for defense against human attackers (for that task I'd still go with 00 or #1 buckshot in the 12-gauge, and a .454 Casull is a bit of overkill and hard to.
  3. Re: 12 Gauge Slugs Vs. Buckshot SHTF Scenario? For primarily home defense: Summertime- use birdshot. From very close range it all barely leaves its shot cup and will punch quite a large hole in soft targets. It is less likely to penetrate an interior wall and hit your family in their beds
  4. (Travis Pike for TTAG) The Federal buckshot comes in Number 4 buck loaded with 15 pellets. The Aguila is an interesting load with seven pellets of number four buck and four pellets of number one buckshot. Both loads throw lead at 1,200 feet per second. The birdshot loads are nothing particularly fancy. Aguila offers typical number 7.5, 8, and 9 loads
  5. Number 1. An average load of No. 1 buckshot will hold 15 to 16 pellets. As far as load efficiency goes, the No. 1 buckshot delivers the most lead possible. A .30 caliber shotgun pellet weighs about 40-grains, and your average Double 0 .33 caliber pellet weighs 60-grains
  6. The big advantage of using a slug is that it has a much longer effective range than buckshot. A 50-75 yard shot on a deer is usually well within the performance capability of a shotgun shooting slugs. Additionally, shotgun slugs retain their energy better and typically penetrate much deeper than buckshot. How accurate are rifled slugs

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Do what you want but the force of the lead being pushed down the barrel from the high force can affect the rifling of your barrel and it will effect the accuracy of your slug especially the more you do it. Will your barrel blow up or noticeable damage, no but you will notice it down the range the more buckshot you put through it. Nov 4, 2013. #7 This slug penetrated two10% FBI gelatin blocks 34.9 inches with a 1.6 inch 5 shot group at 50 yards and slightly over 2 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yards, The closest competitor's penetration using the same test was only 29 inches, and all of the rest were no more then 11 to 18 inches Both are loaded with tightly patterning 00 buckshot. Shotgun slugs are also usually heavy: My reason is the 7 1/2 shot are less likely to penetrate his room wall and cause serious damage. The other component of buckshot vs birdshot for home defense is the overall spread of the pellets Re: Full choke vs. buckshot. « Reply #5 on: March 30, 2009, 03:12:28 pm ». Quote. Buckshot should also be shot through open or improved cylinders, as the constriction of too much choke is said to deform the pellets and lengthen the shot stream, causing pellets to rattle out of the bore and resulting in less than desirable shot patterns

A slug drops allot faster than a centerfire rifle and the wind plays a much bigger role. To me, a smoothbore 20ga double barrel with a bead for a site is good out to 50 yds, maybe. A smoothbore 12ga pump with a modified choke and a bead site isn't a whole lot further but I always associate that with cheap slugs like rem sluggers A 'Foster slug, invented by Karl M. Foster in 1931, and patented in 1947 (U.S. Patent 2,414,863) is a type of shotgun slug designed to be fired through a smoothbore shotgun barrel, even though it commonly labeled as a rifled slug. A rifled slug is for smooth bores and a sabot slug is for rifled barrels. The Foster slug was designed to enable deer hunting in the Great Depression using.

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The bullet features a thin copper jacket and plastic dome that encapsulates many No. 12 shot pellets held within. The slug and pellets travel down the bore and toward the target as a solid unit, but upon impact the tiny pellets act like a miniature shotgun pattern to cause damage. However, because each individual pellet has very little energy. 12 Gauge Buckshot: Regular shotgun ammo. Is split into 14 pellets that each deal 15 damage. 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell: Basically a 12 Gauge Buckshot which pellets have a chance to be ignited on exiting the barrel. 12 Gauge Slug: Fires one long range shot. Handmade Shel

00 Buckshot: High stopping power: 20 Home Defense if over-penetration is not a concern. Fiocchi LE Reduced Recoil - 12 Gauge - 2-3/4 00 Buck: 00 Buckshot: Low-recoil: N/A: Home Defense if standard loading is to much power for the shooter. Winchester Super-X - 12 Gauge - 2-3/4 HP Rifled Slug: Slug Shot: Best for hunting, not HD: 27 Hunting. The slug performed as I'd hoped, and I found the animal piled up not 40 yards from where it was hit; a follow-up shot wasn't required. Upon examining the damage inflicted by the slug, I had no doubt whatsoever I had the firepower to easily tackle even the largest black bear. Deer and bear hunters alike should seriously consider the 20-gauge 1 Overview 2 Crafting 3 Notes 4 History A Shotgun Slug is one of three types of Ammunition for the Shotgun. The other two are Shotgun Shell and Shotgun Breaching Slug. Shotgun Slugs have one projectile, unlike shotgun shells, which have 10 small projectiles. Shotgun Slugs can not be used by a Sawed-off Shotgun. Slugs are best used for high end Zombies like Feral Zombies and Cop zombies. Also. The pro-buckshot gentleman argues nothing penetrates like 00 buck, while the birdshot proponent argues birdshot minimizes collateral damage because it won't bust through drywall (though some tests. A shotgun shell, shotshell or simply shell is a type of rimmed, cylindrical (straight-walled) cartridges used specifically by shotguns, and is typically loaded with numerous small, pellet-like spherical sub-projectiles called shot, fired through a smoothbore barrel with a tapered constriction at the muzzle to regulate the extent of scattering.A shell can sometimes also contain only a single.

It multiplies the maximum damage by 3 and the minimum damage by 2.5, along with a large x1.8 headshot multiplier and an x1.5 torso hit multiplier. The slug shot also has a very high piercing power, increasing the penetration capability of the shotgun by 6 times, like the flechette shot The Pump Shotgun is a mid-tier, close ranged weapon. With a magazine size of 6 and relatively fast firing rate it is ideal for close quarters raiding and combat. Its effective range varies only slightly on the ammo that is being used, but can be increased by using Slugs instead of Buckshot or Hand Made Shells. Damage. 210 Here are the basic differences: Buckshot is comprised of nine pellets measuring about .32 or .33 in caliber. So, nine projectiles about a third of an inch in diameter. Birdshot is comprised of dozens of small projectiles. Buckshot is meant for medium-sized game. Birdshot is meant for bird hunting The second clip shows me using DMT outside of the hipfire's damage fall off. The first 2 shots crit and the other 5 miss. There was actually one other shot but the red banner goes right in front of the screen so I made a cut. Admittingly shots 5 and 6 are a little far to the left. Shots 3, 4, and 7 are admittingly on target but still missing Tweet. #6. 11-27-2011, 06:01 PM. Forgot the why. Primarily because slugs are more dependable at ranges over thirty-five yards and will give the penetration necessary for a sure and humane kill. The statement by lovetohunt is accurate because many (most) hunters will shoot at deer too far away with buckshot

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Ammo Damage Penetration Armor Damage (%) Accuracy Recoil Fragmentation Chance (%) 12.7x108 mm BZT-44M gzh: 199: 80: 95: 17%: 12.7x108 mm B-32 gl: 182: 88: 88: 17%: 30x29 mm VOG-3 Also, I remain convinced a hit with a shotgun slug or a charge of buckshot is a better hit than one from a .223 Rem. AR-15 bullet—it tends to traumatize more tissue. At 100 yards, the delivered. Do not fire slugs of any type (single projectile ammunition) through the overbored 835 Accu-Mag barrel. This barrel is designated to shoot lead or steel pellet shot loads only. Use only 835 barrels designated specifically for slug shooting. From the Mossberg website: OVERBORED BARRELS 835® Overbore (.775) vs. Standard 12 Gauge Bore (.731) Lethal range of buckshot-collateral damage. For a while the shotgun kept behind the door has been loaded with number 4 buck since its ability to do damage at a distance is much less than that of larger buckshot and certainly less than a 9mm pistol or a rifle. I looked at ballistic chart for buck velocities vs distance and found the following. The use of slugs is best confined to single barrel shotguns, either single shot or repeaters. Double guns tend to crossfire with slugs due to the regulation of the barrels. A smoothbore slug gun with rifle sights will usually shoot groups in the 3 (6 MOA) range at 50 yards/meters, making them satisfactory deer hunting weapons at short range

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12 2.75 00 Buckshot 12 2.75 High Velocity Steel (BBB) 12 2.75 ITX-10 Duck #4 12 3.0 Nickel Plated Lead #5 12 2.75 1 ounce Thug Slug 12 3.0 ITX-13 Goose #2 20 2.75 7/8 ounce Thug Slug 410 2.5 125gr Thug Slug The test site was configured as below: Velocit 7 feet 10 fee I have one with both the birdshot barrel and the slug barrel. My slug barrel shoots great, but as has been said, with the shot barrel, you're trying to shoot a 12ga slug through a 10ga barrel, and that is NOT a recipe for success. Get the slug barrel if you want to shoot slugs Slugs will definitely expand better at slower speeds, just due to the fact that they have a big hollow point with very soft lead. There is so little strength holding the nose of a slug up, that even throwing it at a wall would cause it to expand if it hit nose first thats why hollow point bullets have been used for years Rifled slug guns are more than accurate enough and can put hits on target a good ways down range. Velocity is a variable with range, but mass isn't. Anything a slug (or any heavy bullet) hits is going to be a bit put out by the experience regardless of range The tipping point came two weeks ago when one of the main characters in HBO's True Detective Season 2 got blasted twice in the chest with rubber buckshot. The first shot, from across the room, sent our hero to the floor. The masked villain then follows up with a nearly point blank second shot. Ray, the receiver of the rubber buckshot, describes.

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rsudblambangan.banyuwangikab.go.i Birdshot vs. Buckshot vs. Slugs The next factor to consider with shotgun shells is their projectiles. Although all shotgun shells have similar components, the actual projectile that shells have can vary widely. The three main types of shotgun projectiles are: (1) Birdshot, (2) Buckshot and (3) Slugs The damage of the slug is less than the combined damage of the buckshot pellets, however the slug's accuracy and range make up for the loss of damage. Combined with Magnum Ammo , this specialization can make pump-action shotguns a one-shot kill from 12.5m (about 41 ft) away, and a two-shot kill past 12.5m As for the 20 gauge and poor penetration. It is pretty normal. I've recovered a few 20 gauge slugs fired from a Savage 220 and an H&R Ultra Slug Hunter. Accutips and Copper Solids loaded by Remington. Normally I'm getting about 3' of penetration if no bones stouter than ribs are hit

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When everyone talks about shot gun loads it is either buckshot or the small shot that is used for birds. I always used # 6 for everything, good in high brush for rabbits and the distance for squirrels. In my gun I load #6 then slug(1 oz of lead) then #6 then slug(1 oz of lead). That will stop anything that lives Federal makes a reduced recoil expanding slug, basically sort of a hollowpoint slug with a flatter front that mushrooms open, slows down much faster than a traditional slug and has a massive energy dump in its target. Below is the link for the ballistic gel tests. Quite impressive for a slug from a HD standpoint when over penetration is a concern

The slug is a shotgun shell that is #12 Gauge / 18.5mm (0.729) wide and 76mm (3) long. It is a solid bullet rather than a cluster of lead shot. Rather than piercing, these lead slugs simply punch through armor. Slugs have none of the disadvantages of regular buckshot, and have decent penetration and velocity We're just going to focus on the matter of birdshot vs. buckshot and simply provide you with some key considerations for how to choose the right load or shell for your self-defense shotgun. Here are the basic differences: Buckshot is comprised of nine pellets measuring about .32 or .33 in caliber Registered. Joined Mar 19, 2010. ·. 230 Posts. #3 · Aug 31, 2011. Sabot slugs (c) are for rifled barrels. The Foster slug (a), available from most of the ammo manufacturers, is for smooth bore. However, in my opinion, the best choice for smooth bore is the Brenneke slug (b) I'm thinking of making my Mega Magnus into Iron Slug, but I'm worried about it. I'm a gunslinger, and the M.Magnus is my gun for wolvers/devils/gremlins; Since its shot stuns the

Most buckshot gives up its energy well within 100 yards or less. The round ball isn't very aerodynamic. The standard sizes of buckshot are #0, #00, #000, #1 and #4 buckshot. The combination of penetration and effect favors #00 and this is the load that has seen the most development for personal defense The Sawed-off BK-43 is a modified version of the double-barreled BK-43 shotgun that has its barrels shortened and the stock has also been cut down to create a pistol grip. But otherwise identical to the BK-43, using the same 12ga 00 Buckshots, and has a capacity of two cartridges. The Sawed-off BK-43 can be crafted from a BK-43, using a Hacksaw. Being shorter in length, the gun is more compact. Buckshot is a shotgun ammunition type in Insurgency. It is a common load of shotgun shell, composed of double-ought steel pellets. It is the default ammo for all shotguns. It inflicts very high damage at close range, but its effectiveness is limited over range, where it is outshined by slug rounds. Since shotguns come equipped with buckshot rounds by default, there is no need for the user to. shooting a 410 slug out of a judge is like shooting a very weak 40 only thing that the judge is good at is shooting the buckshot or 410 self defense loads which is like shooting 4-5 9mm at close to standard speed I'm looking at buying the S&W governor, because it can safely shoot 45acp and Very hot loaded 45l

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