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  1. Portable Hoists. The Ardoo Caresafe 140 hoist is the lightest, most compact, folding portable disability hoist on the market. It is a problem solver - versatile and enhances and improves the quality of life for both the carer and those being cared for. The unique one piece design is easy to erect or fold in 30 seconds or less - no tools needed
  2. Ardoo 140 Portable Travel Hoist. The Ardoo is a light, portable and compact hoist which can be used with some cars to lift a person into the front seat. The hoist can be erected or folded in about 30 seconds without using any tools
  3. Molift Smart 150. Large lifting span that allows lifting from the floor as well as high surfaces. Folds and unfolds easily without using any tools and can be separated into two parts. Standard 4-point suspension ensures comfortable and more spacious lifting position for the user. $3,975.00
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portable folding hoist Molift Smart Travel hoist is used to travel on holiday or breaks away like camping with a disabled person who needs lifting into bed,. Portable Lift folds for easy transport or storage and weighs only 83-lbs. Works for patients up to 400-lbs. and has low base height of 4.5 to allow for access under most beds. 26 overall width when base legs closed. Your Price: $1,269.00. Advance-H Portable Patient Lift The Molift Smart 150 is the best lightweight folding hoist in our opinion and our customers. However, the Oxford Advance is an excellent and cost effective passive hoist. The Oxford Easytrack FS is by far the best portable ganty hoist on the market and meets the needs of customers who're more in need of assistance.. The major USP (Unique Selling Point) of the FS is that you don't need.

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Leg Lifter 2 PACK - Leg lifts Easy And Safe With Rigid Leg lifter - Aluminum Rod For Strong Support - Leg Lifter Strap 40- Leg Lifter For Bed, Wheelchair, Car - Foot Lifter Has Hand Strap & Foot Loop. 40 Inch (Pack of 2) 4.4 out of 5 stars. 254. $5.99 The compact folding design means the hoist can be easily stored in the boot of a car by one person, or put in the hold of an aircraft, coach or train. The Portable Travel Hoist can be used with most loop slings, enhancing and improving the quality of life of wheelchair users and their carers 40kg and 80kg Boot Hoists. If you're looking for a car hoist for your light folding scooter like the eFOLDi or wheelchair, the Smart Lifter LM range would be perfect for you. With a maximum lifting weight of either 40kg or 80kg, these lifters are ideal for smaller, lighter mobility devices Travel hoists are light enough to be pulled along on its castors and folding and unfolding are simple, without the use of tools. The design of the lifter makes it possible for one carer to set up and pack away the unit. All the functions and features are the same as a standard portable hoist The Solax Hoist is the ideal accessory for your folding portable electric wheelchair or portable mobility scooter.This light-weight hoist works off the power..

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  1. Gantry hoists are usually completely portable to allow for easy transportation between rooms or for use when travelling. Occasionally a gantry hoist may be permanently installed. This is usually done when its not possible to fix overhead tracking to the ceiling or walls. Some gantry hoists are completely freestanding
  2. Oxford Dipper Manual Pool Hoist with Ranger SeatIntroductionStephen Pritchard, Managing Director of AAL LTD is a full-time wheelchair user and is driv.. RRP £6,006.00 excl. VAT £4,344.00 excl. VA
  3. Mobility Hoist FAQ & Buying Guide Portable Hoists. There are 2 types of mobile hoists: passive and active.Passive hoists are designed to lift from any location from the floor, bed, bath and other seated positions. The patient using this particular hoist will be safe and secure, even if they have very limited mobility and cannot participate in the moving and handling themselves
  4. Evotech Hoist. 80kg, 100kg, 120kg and 150kg Boot Hoists The Evotech Hoist has unique features, which allows the user to easily programme a loading cycle. Users can pre-set a loading position for your wheelchair or scooter, then the hoist will load them into your car accurately as programmed. Learn more
  5. A portable hoist or gantry hoist can make the process of moving your patients from one area to another safe, simple and comfortable for all involved. Dolphin Mobility is one of Surrey's leading suppliers and installers of precision made mobility aids. Our expert team work with you and with hospitals, care homes, commercial companies and.
  6. The Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist is an amazing hoist that can lift up to 40kg and does not require any modification to your car. The Atlas 4 hoist is designed to fit a range of cars and is easy to use which allows the user to take the Atlas 4 on holiday or use in multiple cars if required
  7. Hoists. Our Complete range of Molift hoists range from mobile, stand aids and track hoists. Whether you're looking for a light portable hoist like the Molift Smart or a Bariatric lifting solution that can lift upto 300Kg, we have a product for you. Our certified engineers can offer technical advice and service packages
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Superwinch 1140222 Winch 2 Go 12V 4000 Portable Winch System (4000lb with Wire Rope, Pulley Block, Gloves, Straps and D-Shackles) 4.3 out of 5 stars 110 $359.48 $ 359 . 48 $389.99 $389.9 VAT Exempt. Molift Smart 150 Folding Hoist. The Molift Smart 150 Folding Hoist is an incredibly lightweight mobile hoist that can be quickly folded down to a very compact size for easy transportation or storage. The Molift Smarts lightweight... £1916.65. VAT Exempt. Oxford Mini 140 Electric Mobile Hoist Some Wheeled Hoists which use Slings, also have a Sit-To-Stand function, they include products such as: The Ardoo Caresafe 140 Hoist: is light, compact, portable, versatile and enhances and improves the quality of life for both the carer and those being cared for When folded, the Molift Smart portable hoist is compact enough to fit into a Toyota Yaris. With a lifting range of 27 - 168 cm (10.6″ - 66.1″) the Smart 150 provides an excellent maximum lifting height and at the same time gets low enough to facilitate lifting from the floor. The 4-point sling bar is standard and guarantees the patient. Description The Portable Boot Hoist Easily and Safely Transfers your Wheelchair or Scooter into your Car Without Straining your Back!. The Solax Portable Boot Hoist can hold up to 30kg of weight from most wheelchairs manual and electric as well as scooters. The Portable Boot Hoist enables an easy and convenient way to put your electric wheelchairs in and out of your car

The Oxford Stowaway 140 portable mobility hoist is a folding version of the Oxford Mini 140 and is therefore particularly suitable for the care home and domestic environment. It is ideal where a lightweight, transportable mobility hoist is required or where there is a need to lift in confined spaces The Molift Smart 150 is the perfect portable hoist for travelling.The custom made Molift Travel Suitcase is TSA approved for air travel. This hard shell suitcase provides additional protection when transporting by air. A soft case is also available which protects the lift and enables easy transportation, the soft case is not suitable for storage in the hold of an aircraft The Oxford® Poolside Dipper has been designed to cater for disabled and elderly swimmers, where the Poolside Dipper can be used to lower the swimmer into the pool. Maxi Sky 440 Portable Ceiling Lift Birdie Folding Mobile Hoist The Birdie Compact Mobile Hoist can be easily folded and unfolded without the need for tools..

Suas 140s Portable Hoists - Images and Manual. The Suas 140s portable hoist, available from Dolphin Mobility, is the ideal travelling aid and is especially useful when there is a lifting requirement in a confined space. The hoist is supplied with a travel wrap and transport/storage trolley and has all of the features that you would expect from. The Atlas 4 Mobility Scooter Hoist is an easy to set up portable boot hoist, which is ready to use in a matter of moments.. Setting up the Atlas 4 is incredibly easy. Start by laying the base within the boot of the car and securing it in place. Following this place the hoist inside the base and connect the power supply Our mobile hoists for disabled people have been developed especially for the domestic care environment, and with the patient in mind. Ease of use and comfort are priorities, alongside the most important concern- safety. Portable hoists are designed to be used indoors (and outdoors on suitable surfaces), and can even be used to safely lift. The portable hoist enables a wheelchair user to be seated comfortably and safely into their car. The hoist can then be easily folded and placed in the boot of the car, taking up minimal space. Please note that this hoist can also be used in the home. At the destination be it the doctors clinic, hospital, nursing home, restaurant, hotel, leisure. Hoists provide a way to transfer somebody with limited mobility without putting unnecessary strain on the carer or the person being moved. This is a broad overview of the different types of hoist available. Click the links to go straight to each topic: Ceiling hoists Portable overhead (gantry) hoists Mobile hoists It is always advisable [] > Providing free information and advice since 199

The portable electric bedhead hoist has been designed for everyday indoor use as an aid to transfer a person from bed to chair, wheelchair, commode or other such items. £2007.10 £1672.58 ex VA Ardoo Caresafe 140 Portable Lightweight Disability Hoist - UNAVAILABLE £ 30.00 per day Read more Ardoo Hoist/Stand Aid combo - UNAVAILABLE £ 35.00 per day Read more Folding Disability Hoist - Scotland only Model: PUL-1100 / PUL-1100HD. Sit in the front of your ute, connect the Out-Rider's docking device to your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair. Use the Out-Rider's hand-held control to lift, rotate and store your mobility device into the ute tray. 90KG hoist available for dualcabs and 159KG hoists for single and extended cab models

Folding Home Care Hoist 150kg - Sling separate. The Aspire 150F is a lightweight and portable folding patient lifter designed for home and community environments. Ergonomic Handset: The latest slimline technology from Linak fits neatly in the hand with an intuitive control panel. Battery and service indicator lights assist with service scheduling Welcome to Disability Hoist Hire. Welcome to Disability Hoist Hire, the patient lifting equipment rental and training specialists. Disability Hoist Hire offer short and long term hoist hire - a cost effective way to meet your manual handling needs.Hoist training can also be provided for individuals or groups by our specialist manual handling advisory team The hoist simply needs to be hooked onto a bracket on the wheelchair or scooter, then at the press of a single button it is programmed to lift into (or out of) the vehicle. The movement is completely automated so there is no need to guide the scooter or wheelchair into the vehicle (unlike a standard or folding hoist) The Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist is an amazing portable hoist that can lift up to 40kg and does not require any modification to your car. It is ideal for those who struggle to lift their portable mobility scooter or folding power chair into the car and would rather not permanently modify their car. It is also costs much less in comparison to permanent car hoists Portable gantry hoists use very little floor space, which eliminates the storage problems sometimes caused by floor based hoists. These hoists allow lifting, repositioning, weighing and transfers. Please click below for a full description of each portable gantry hoist. Mobile Hoists include: Westholme Sequiona. Oxford Voyager

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  1. A folding portable electric scooter/wheelchair hoist designed for the Solax portable scooter, however can be used on other scooters/wheelchairs that are under 30kg. The hoist can reach 1.5m high
  2. 1320 Lbs Electric Cable Hoist Crane Lift Garage Auto Shop Winch 110v With Remote. $123.49 New. GRIP 18090 Rope Pulley Hoist. 4.6 out of 5 stars. (8) Total Ratings 8, $9.99 New. 180 Kg Poly Rope Hoist Pulley Wheel Block and Tackle 400lb Puller Lift Tools. 4.5 out of 5 stars
  3. ate the need for a vehicle lift. Portable wheelchairs either fold up into a compact unit, or can be disassembled into multiple pieces for easy transportation. The pieces can be placed into a vehicle, and then the wheelchair can be reassembled once you've reached your destination
  4. The Ardoo Caresafe 140 portable compact hoist has been designed, developed and manufactured by the company.; The Ardoo Caresafe 140 is a problem solver, versatile and easy to use by one carer.; It enhances and improves the quality of life of the wheelchair user and makes life easier for the carer. The Ardoo Caresafe 140 can be used in the home, in the car and can be easily taken on day trips.

Models like the Smarti and the Minimo Plus 4 fold down to a much more manageable size so you can enjoy a day out without worrying about being able to lift your scooter back into your car.. Another option to consider is using a ramp. This will span the gap from the lip of the boot of your car, right down to the ground so you can simply push the scooter in and out as necessary Birdie Evo Mobility Hoist and Sling. Southampton, Hampshire. For sale Birdie Evo Mobility Hoist ( RRP £650-£800 new) Purchased In 2019As new used only twice no longer required. Comes with an Invacare Dress / Toileting Sling ( never used) RRP new (£120) Dimensions 130cm long 130-160cm high if fully exte. £450

There are a number of budget hoists on the market which do not come with hoist weighing scales and have no accessories from manufacturers to provide one. The seca HW941 is an excellent portable weighing scale which is CLASS II certification which means it's suitable for care environments including NHS, care centres, residential and domestic homes Car Hoists. Car hoists for mobility scooters and Car hoists for wheelchairs supplied by John Preston Healthcare Group throughout the UK and Ireland. Take the strain out of lifting your mobility equipment into your car. Installation service available throughout the UK including Northern Ireland The Portable Boot Hoist is allowed for an easy and convenient way to put your electric wheelchair in and out of your car. The Portable Boot hoist is compatible with a scooter/wheelchair battery which makes it an easy lift hoist to use. The Solax Portable Boot Hoist provides you with the support you need when lifting a wheelchair or scooter. May 7, 2016 - The Suas Hoist is compact and portable and can be stored in the hold of a plane, train, coach or car. More information Suas Hoist - Portable Lifting Device for the Disabled. small and portable; fits narrow doorways, folds up to take along The lightweight design makes it a convenient tool for a visiting home carer or for the family that is on the go or short of space. When needed the hoist can be quickly and easily set up ready for use. The Prism A-150F Folding Aluminium Mobile Hoist is ideal for all hoisting situations as well as lifting someone who has fallen to the floor

Ardoo Caresafe 140 Portable Hoist Overview of the Ardoo 140 Portable Hoist with Optional StandAid Attachment. The lightest, most compact, folding portable disability hoist on the market.Easy to erect or fold in 30 seconds or less - no tools needed. The clever design allows the hoist to be adapted for use as a stand aid Product Code: M29483. The Birdie Compact Mobile Hoist can be easily folded and unfolded without the need for tools. Additionally, the hoist can be dismantled into two parts if needed -also without tools. A high boom maximises space for the person using the hoist and gives an ergonomic lift and transfer so you can be easily rotated in the hoist

The innovative hoist design reduces the risk of injury as the patient's knees are not close to the actuator, rotation is also easy with the high boom arm and ergonomic design.FeaturesAllows for easy and safe lifting, with great comfortSimple operation, reduces risk of strain or injuryFoldable, portable, moves with easeRobustly manufactured. The Air Hawk Is Easily The World's Lightest Lightweight Power Wheelchair, Weighting Only 41 Pounds. The Air Hawk Portable Electric Wheelchair Easily Folds Into A Small Compartment With A Width Of Only 12.25 Inches Allowing It To Fit In The Trunk Of 'Any' Car And Can Be Taken On A Plane As Carry On Luggage Free Standing Solax Hercules Portable Scooter Hoist. $1,490.00. Don't strain yourself lifting your Folding Mobility Scooter again! The Solax folding mobility scooter lift is the ideal accessory for your folding mobility scooter. Free Standing Solax Hercules Portable Scooter Hoist quantity Oxford Advance Folding Hoist. The Oxford Advance is compact and easy to manoeuvre. The exceptional foldable design ensures easy storage and onward transportation. The Advance is small and versatile and can lift up to 155 kg (24 st). The award winning Oxford Advance patient hoist is a real stride forward in patient lift design and performance The invention of portable hoists has made the transition of patients much easier and more comfortable for both parties. Independent Living Specialists provides an array of portable hoists in various styles and sizes to meet the different needs of the user. These have been sourced from well-known brands in the market. Portable Hoist

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Oxford Advance Patient Hoist. The Advance Hoist is a compact fold-away hoist yet it is able to perform a wide range of transfers. Whether from the floor, on to a nursing or domestic bed, or wheelchair to commode chair, the Advance copes with ease. The Advance Hoist can be supplied with either a Spreader Bar or with the OY0146 manual Pivot. The Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist is an amazing hoist that can lift up to 40kg and does not require any modification to your car. The Atlas 4 hoist is designed to fit a range of cars and is easy to use which allows the user to take the Atlas 4 on holiday or use in multiple cars if required. The Atlas 4 requires no bolting or modification made to any vehicle; it is also supplied with a key fob for.

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The car featured is a 2014 Kia Carnival. The scooter itself weighs in at just under 100KG so we opted for the 150 KG hoist just in case the owner wanted to lift any shopping etc with the scooter. Bruno 6900 Lifting Hoist for Heavy Power Chairs. The Bruno 6900 hoist is big brother to all other hoists. Perfect for heavy Power Chairs BRIG-AYD 40kg fold Down Powered Hoist for Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair. £93.00. 3 bids. Ending Today at 6:28PM BST. 3h 10m Collection in person

By Tenby; In Lifts and Hoists; Mobility scooter car hoists prices & lift info costs. With the ever increasing popularity of mobility scooters and power-chairs, it is inevitable that more users, specifically car owners, will want to carry them further afield for family days out or even holidays away from home Find the cheap Wheelchair Car Hoist, Find the best Wheelchair Car Hoist deals, Sourcing the right Wheelchair Car Hoist supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it's approved, suppliers on our site can quote Car boot hoists use a lightweight platform that plugs into your mobility scooter or powerchair, raising and lowering your equipment at the touch of a button. Safety features include straps, locking castors and stabilising legs to keep the scooter or electric wheelchair secure. Some portable hoists for cars can be fitted with an external battery. The Portable Boot hoist is compatible with a scooter/wheelchair battery which makes it an easy lift hoist to use. The Solax Portable Boot Hoist provides you with the support you need when lifting a wheelchair or scooter instead of straining your back. Advantages. Super lightweight weighing just 13 kg. Lifts up to 30 kg

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Oxford hoists are made to a high standard and offer an excellent solution for people with low mobility to gain easier access to all areas of the home. Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist Battery Monitor. £138.86 . VAT Exempt. Add. Freeway S-160 Mobile Hoist. £925.00 Homelift 2 Folding Hoist. £737.57 . VAT Exempt. View Product. OUT OF STOCK. Oxford Hoists are a popular lifting and handling solution within the NHS and Care community. We're the UK Dealer that can offer you the complete Oxford hoist range. This range includes Professional Hoists, Classic Hoists and the option of Electric, Electric Leg or Manual Hoists. Product Compare (0) Show: 25 50 75 100. Sort By

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Here at Mobility World, our extensive range of scooters includes these fantastic portable mobility scooters, which can be folded up and placed in the boot of a family car with ease. With features including comfortable seats, spacious front baskets and ergonomic folding mechanisms, these portable models offer maximum safety and total convenience. The Solax Portable Boot Hoist and GED09 is the perfect treat you have been waiting on all year. This super package deal includes a Portable Boot Hoist that can hold up to 30kg and Gilani Engineering's exclusive GED09.The Portable Boot Hoist is allowed for an easy and convenient way to put your electric wheelchair in and out of your car

Discounted price. US $159.99. Free shipping. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+. Opens in a new window or tab. *. No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. 7ft Wheelchair Scooter Folding Aluminum Ramp Portable Mobility Handicap Suitcase. Sign in to check out The Smart Lifter LC range is the medium size out of our three hoists, lifting up to 100kg of weight, with both 80kg and 100kg hoist options. Due to that weight limit, this hoist is best suited to mini scooters or wheelchairs. This hoist is simple and easy to operate, lifting and loading your wheelchair or mini scooter in 60 seconds, and can. Tag: folding portable disability hoist Molift Smart 150 Folding Hoist This hoist is ideal for domestic use since its lightweight frame folds down neatly making it ideal for transportation or storage New Arrival Foldable Electric Disability Hoist For Elderly People , Find Complete Details about New Arrival Foldable Electric Disability Hoist For Elderly People,Hot Sale Portable Folding Patient Transfer Lift For Lifting The Disabled,Good Quality Medical Probasics Electric Hoist For Disabled People,Factory Price Patient Compact Patient Hoyer Lift For Transfering Patient from Rehabilitation. Using a portable wheelchair hoist may also significantly decrease Musculo-skeletal injuries and physical stress for care-givers and loved ones when lifting a power wheelchair. It is by far the safest option for frequent users of the EagleHD or Dinkum Navigator folding power chairs and saves thousands of dollars on expensive vehicle modifications

Our portable car access lifter is designed to transfer a person from a wheelchair to the car without any lifting by the carer. This lifter is portable, easily removed and stored and lightweight for easy handling. Bariatric Patient Lifting Hoists. Safety and Mobility offer a range of bariatric patient lifting hoists Oxford Advance Portable Patient Floor Hoist. A mobile patient lifter enabling safe transfers to or from a seated or lying position, even from as low as off the floor. Compact folding design for storing or transporting. Full technical support and servicing available in major centres Australia wide May 14, 2014 - The Molift Smart 150 is the perfect portable hoist for travelling . The custom made Molift Travel Suitcase is TSA approved for air travel.. A portable, folding electric scooter with remote control operation. The Genie+ has 136kg weight capacity and comes standard with a lightweight lithium battery (Up to 15km on a single charge). The remote control is used to fold the Genie into a very compact and easy to manage unit that fits into the back of a small hatchback. A hoist is available that lifts the scooter in/out of a vehicle

Portable Folding Scooter Hoist. This portable folding scooter hoist is designed to lift portable folding mobility scooters and power wheelchairs weighing in weight up to 30kg. It folds into a manageable liftable size to lift into your car, the hoist in total weights 11kgs Patient Electric Hoist Electric Patient Hoist Transfer Aids Foldable Patient Lift Electric Patient Hoist For Disabled People. $380.00-$410.00/ Set. 1 Set (Min. Order) CN Guangzhou Potent Medical Equipment Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. 4 YRS Carolift Wheelchair Hoist 90. The Carolift 90 design allows it to lift devices up to 90 kilograms, just shy of 200 pounds. Its design is discreet, with the ability to fold down for use in vehicles with sloping trunks. Powering the Carolift 90 is a hand-controller, like the Carolift 40. The Hoist 90 works in large hatchbacks, station wagons.

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The Molift Smart 150 can also be divided into two parts, without the use of tools, to reduce the weight for transporting. The heaviest part weighs only 30 lbs/13.6 kg. The Molift Smart's lifting range makes lifting from the floor simple. Folds in less than 10 seconds, without tools. Lifting capacity of 330 lbs / 150kg. Lightweight, 55 lbs. The frame folds and fits in most car trunks; when folded it can be transported by rolling it like a suitcase. The Multi-Lift also can be used to hoist a scooter or wheelchair into the car. Some airlines allow wheelchairs and other assistive devices, including portable lifts, to be checked as luggage free of charge 4.3 3 reviews. iRide Folding Scooter. by Pride (Model No. S25) The NEW! Pride iRide is our lightest folding scooter and comes in four metallic colors. Folds to 38 x 19.25 x 15.75 for compact portability. Four colors to match your personality. Height-adjustable tiller The folding mobility hoist can be easily plugged to a scooter or powerchair and can lift a maximum of 50 kg with just a push of a button. Safety straps are provided along with swivel casters so the transferring process is smoother. The stabilizing legs further add to the safe operation of this portable mobility hoist

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Molift Air Ceiling Hoist - Dolphin Mobility. Innovative and functional, the Molift Air offers great versatility to disabled users and their caregivers. Not only can it be used with Molift's own track systems, it can also be... Article by Dolphin Lifts. 1 Disability Marsden M-600 Hoist Weighing Scales / Class111. £275.00. 0 bids. Ending Friday at 8:02PM BST. 2d 17h Collection in person. Disability Hoist Batteries. Linak. New 2020 Other. Delivery Arranged Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pmSunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm. Our Milton Keynes mobility showroom is in a fantastic location. If coming by car, we're within five minutes of Saxon Gate, fifteen minutes off the M1 (Junction 14) or three minutes from the A5 (H3 Monks Way exit). You'll find us near Screwfix Milton Keynes, with plenty of free parking. This product has been replaced by Birdie Evo, click here to view the product. With maximum space for the user, both the Invacare Birdie and the Birdie Compact offer a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The lifters are designed to ensure that folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be. Portable Scooter/Wheelchair Hoist. Lifts products up to 30kg ; Portable folding hoist ; View Product. Companion Travel Lite Wheelchair 2. 19.8kg - 22.9kg weight; 125kg weight capacity; Ideal for travel; Puncture-proof tyres ; View Product.

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The minimum inside dimension between smaller wheelchair wheels for safe use on the IAP6000 type platform hoist, is 330mm. Fold down handgrips (not always shown), are a standard feature on PSV6000 series hoists Description. Better Products 4 Disabled (BP4D) supplies 'The 1' Folding Electric Wheelchair . The 1 stylish, modern, lightweight foldable powerchair will get you indoors and outdoors easily without any problems. You can easily fit it in a car boot or any spare little space in your room without hesitation A portable folding hoist that is designed to lift the Mobie Scooter, Transformer Scooter, Companion Electric Wheelchair and Brio range of portable scooters. It is electrically operated using the battery power for the electric wheelchair/scooter that it is lifting. Load capacity of the hoist is 30kg and it can reach 1.5m high 0800 002 9633 BOOT UP PROMO HIT THE ROAD PROMO. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Aerolight-Lifestyle Folding Mobility Ramp. Aerolight-Up & Over Threshold Ramp Kit. Aerolight-Xtra Portable Wheelchair Ramp. Atlas 4 Mobility Scooter Hoist. Doorline Neatedge Rubber Threshold Ramp Mobility hire or rental - this is the place to look for mobility products and daily living aids that you can hire or rent on a long or short-term basis. Click the product names to go straight to more information • holiday hire • portable ramps • pressure relief mattress overlay • manual wheelchair • care bed • bariatric care products • stairclimbers • stairlifts • mobility. Chiltern Disabled Celing Hoist max weight 130kg. Chiltern invadex electric hoist. in working order can be used as a patient lift or other will need a service if being used as patient collection only or organise own courier. Details: chiltern, celing, hoist, video, person, disabled, weight, invadex, electric, maximum. Cardiff