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Compare Quotes To Get The Best Price For Your Home Inspection. We'll Make The Process Easy By Finding The Right Professional For Your Project Sellers can attend a buyers home inspection. Buyers need to remember that at this point in the transaction, the seller is still the homeowner. Ultimately, unless it's directly stipulated in the buyer's purchase offer, the seller can be present for the buyer's home inspection. Do you need a Licensed Contractor Having the seller attend the inspection can assist the inspectors with documentation or knowledge about when renovations were made. Moreover, this section can also include if the inspector cannot properly operate a component of a home

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  1. It can be tricky for inspectors and Realtors to navigate the emotional waters when Sellers and Buyers are both at the inspection. It can be an awkward, tension filled environment. All Sellers are anxoius about the home inspection, and it shows. This is not good for the Buyers to see up close and personal
  2. The seller or the listing agent Although the seller has a right to be at the inspection (it is their home, after all), it's not a good idea. The buyer pays for the inspection; therefore, the information the inspector identifies belongs to the buyer — not the seller, Pretty comments
  3. Kate McQueen. May 11, 2013, 1:38 pm. It is a RIDICULOUS idea for a seller to attend a home inspection. The buyer is obtaining and PAYING for the inspection and the seller should have no part in the process or discuss ANY issues in the home with the buyer's inspector. Further, since home inspectors are culpable for any missed defects that.
  4. Buyers and sellers should attend home inspections. Despite some inspectors being against buyers and sellers attending their inspections, there were many inspectors we interviewed that advocated for clients being present. They listed one or more of the following reasons as to why. 1
  5. If a seller is not present, buyers will feel comfortable talking openly with their inspector and asking frank questions, ensuring they are fully satisfied with the current state of the home. Sellers can also bring an unneeded emotional element to the inspection. The job of the inspector is to go through a home meticulously and look for.
  6. Home Inspection Tips for Sellers. A home inspection can be a rough, emotional experience. These tips will help you get ready. 1. Get Your Own Home Inspection, and Use Home Inspection Guide. Home inspections can be especially hard on the sellers who aren't aware of the problems before they list. You could be in for an unwelcome surprise
  7. Typically, the buyer pays for their own inspection, and can use a licensed home inspector of their choosing. However, sellers who may be concerned about what might be found in an inspection sometimes opt to pay for their own pre-inspection

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The home inspection is a contingency written into most offers, meaning that if the buyers aren't happy with the result, they can cancel the sale without losing their earnest money deposit, or.. Young added that listing agents and buyer agents should attend the inspection, with the knowledge that each agent has something important to offer to the process and that one shouldn't try to overpower the other. You have no business being at the inspection The other side of the argument — stay out of it In my professional opinion a buyers agent should be at the home inspection representing their buyer client. Likewise, the sellers agent should also be there to represent the seller during the home inspection The home inspection is a part of the home buyer's due diligence. Since the buyer ultimately is hiring the home inspector, it's the buyer's responsibility to pay for the home inspection. When a home is being inspected before a house is listed for sale, the seller is responsible for paying for the home inspection

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Sellers are often concerned about buyers or inspectors doing damage or going through personal effects. Sellers have a right to control who has access to their home and may choose not to agree to a home inspection unless an agent is also present. Being present as an agent may facilitate this important step in the process The home inspection is one of the most crucial steps for buying a home, and it shouldn't be overlooked or rushed. In fact, the inspection process has the potential to be just as nerve-racking for.. Again, it comes down to communication. If the buyer wants the seller to be on-site to answer certain questions, that also is a simple question to the homeowner themselves. You can also glass the home inspector if they prefer the seller to be on site or their experience with having a homeowner on-site during the inspection 2. Listing agents should attend inspections to address inspector competency and prevent blindsided sellers. In addition to concerns about inspector competency, some agents attend inspections as a.

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There are a number of reasons why the agent - buyer's or seller's - should attend the home inspection, not the least of which is that it is their job. The agent is hired to represent the client, and representing the client means being there when needed. The home inspection is no exception A professional home inspection can help you do just that. Just like a buyer does, you will get a detailed report outlining the issues discovered. Of course, there are pros and cons you need to consider. PROS of Having a Home Inspection Before Selling: You find out what condition your home is in. Pricing the home accurately is much easier The Colorado Real Estate Commission Sale Contract section 10.3.3 states: If an Inspection Objection is received by Seller, on or before Inspection Objection Deadline and if Buyer and Seller. The property inspection is a major contingency to work through. Buyer's agency creates expectations from and for both parties. Agents need clients to represent (that is how we get paid), and.

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If they are a Sellers Agent, Transaction Broker of Facilitator, than they do not need to attend the home inspection because they are not working for you the buyer. However, if the agent is your Buyers Agent than they for sure need to be at the home inspection. Here is a home inspection question recently posted on a Real Estate forum Nothing is farther from fact. The seller doesn't have to make any repairs. The buyer may be able to void the contract, but there are nothing automatic about repairs pursuant to a home inspection. If the agent for the seller or buyer does not attend the home inspection, there is no management of the contract and home inspection process

Talk To Top Rated Local Inspection Experts In Minutes. Your Home Deserves The Best - Hire A Pro & Leave The Worry To Us I also think the seller agent should let the buyer know and get their ok because after all the buyer is the one that's paying for it. The home inspections are purchased by the buyer for the buyer. It is not necessary for the Seller to be there unless Buyer agrees to it. That's just my professional opinion A seller being present during the home inspection is n't always a nega tive thing, it ' s situational, depend ent on who else is also present. When the buyer does not attend the inspection, it's generally not a problem if the seller is present for the inspection. In many instances, it's convenient to have someone to talk to or even ask. I've written about buyers attending the home inspection, and I've written about buyer's agents attending the home inspection.. I've never written about home sellers attending the home inspection because I thought this was a no-brainer, but I recently learned that there are many real estate agents that feel the seller should be present during the home inspection

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  1. Yes, buyer's agents should attend home inspections with their clients. Sounds like a no-brainer but the internet is littered with buyers complaining about the lack of customer service from their agent, in general, and having to go it alone at the home inspection, specifically
  2. The sellers should not be present during the home inspection for all the same reasons the sellers aren't present for showings. Buyers will often have questions about defects during the inspection which can only be answered out of earshot of the seller, as the buyer owns the information from the home inspection
  3. Hiring an inspector is you doing your due diligence. To find a good one (more on how to do that soon), it helps to have an understanding of what the typical home inspection entails. An inspection is all about lists. Before an inspection, the home inspector will review the sellers property disclosure statement
  4. replied over 1 year ago. I always attend as a buyers agent and I also try to attend as a seller's agent as well. The seller has an interest in knowing what is found and the scope of the issue. For buyers, I always recommend they attend. I recommend that they follow the inspector and I recommend that they ask questions
  5. Don't go tilting at imaginary windmills, Don Quixote-style. Even if you're surprised by the inspection findings, keep mum until the buyer has actually presented you with a request for repairs or a price reduction. You'd be surprised at how many buyers expect their home-to-be to require some elbow grease

Home inspector Dylan Chalk is the author of The Confident House Hunter (Cedar Fort Press), a book to teach home buyers how to look at and understand houses. He is the owner of Seattle-based Orca Inspection Services LLC, and in 2017 he accepted the position of vice president of the American Society of Home Inspectors' western Washington chapter The answer is fairly simple. Anyone who is involved in the transaction of the home for sale should attend the home inspection. This includes the real estate agents, the buyer, and the seller. What you will learn at a home inspection. During a home inspection, the inspector will inspect the entire home In most cases, Buyers will attend all or part of the home inspection. This may occur with or without his/her Agent, or it may also include contractors and possibly some relatives and friends. Whether Sellers should attend the inspection is more complicated. Buyers cannot forbid the Sellers from remaining during the inspection Though a home inspection is an additional cost that isn't essential, it could make for a smoother transaction. Should a Seller Get a Home Inspection Before Listing Their Home? Click to Tweet Reasons for Not Getting a Home Inspection. The decision to have a home inspection when selling your home isn't completely one-sided, however This article reviews some of the reasons why realtors should make sure to attend a home inspection regardless of whether they represent the buyer or seller. It is Your Duty as a Realtor A realtor is retained to represent a client, which means that the realtor should be present at important moments of a property purchase

If you schedule an inspection and the inspector doesn't want you to attend, this is a big red flag. Find another inspector. Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections - Email - Detailed Buyers Inspections RELATED POST: Should Agents Attend The Inspection? [] ron pelto September 20, 2012, 6:58 p What the seller should do instead is pay the estimated costs of the repairs and let the buyer deal with it on their own terms. Pay close attention to the home inspector's report. When made by a dependable inspector, a home inspection report is an extensive document that notes the home's every strength and weakness The home inspection is a key time for sellers to back out of a sale, usually because buyers will ask for sellers to make repairs to the property or issue a repair credit to cover those costs, which can easily cancel the real estate contract If no one can attend, sellers may consider leaving a written list of what has been done to the home over the previous 15 years. If you are considering buying or selling a home in the. If I'm representing the Buyer, then what I do, and it's quite acceptable in my area is to arrange for a walk-through with the inspector when it's completed, before leaving. It's best to do it with the client, if possible. Home inspectors follow th..

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Attend The Home Inspection. Many listing agents attend home inspections with the buyers. The agent can keep track of everything the inspector points out - good and bad - and learn any facts about the home. Sometimes, that information can be used in the negotiations. Attend The Home Appraisa Home inspectors sometimes refuse to allow a seller's agent to attend. Inspectors may argue that since they were hired by a buyer, they have a duty to provide their honest assessment to the buyer.

A home inspector may note common wear and tear to a home for a buyer, but that does not mean a seller needs to deliver a home to a buyer in brand new condition. A 20-year-old home will have issues In the home inspection world, it is said that realtors can learn more by being at the home inspection than just reading the home inspection report. If you do attend be mindful of the process and your place in this inspection. It is the home inspectors' job to inspect and take control of the home

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If you have not sold a home in a while it is certainly a legitimate question to ask. The answer however, is not clear cut and dry. Let me start by saying that I try to attend every home inspection whether I am representing the buyer or the seller. When buying or selling a house, the home inspection is a vital part of the process The realtor schedules the home inspection as that requires coordination with the seller. Attend inspection and review ground rules with buyer (s) and inspector. Some realtors advise buyers to watch, take notes and be quiet during the inspection and NOT distract the inspector while working. . Others recommend buyers arrive at the end of. A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation. On average, a single-family home inspection usually takes 2-4 hours to complete, though this is heavily dependent on the of the size and condition of the home. After the inspection process, the inspector will. If you have a realtor, they will be present. A useful checklist to keep on hand. Do not attend the inspection. For the seller, a home inspection is also a great opportunity, says Jim Dainty, owner of WIN Home Inspection in Cookeville, Tennessee. Who Is Present During the Home Inspection Home inspections are a necessary burden of selling your home. No one likes a group of strangers poking, prodding, and climbing all over their space, but when the inspection is over, sellers may be able to justify a higher sales price. Before inspectors drop by, you should clean, check, and test every nook and cranny of your home

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  1. The home inspection also provides an opportunity to instill confidence about home ownership and the maintenance that comes with it. A home is likely the biggest investment of your life. We strongly recommend that you personally attend the home inspection. If you are unable to attend the inspection, we recommend that you send a trusted friend or.
  2. The Buyer's Agent. Often, the buyer's agent will also be present at the home inspection. In circumstances where the buyer cannot be there in person, their real estate agent can act as their representative. Many buyers also want their agents to be present so they can go over the details of the inspection report and develop a strategy together
  3. Baco states, Making unnecessary home inspection repair requests can lead the seller to look at other offers that may be on the table.. Kaitlyn Baco is a Realtor Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty. Kaitlyn or any of our full time agents can be reached at 201.939.7500 to discuss any of your real estate needs

Whether you attend the whole inspection, just the end, or you're only able to follow up later, we want you to gain as much insight into the findings as possible. Schedule your home inspection today, or call our office at (770) 277-5655 Some buyers might be shy about asking to attend the inspection. Maybe you don't want to be a nuisance. The inspector has a job to do, and what if you're underfoot? That really shouldn't be a concern at all. Between you and the inspector, you're the one taking all of the risks. You're about to sign documents that promise payments for. The Listing Contract could have a section where the seller could opt to have a pre-list home inspection completed prior to the home being offered for sale or waive that right. If the seller opted to do the inspection, the home inspection company could work with the seller in preparing the Seller Property Disclosure as a service

However, if a seller authorizes their agent to be there, that is fine BUT no listing agent should EVER attend an inspection without advising their seller-client of the potential ramifications as far as their being accountable for what the agent hears (it is the same as if the seller were in attendance) While the seller typically has the right to be at the inspection (it is their home), it is HIGHLY discouraged for them to attend. The inspection is for the buyer's purposes and any learnings from the inspection are the buyer's right to know, not necessarily the seller's (yet). The listing agent is also discouraged from attending the. A seller or seller's broker is only prohibited from sharing a copy of an inspection report with a subsequent buyer if the seller or the seller's broker is the client of the inspector (i.e., the seller or the seller's broker ordered the inspection) and the seller or seller's broker signed an agreement prohibiting the seller or broker from sharing the report

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The home inspection is something that can make or break a real estate transaction. The fact that many agents imply that they do not need to be present for such a major event is unfortunate. There are a number of reasons why the agent - buyer's or seller's - should attend the home inspe.. The home inspection is one of the most important items to pay attention to when it comes to buying a new home. It will give you the low down on the most important systems and aspects of the property you are considering investing in. The inspection becomes even more essential when you are buying a fixer-upper house. Homes that need work bring an extra level of due diligence as there is no. The second inspection is the seller's inspection, which happens before the house is even listed. While this inspection isn't required, this gives the sellers an opportunity to get ahead of any issues and make repairs before the home goes on the market. Do Agents Usually Attend Home Inspections? An agent isn't required to be at the. Of course, whether or not to attend a home inspection is entirely up to the buyer's agent and the preferences of the home inspector and buyer. The important take-away seems to be that the buyer's agent should refrain from influencing the buyer's conclusions about the home inspection As the buyer, you can attend the home inspection and follow the inspector through the house, asking questions as you go. If you can't attend the whole thing, it's a good idea to be there at the.

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The House Detective: by Barry Stone, Certified Home Inspector. Dear Barry: Our home inspection is scheduled for next week. This is the first time we've bought a home, and we're not sure what to do and what not to do. Our agent says it's not important for us to attend the inspection, that we should just wait for the report When we sell our home and the buyers have an inspection performed, do we, the sellers, have the right to be present and see what the inspector does Seller Attendance at Inspection (disclosure, negotiation, agent, accept) - Real Estate -Brokers, appraisals, development, lease, investing, relocation, apartments, houses, condos, values, mortgages. A knowledgeable home inspector will show you where the water shut off is, explain the systems and components of the home and go over home owner maintenance suggestions. Trust me, if you have a leak and need to turn off the water quickly, you'll be glad you attended the home inspection for that reason alone, that way you can get in contact.