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  1. For more information or e-waste pick up, please call 1800 40 SAMSUNG (7267864) or 1800 5 SAMSUNG (7267864) or click here for more details. Registered Office Address: 6th Floor, DLF Centre, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-11000
  2. To backup your data to SD Card, insert the SD Card, run the Smart Switch Mobile and tap the menu, Transfer via SD Card , and then Back up . In the backup menu, check the items and tap Back up . NOTE: You can encrypt your data with the password. Backing up to SD Card
  3. - Tap on the Backup option, and you can view and select Android data types on the interface. Next, hit on the Browser button to pick your SD card as the destination to save the backup. - To start the process, please click the Back Up button at the lower right. Tips: How to back up Android to PC

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Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/1eyedmonkeyGet your 1eyedmonkey Channel merch at https://teespring.com/stores/1eyedmonkey-storeThis video is abou.. Android SD Card Backup app - Samsung Messages Backup is a professional backup tool for users. It can backup your Android SD card to computer in 1 click, so you needn't wait for a long time. With the simple steps, you can achieve the Android SD card backup fast How to Video for Samsung MOBILE. Find more about 'How to backup and restore data with a microSD card for Samsung Galaxy Note8' with Samsung Support Tap the SD card icon in the upper right corner, and then tap Back up. Select what you want to back up. If there's not enough space on your external storage, you can come back later to transfer anything that won't fit. Tap Back up again, and when it's complete, tap Done Samsung Galaxy A21. Samsung Galaxy A21 - Move Files from Internal Storage to SD / Memory Card. Connect with us on Messenger . Visit Community . 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile.

With Smart Switch, you can back up these Samsung files to PC using its PC version. And the mobile app allows you to to back up Samsung data to Micro SD card/ USB memory. Backing up files to SD card and USB disk is not as safe as uploading data to cloud. Because your Samsung phone (with SD card) and the USB disk may get lost Restoring Data to SD Card 1) Tap the menu. 2) Tap Transfer via SD card . 3) Tap Restore Here's how you can back up the contacts on your device to the SD card directly. Step 1 On your Android phone or tablet, launch the Contacts app and click Contacts tab to see all the contacts on your device. Step 2 Tap the button to the left of the menu button and then select Import/Export

Samsung Messages Backup is a professional third-party tool for Android data transfer. With its intuitive interface, you can easily export files to computer, including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, music and apps. Because of that, it supports Android apps' transferring to SD card directly Today on Tech With Brett I show how to backup the data on your Samsung phone to your Micro SD card and I also show you how you can restore it to the same or..

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How to Transfer photos from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to a SD Memory card.Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/howtosmartphone Back up SD card on Android. Select Back Up and then check the required data, customize a location on your computer to store backups and click Back Up below to back up SD card on Android to PC. Part 3. Back Up Android SD Card to PC with USB Cable. With a single USB cord, you can freely and easily transfer files from Android SD card to computer This SD card recovery - Samsung Data Recovery, can not only fast transfer photos from the micro SD card to the computer, but also recover the deleted pictures, videos, music, and other files without root. You can preview and selectively transfer your photos with this program Select the desired file (s). Selected when a checkmark is present. To select all files, tap All (upper-left). Tap Move (lower-left). Tap the My Files Home icon (upper-left). Tap SD Card. If necessary, navigate to the appropriate directory (to move the files to). Tap Move here (lower-right) Tap OK to merge device contacts with contacts from Google or Samsung account. Back up contacts to SD card. From any Home screen, tap Apps. Tap Settings. Scroll to 'APPLICATIONS,' then tap Contacts. If necessary, tap Contacts to display > All contacts. Tap Import / Export. Tap Export to SD card. Review the file name for the contact list on the.

If you use a spacious SD-card which is mounted in your phone, then to backup files on your Samsung Galaxy S5 you do not need to plug your phone to your computer. Just follow the below steps: > Mount the SD-card i nto to your phone. > Touch Apps from the Home screen how to change storage to sd card on samsung tabletDownload Link 2 SD : -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-https://clk.ink/cO0RorYPlease watch: how to install lucky patcher on a..

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Scroll to 'Local storage,' then tap Device storage. Tap the MORE icon located at top-right to expand the drop-down menu. Tap Edit and select the files you want to move, then tap MOVE. Select the SD card and navigate to the folder you want to move the file to, then tap MOVE HERE Back up contacts. From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. Tap Settings > Account and backup > Accounts. Tap the account you would like to sync, then tap Sync account. Back up contacts to SD card. From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. Tap Contacts > Menu > Settings Part 1. Backup Android SD Card with Useful Android SD Card Backup Tool To backup all important files on your Android SD card, you can have a try the Android SD Card Backup tool: Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android) to backup things not only on Android SD card but also on the whole phone to Windows PCs and Mac. Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android) is an all-in-one Android backup and manager

2. Open EaseUS Todo Backup and go to the Clone feature. 3. Select the SD cards that you want to clone. Select the other SD card as the destination to save your data. 4. Preview the disk layout and then click Proceed to execute the USB cloning process. Free Download. Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP reported size of a Samsung EvoPlus 128Gb U3 micro SD card in Accessories a month ago Samsung Pay card issue in Accessories 23-12-2020 The Directory Name Invalid in Accessories 24-07-202

Open the Samsung Smart Switch app, tap Agree, then Allow; Tap the SD Card icon in the top-right corner; Tap Turn on in the blue box entitled Password-protect backup files. Note that if you forget this password, you will lose access to your backup. Tap Back up to start the backup proces Tap Advanced. It's near the bottom of the menu. Tap Save content to. It's near the center of the menu. A context menu will appear. Tap SD card. Now that you've changed this setting, files you download in the Samsung Internet browser will be saved to the SD card instead of your Galaxy's internal storage Back up SD card on Android. Select Back Up and then check the required data, customize a location on your computer to store backups and click Back Up below to back up SD card on Android to PC. Part 3. Back Up Android SD Card to PC with USB Cable. With a single USB cord, you can freely and easily transfer files from Android SD card to computer Samsung Galaxy J7 V / Galaxy J7 - Move Files from Internal Storage to SD / Memory Card. To perform the steps below, a SD / Memory Card must be installed. From a Home screen, swipe up then tap Samsung folder. Tap My Files. From the PHONE section, tap Internal Storage. Navigate to the appropriate folder (e.g., DCIM > Camera) Select SD card. You'll see a list of locations to move the photos to. Tap on SD card, which will be right beneath the Internal storage option. Depending on the type of SD card or the Samsung Galaxy model, it might say Memory card instead

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  1. Cant write to SD card Your sd card isnt working correctly and has been set to read only to prevent data loss. Backing up the data on your SD card is recommended. Me too - on my Samsung Galaxy M31 !! After backup-format and it just work for a day and reappeared the same issues/problems
  2. 1. level 1. GoNmanne11. · 4m. the s21 will come with a usb c to usb c cable, in the smartswitch app there is an option to transfer your backup to another phone using a usb c to usb c cable. 2. level 2. korewa
  3. Message+ Backup Message Plus offers an option to restore messages from a Backup to SD card. Please give instructions for saving the messages to a backup on the SD Card. Thank you

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Steps to backup your Android photos to SD card directly. Open your Android phone and go to Gallery app. Preview and select the photos you want to transfer to SD card by long-pressing the thumbnail. Click on the menu button, which is a three dots icon from the top right corner and choose the option of Move to album Learn how you can backup to transfer data to SD card on Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra.Android 10.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1LIKE US ON FA..

When you place an SD card in your Galaxy S7, the device should automatically adjust its camera settings to save all images to the SD card instead of to the phone's internal memory. However, if you want to ensure your phone has done this, or you need to manually change it over yourself, it can be unclear where the settings for the camera's. Easily backup and restore SMS, bookmark, call log, contact, audio, photo, SD card photo and video on your Android phone and tablet. Select specific category and files to backup or restore. Create and restore backups to SD card or Dropbox account. Multiple brand phones supported: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, MOTOROLA, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE and more These instructions apply to Standard mode only. From the Contacts tab, tap the Menu icon (located in the upper-right). Tap Settings. Tap Contacts. Tap Import/Export contacts. Tap Export to SD / Memory Card. Tap OK. From the Confirm export prompt, tap OK. Interactive demo to back up contacts/pictures/etc. with Verizon Cloud Is it possible to store SMS to SD card? It will be quite complicated to store messages from your Samsung Galaxy A10e to the SD card. Some apps will allow this. The easiest method will be to go through a usual backup to Google Drive. To can backup your Samsung Galaxy A10e contacts, discover the possible choices Backing up your Samsung Galaxy S4 is important if you want to avoid losing personal data and media files due to software malfunctions or if you physically lose or misplace your device. You can back up your Galaxy S4 either by saving your information to Google's servers or by moving files to your SIM card, an SD card, or your computer

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  1. Inserting a memory card (microSD card) into your device allows you to transfer and store contacts, music, pictures, and videos. MicroSD cards are sold separately. To start transferring, insert a microSD Card into your device. To backup your contacts, from the apps screen, swipe to and tap Contacts
  2. Afterwards, hit on BACK UP. You're now required to select your desired contents to backup and activate back up. After the data backup is completed, you can now check the data My Files > SD card > Smart Switch Backup folder. Method 3: Backup Samsung S21 via Google backup
  3. Tap Google or Samsung depending on what account you used to backup your contacts. Tap your email address. Tap Sync contacts and put a mark on the check box. Tap Sync now. Restore Contacts From SD Card

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SD card read only, also known as SD card write-protected, refers to a memory card or micro SD card that you can read, however, cannot modify data on it. SD Card Read Only Symptoms Usually, a memory SD card or USB flash drive itself has been locked into read only mode; it's because the card is getting old, damaged, corrupted, or infected by a. Note: If necessary, touch the Status bar and drag it down, tap Connected as a media device and then tap Media device to select the check box. On your computer, open Samsung Kies. Inside Kies, click the Back up / restore tab. If necessary, click the Backup tab. Next to 'Music' and 'Photo,' click the check box to select the check box Step 2 Make sure you have inserted the SD card to your Samsung Galaxy phone correctly. Launch the Android phone and go to the Settings app on your Apps menu. Step 3 Tap the Apps to locate the installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8. Just check the storage space it takes to make a decision for the apps to move to the SD card on Samsung phone

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S4 to SD Card. Step 1. Locate Samsung Galaxy device storage. Insert an SD card inside your Samsung first. Tap Apps, choose My Files and then hit All files option. Tap Device storage to backup media and picture files optionally. Step 2. Backup Samsung Galaxy S4 media and pictures to an SD card. Mark before. 3 Backup Calendar, Contacts, And Internet Data Using Samsung Account. 4 Backup Contacts Through The Contacts Application. 5 Backup Multimedia Files On Your Galaxy S5 Using Online Accounts (Facebook, Google And Dropbox) 6 Use Samsung Smart Switch To Backup Data On Your Galaxy S5. 7 Use A Third Party Application To Backup Data On Your Galaxy S5 BACKUP/RESTORE PHOTOS & FILES: Swipe up or down from the center of the home screen to access the Apps tray. Note: Inserting a memory/microSD card into your device allows you to transfer and store contacts, music, pictures, and videos. MicroSD cards are sold separately.; Select the Samsung folder.; Select the My Files app.; Navigate to, then select and hold the desired file(s) Here, you only clone an Android SD card for backup or upgrade, thus, ignore this note. Step 6: Click Apply. At last, this PC cloning software will go back to the main interface where you need to execute all the operations you have made by hitting the Apply button Select SD Card; Choose the SD card option and then find the location where you want to place your files. After this, select Done. You can't use apps or files while they're being transferred. Automatic Saving to SD Card. After your phone recognizes your SD card, there will be a slight change in the way some of your apps work

You can do the following: Open the app Contacts of your Samsung Galaxy A20. Choose the menu or the contact settings. After that Contacts management. And then select Import contacts. And select the location of the stored contacts, SIM card or SD card. After that click on Import Once it's done, open the app and just click Save. You will then have the ability to choose the tracking of the backup. You can actually therefore choose to save SMS messages to the internal memory on Samsung Galaxy J7 or to the SD card. Once the tracking is selected, confirm and check the MMS box to include them in the backup

After moving apps to SD card, your downloaded files and caches will be saved on the SD card automatically. By the way, you can transfer files from Samsung to computer for backup with HyperTrans. Later, you can delete those large files to free up more space on the phone internal storage Android 7.0 Nougat. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon. Tap Settings. Tap Cloud and accounts. Tap Backup & reset. Check Back up my data to back up any account data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers. Check Automatic restore to restore backed up settings and data when re-installing applications Method 3. Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite via SD Card. We should know that backup data to SD card is also a feasible method. And the free application Syncios App for Android is worthy of attention. It enables us to easily backup and restore SMS, bookmarks, call logs, contacts, audios and more on your Android phone and tablet

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Where to keep Samsung Galaxy A5 backup? It does not seem like that, but the location you will select to keep backup your Samsung Galaxy A5 is pretty important. Usually, the primary reflex on selecting the location to save the backup is: on the SD card of the cellphone From here, enable the option to set a custom path for the SD card. Tap on the Path to internal SD Card and change it to an external SD card. After when the path is changed to an external SD card, tap on the Enable for apps option. This will display a list of all the apps that you can save on SD card. From here, make sure the. Q1: How Do I set WhatsApp as default storage to SD card? Install the app on your phone and open it. Then go to settings and enable the option of Set a custom path for the SD Card. Now, change the Path to internal SD Card to an external SD card. Once the path is changed to an external SD Card, select the Enable for apps option Where to keep Samsung Galaxy J7 backup? It does not seem like that, but the location you will choose to keep backup your Samsung Galaxy J7 is essential. Most of the time, the first reflex on choosing the location to conserve the backup is: on the SD card of the mobile phone Most likely, the primary reflex on deciding on the location to conserve the backup is: on the SD card of the mobile. However, we advise that you copy this backup to your pc or to your hard disk. This will enable you to preserve your data and applications if perhaps your Samsung Galaxy J6 is lost or stolen

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Using this backup method to backup Samsung Galaxy A51/A71 to Google accounts you can back up Bookmarks, Data, Wi-Fi Password, Settings, Contacts etc. Step 1. Go to Apps > Settings > Accounts and backup . Step 2. On next page tap on Backup and restore then on next page tap on Back up my data and when the toggle switch appears turn it. Samsung Galaxy A10 - How to backup contacts This will collate all your contacts in one .vcf file which can be saved on your SD card or uploaded into a file storage service like Dropbox. << Previous Tip. Show All Tips

Where to store Samsung Galaxy J5 backup? It does not seem like that, but the location you will choose to store backup your Samsung Galaxy J5 is crucial. Usually, the initial reflex on picking the location to save the backup is: on the SD card of the mobile. Nevertheless, we advise that you copy this backup to your pc or to your hard disk Using my SD card as portable storage. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5g on Android 11. I also unfortunately have a Mac. These two things don't play very nice together. I've found Macdroid and enabled developers mode so that I can use my device as removable storage in Finder and drag files to it. I also have mounted a 500 gig SD card Then use this data recovery tool to help you get back the lost audio files on Android internal storage or SD card. I then try to restore from iCloud, and that actually worked. No probs with texting anyone else. Samsung Smart Switch Data backup, restoration, synchronisation, and software updates are now managed in one place

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  1. Samsung Galaxy A51. Samsung Galaxy A51 - Move Files from Internal Storage to SD / Memory Card. Connect with us on Messenger . Visit Community . 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile.
  2. SD cards can be used to backup so much more than a phones contacts. Not only do memory cards add to the total storage capacity of a phone, but they also allow you to backup your pictures, videos, music, movies, applications, etc
  3. This software is sure to be your choice no matter you want to backup Samsung SIM card, SD card or the internal memory. With this software, you can easily transfer any files from your Samsung device to the computer, including contacts, messages, music songs , videos, movies and etc. Apart from Samsung phones, this software can also be compatible.
  4. A MicroSD card is a tiny memory-storage card used in cameras, smartphones, and GPS devices. There are different ways to back up and format a memory card. This guide will show you how to back up and format micro SD card Android for your Galaxy smartphone

The latest Samsung tablets support SD cards up to 1 TB, so if you want to switch storage to an SD card for both installed applications and file storage, you can easily do that by following the steps below. How to Change Default Storage to SD Card Part 1. Steps to Backup Android SMS Messages on SD Card. You can move Android text messages to external SD card directly on your Android device, including Samsung, LG, HTC and etc. Here is the way you can do as following. However, please note that you might need to backup the messages one by one from Android internal memory to SD card People Also Read How to Backup Your Android Device' SD Card Samsung SD Card Recovery Guide: Recover Data from Samsung SD Card. Part I: Introduction. A lot of people use their smartphones all the time. They fill it up with pictures, videos, applications, and a lot of media. That's why it sometimes gets filled up How to change the setting of phone from phone storage to sd card in micromax Android phones: How do I move apps to SD card with vivo y53 android 6.0.1. Set my SD card as default storage on Android phone: How to set sd card as default internal storage for samsung j2 prime android version (6.0.1 Eventually, the SD card will fill up and run out of space. To remedy that, move files from the SD card to a laptop or desktop using a memory card reader. From there, transfer the files to a high-capacity external hard drive or upload them to an online storage site like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive

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  1. I believe the 90 day backup you are talking about is in the cloud. I want to be able to back up All of my messages from the Message+ app like did last time. I can't find where they moved it to. Again, I do not want to install a separate app to back up to Sd card, unless VZW has removed this capability. CHeers
  2. Step 1: Install Auto Backup Restore - Transfer on your Android device and run it. Click and select 'Apps' or 'Personal' from the drop down menu of the main screen, for taking data backup to SD card on Android. Step 2: If chosen, 'Apps', select the desired apps in next screen, and tap the 'Backup' button underneath
  3. Step 2. Copy the entire SD card to somewhere on your PC for backup. Step 3. Right-click your SD card drive, and then choose Format Step 4. On the Format option window, choose an option from File system. Note: As suggested by Rukbat on the comment, choose FAT32 if the SD card is 32GB or smaller, or exFAT if the card is larger than 32 GB. Step 5
  4. Step 1: Once installing the software on your computer, run it and select the File Backup option to begin with the backup files from corrupted SD card. Step 2: Next, select the folders that need a backup. After selection, click the Start button to initiate the corrupted SD card backup process
  5. Steps of How to Backup to MicroSD Card/USB Memory via Smart Switch. Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ use the ejection pin to gently loosen the tray and pull out carefully. Step 2: Place the MicroSD card/SD card into the slot and close the tray
  6. Doing so will move your photos into your selected folder on the SD card, thus removing them from your Samsung Galaxy's internal storage in the process. If you selected Copy instead of Move, this will store a copy of the photos on the SD card while leaving the original photos on your Samsung Galaxy's hard drive
  7. Step 01: Go to Samsung Galaxy S8's home screen. Or, you can visit the Apps drawer. Within one of these two, open Gallery. Step 02: Go to your Albums. Step 03: Press the image you wish to move to your SD card. If you want to select multiple photos, then press and hold one file until a check comes up

Just choose SD card. This method works but it can be time-consuming. If you want to transfer Android photos to SD card in batch, you are recommended to try method 2 below. Method 2: Transfer Photos from Android Gallery to SD Card in Batch To move Android photos to SD card in batch, you should try TunesGo program, which allows users to. Galaxy Note20 Series. Hi, Thanks for the post! If you go into the in-built app named 'My Files' and then press and hold on your desired file, press move, pick the SD Card and wait for your phone to do all the work! (You can cancel the move at any time and this can also be performed offline, providing that the area it is being moved to is stored. Copy the folders and move them to the SD card of your phone. Also Checkout: Guide to Manage Space on Google Photos. Once you have moved them, you can delete them from the internal storage. After moving the files to SD card on your Galaxy S9. All the previous images and videos will be now on your SD card and will be inaccessible from Whatsapp

If you only need to backup SD card photos on Android, you can also choose the Photo Gallery to backup. Step 1. Open the Android Photo Gallery, then click the Send or Menu button. If you are using Samsung, click SHARE to continue. Step 2. Click Save to Drive to upload selected pictures or videos to Google Drive. Step 3 People Also Read Samsung SD Card Recovery Guide: Recover Data from Samsung SD Card How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card. Part I: Introduction: Why You Need to Backup Your Android Device' SD Card. You might wish to back up your SD card on your Android phone for a lot of reasons. We will list out some of these reasons here 3. Go to Files -> Local -> SD card (the old one), and select the files or folders you would like to move. 4. Then click 3 dots icon at the top right corner -> Copy, and choose the new larger SD card as the destination. It will start to transfer data from one SD card to another

If you want others folders photos and videos on your Samsung Galaxy A50s/ A50 also to be backed up to Photos, go to Photos's Settings > Backup & sync > Back up device folders. Here you can see all the folders that can be backed up choose the ones you want to sync with photos, just toggle the switch on in front of the folders Problem 1: Galaxy S7 SD card issue, missing photos in SD card, Smart Switch in creating backup. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I have a microSD card that I have had through my last 3 phones This app Files To SD Card is used to quickly move, copy or backup files from internal memory to your phone's SD card. With this program, you can free up with one click your device internal memory or backup your files to the SD card. • Free up space by moving your files (documents, downloads, photos, videos and other) to SD Card Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards are like SD cards, but they transfer data faster and come in capacities up to 32GB. SDHC memory cards aren't compatible with SD card-only readers, but that's not as bad as it sounds - most modern card readers handle SDHC without a problem 1. Open My File App on your Android Device. 2. On My Files screen, tap on SD Card option, located under Local Storage section. 2. Next, navigate to WhatsApp > Databases Folder. In WhatsApp Database Folder you will find all the WhatsApp Backup Files, including the most recent Backup that you just created. As you can see in above image, the.

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You need to insert it into an SD card reader and then connect the SD card reader to your computer. Step 1: After entering the main interface of this software, you need to choose Recover from SD-Card module. Step 2: You will enter this interface. Then you should select the target Android SD card and click on Next button to start the scan process Problem 2: Ways to create a backup from the SD card of your Galaxy S7. Hi. I was using my phone like I usually do. Out of nowhere, it said that my SD card got removed. Even though I didn't. Turning off and on backup has no effect. Selecting the two photos that are not syncing, then Back up now results in a brief Uploading 2 items message at the bottom of the screen. But, nothing is synced. The photos do not appear on the server side, and the app still shows Getting ready to back up. FYI, the video is not part of the problem

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Method 1: Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy S20 via Google Cloud. Google company offers Google Cloud Backup & Restore for Android users to back up or restore data on Android device.When you added a Google account to your Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8, previous backups are restored If you want to use a new and improve method to Transfer your files to your Micro Sd-Card, then read this article: How to move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S5 . 2. Exporting contacts to your MicroSD card.vcffile can be used to back up all your contacts effectively and fast via the medium of your MicrosSD card. This is the universal format. How to Fix Using CMD: Step 1: First, connect the memory card to the PC with the help of the card reader. Step 2: Next, check a drive letter of the memory card through Computer/Disk Management. Step 3: Then, go to the start menu and type the cmd in a search box, after that right-click on it & then run as administrator You can follow the following tutorial: Go to the app Contacts of your Samsung Galaxy A10s. Select the menu but also the contact settings. After that Contacts management. Then choose Import contacts. And choose the location of the saved contacts, SIM card or SD card. After that click on Import