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  1. With the Lucky Cat Sweater you can include your feline friend in the knitting fun. This cat sweater pattern is a cute way to show your furry friend how much you care. Once you knit up this easy knitting pattern you won’t be able to resist dressing up your kitty at every chance you get. For outdoor trips to the vet or even just lounging about, this little sweater can’t be beat
  2. May 30, 2020 - This dog sweater knitting pattern is knit flat, in one piece on straight needles. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large
  3. Free Cat Knitting Pattern Downloads. Jiji the Cat. Jiji the cat is worked in the round for his body and tail, with his ears knitted on straight needles. Tiny Window Cat. It's 3 inches tall, worked in the round, and all in one piece except for the tail. Knitted Kitty Cat. Cute little kitty to knit

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To do that, simply continue knitting in pattern, and do one [K2tog] before the right leg hole and one [K2togtbl] right after the left leg hole. When you reach your required number of stitches as per calculation B, knit one or two more rounds in pattern, before binding of loosely. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Weave in all ends These free knitting patterns for pet sweaters range from easy to intermediate so there's a pattern to fit everyone's skill levels. You're sure to find a perfect pet sweater project for your favorite fur friends in our list of 14 knit pet sweater patterns Knit up little fluffy a rainbow of these quick and easy catnip bunnies for her birthday or gotcha-day and she'll be entertained (and a little crazy) for hours. Make Your Cat's Day. You can make a catnip toy out of just about any amigurumi pattern! Just pick a relatively small one, stuff it with catnip, and go to town Easy Dog Sweater. via knitandbake.com. Cast on 46 stitches onto your size 6US needle. Work ribbing for 8 rows in the navy blue; after 8 rows, switch the work over to the larger size, 7US needles. Switch to the light blue color. Work garter stitch for the first and last 4 stitches. For the middle of the rows, use the stockinette stitch

Straight needle knitting patterns are a mainstay of the knitting world. Most beginners learn how to knit on straight needles, and even advanced knitters love their straightforward simplicity.<br /> <br /> Chances are good that you have straight needles in a variety of sizes just waiting to be put to use. But while it's a safe bet that most scarves are knit on straight needles. Lisa. You will not go down a stitch in that row, the stitch count is consistent row to row, you will use 7 stitches at the beginning of the row, 24 stitches at the end and the pattern repeat is 20 stitches, so it will be repeated 10 times across the row. 7 20024= 231 stitches. For every decrease in the chevron pattern there is an increase to. But, I get it. It can be hard to take the leap from straight needle knitting to figuring out how to work in the round. However, I also get that it can be hard to find exciting and challenging patterns when you only have straight needles to work with. That's why I put together this list of Straight Needle Knitting: 30 Easy Patterns

Oct 2, 2020 - This dog sweater knitting pattern is knit flat, in one piece on straight needles. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large Knitting a sweater or cardigan is a milestone for every knitter. It can feel intimidating and confusing when you're trying to follow some of those instructions - especially when you see the words 'at the same time' in a pattern.Even just finding a pattern can feel like a huge process Poppy Cat Sweater Size Domestic Shorthair (common or garden moggy) Materials MC: any colour you like really of a DK weight yarn, prolly about 50g, certainly much less than 100g A small amount of red, black and green DK yarn 4mm straight needles 4mm double point needles 2 small stitch holders (I used Kirby grips) 2 bobbins (clothes pegs work well Over 100 free pet knitting patterns for dogs, cats and more. Bark-A-Lounger Pet Bed. Basic Two Color Dog Sweater. Basket of Daisies Dog Sweater. Bucalicious Dog Sweater. Bumble Cat Toy. Button Up Dog Sweater. Cables and Bits Dog Shrug

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Knitting patterns for your favorite animal companions including dog sweaters, cat beds, toys, and more. To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern This dog sweater knitting pattern is knit flat, in one piece on straight needles. Available to make in three sizes, small, medium and large After knitting 100 scarves and as many hats, I was excited to give an adult sweater a try. While I now usually knit in the round because I have the sizing down for this sweater, knitting with straight needles is much easier especially for someone just starting out, because you can adjust the size if it's off - so no worries Today I present you a mohair sweater for women that will brighten and give color to the most greyer days of winter. Although I usually knit baby or child clothes, it seems like I'm entering a self-centred stage, when it comes to knitting, because lately, I've been very busy knitting for myself. The Candy Cloud Mohair Sweater is knitted flat ( back and forth rows) using straight needles. US Size 15, 10 mm 36 circular knitting needles & straight needles (optional) 4 (4,5,6) Color Made Easy Bulky #5 Yarn in Kombucha 200 g/skein KIT AVAILABLE HERE Pattern uses approximately 650 g (758 g, 876 g, 1000 g) Cable Needle Scissors Tapestry Needle Measuring Tape. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X

Jan 16, 2021 - This dog sweater knitting pattern is knit flat, in one piece on straight needles. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large Dress your little girl up in something extra special with the Girls Cable Knit Sweater. A cable pattern down the front of this sweet knit sweater pattern gives the sweater some visual interest, without becoming too complicated to knit. Youll enjoy creating this appealing little knit sweater for the special girl in your life. Choose a yarn thats her favorite color to make this sweater an extra. You will now have 72 stitches on your needles. K2P2 until garment is 10 long (or desired body length). -----! Bind off 52st. This will leave 20st on your needles. Knit remaining 20 stitches in K2P2. Loosely cast on 20st using the backward loop method and join in the round. You will now have a total of 40st. K2P2 in round for 2 to create.

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Adventures in knittingland: Kitty Sweater with Pattern!Easy Cat Bed Knitting Pattern - Gina Michelemargit&#39;s knitting adventures: Stuffed Animals! Turtle
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