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I deleted every photo when I broke up with my ex. They are kept in the cloud so if I ever want to reminisce then they're there. If I broke up with my current SO then yes I would delete everything on social media with him but back up the photos to the cloud. I don't see the point to constantly be reminded of their face Yes you should delete the picture of your ex because that's one of the ways to move on. And the main thing to move on is to get over them, if you're feeling sad about the break up then yes you should delete them So yes, if deleting the photo helps you move on, do it. (If you want to be safe, you can always ensure you keep a back up copy. All my Instagram photos are instantly save in my photos album on my iPhone. It's a setting you can choose. I don't think deleting pictures of anyone either he/she is your ex or enemy or anything else. Pictures helps us to remind our past, happy/sad moments, its a good way to rejoice and love your past. It's better to keep them safe instead of deleting them

You can also compromise by putting the pictures away. Especially if the pictures are group shots, with other friends, they might be fun to look at in twenty years. If you and your new love are still together then, old picturesof an ex shouldn't be a big deal by then. What I don't recommend is point blank refusing to get rid of pictures I have a lot of pictures on my phone. Mostly travel and events. As I go further up, I come across several pictures of my ex. It hurts so much that I can't even delete them. Having them there hurts but having them deleted hurts too. Sometimes I can't even look at them. Other times it's just there for sentimental value I knew myself that I shouldn't put so much belief into her words ever since we broke up but the feeling itches and starts to hurt to see that she goes back on her word again and deleted the photos of us off her social media.. It could highly possibly mean that she has moved on and decided to not keep our photo as a memory

My boyfriend of two months just started saying that it's bothering him that i have a few pictures of my ex on my facebook profile. The pictures are just of prom posses which shouldn't bother him. (it wouldn't bother me at least) and there are a few videos with my friends and my ex is in the background. he asked me to delete it all including him. I too found a picture (actually 3 of them) fully nude pictures that my bf (ex) had received over instant messenger. I confronted him after holding it in for 4 weeks. His explanation was that the girl wanted to be in the same profession as him I broke up with my ex 4years ago I was still in the university and I was a bit childish and also I felt he controlled me but the worse part was the fact that I allowed advices from people get to me, so when he made a little mistake I took it as chance to get free from him and his controlling ways, also explore what the world has to offer, but I. I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend for more than 3 years. He still has his ex's photos and refuses to remove them. They were with each other for 5 years. He says that he doesn't have any feeling about her or her pictures but these photos have to be saved because they are his memories and remind him of his past As you don't communicate with your exes in anyway except for having their pictures still on your timeline I can assume that they simply blocked you. She will be able to do the same when you break up, but I think it would be polite to remove the pictures that have only the two of you in them from your timeline. 1

This is pretty much the same situation I'm in, except mine is out of the blue, don't know why he wants to take a break (I posted about it earlier). Honestly, when you delete Instagram pics after breaking up, it is a huge sign they they don't want to see you in their life anymore. It is pretty petty of him to add a bunch of girls on Facebook I would demand he erase all the pictures of his ex from his computer. Like everyone said, this guy needs to grow up! and I'm also a little vurious as to why all of a sudden he told you about. usually guys will hide that kind of stuff, so either he feels guilty about it (which he should) or he is trying to make you jealous or something Instagram has come a long way. There was once a time when you would question your boo for hours if he so much as followed some babe that posted bikini pics, but now you probably follow about 500 randos, half of which are shirtless dudes, and expect every dude to follow some Instagram models.. READ ALSO: It's okay to care if your boyfriend likes another girl's Instagram pic If you find him coming back frequently, seeing how your doing etc., it may in fact been a mistake on his part for leaving you. If the contact remained slim to none after the break up, than he simply enjoys viewing and having those pictures viewed. If he wanted to delete them, it would have been done by now

I will try and make this short. Been with this girl for 14 years. We have a 12 year old daughter. The ex receives a text asking if she's single from a co worker asking for a friend she laughs it off saying who would be interested in me? A few days later she gets all lidded off with me over a Yo.. So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months. Know each other about 6. I noticed I have pictures of us in my phone. I post them online. I also send all my picture of us to him. Apparently he hasn't saved any I sent him. When I asked why he said phones die and get lost so I store my pict.. My Ex Sent My Nude Pictures to My Coworkers. When I didn't remove my clothes as soon as I walked through his front door, he shoved me so hard that I broke a bookcase. He'd show up at my. As salam walaikum, I am 20yr old girl from pakistan. I've been in a relationship with my ex boyfriend from past 5yrs. This January I broke up with him. He used to trouble me so much and always ask me to give him my nude images and etc and intend me to do so. And if I would say no he would blackmail me that he will. Companies make racks california divorce law gifts according to various places like commercial ones, hotels and for home use furthermore. Their own Vision was a 2, 000 sq my boyfriend broke up with me after 1 month. ft. ) and is published monthly from the Treasury how to save a relationship after breaking up opinie Section. Many times, golfers.

11 Social Media Habits That Could Mean Your Partner's Cheating. If your partner is actively having an affair — or even thinking about starting to stray — you might be able to tell by the. Uh mister Wally on Facebook says my name is from uh after some months of breakup, I will delete some of this, some of those pictures because anytime I will see them, I will be angry. Thanks, bishop Henry Alfonso says, this is no problem. Sorry. There is no problem. I keep my ex picture on my phone I have 2 facebook accounts and an instagram account. I just recently got it deactivated yesterday and am feeling the FWS really hard. I deactivated it for the purpose of break-up. I found out that my ex boyfriend had a secret facebook account through my sister's account. I couldnt view that account because I was blocked A friend came to me this week with a question. He has been dating a great girl for 2 months and recently she confessed to him that she had to de-friend him on Facebook because he had so many pictures of his (recent) ex-girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend was so beautiful it was making her feel insecure

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Right. The same ones. But they were for my eyes only. And I certainly haven't let them out. I used to see those pictures and delete them. Even I had sent her as many pictures during that period. There was an exchange of not just pictures but SMS and WhatsApp texts too. It is really unfortunate that it all had to come out this way Integrate the magic of Photos into third-party apps, so it's easier than ever to access, edit, print, back-up photos and more. Learn more . A safe home for your life's memories . We invest in advanced security infrastructure and easy-to-use privacy controls so you can safely store and share your memories Here is a post break-up guide that I made 9 months ago that helped me on my journey and now I'll pass it along for those who need it. BREAK-UP GUIDE: Go no contact (NC). This is exactly as it sounds--cut off all communication with your EX and her friends. Delete her off Facebook, Twitter, unfollow on Instagram, don't call, text or FaceTime her

My daughters boyfriend took pictures of her naked and has them on his phone..she said that she is afriad to break up - Answered by a verified Family Lawyer Go to celular store and have them delete the photos here and then return the phone. You can advise him that if he publishes any photos here you will sue But if your S.O. has the overwhelming urge to constantly make fun of whatever his ex just posted or hunches over when he watches her stories, there's definitely something up. Giphy 10 Sometimes it can be hard for a relationship to have a completely clean break when it ends. Here are 14 signs your ex is still stuck on you

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I was with my ex for 3 years, she was my first and I was her first. we've lived together for about 2 years and recently broke up in February. She dumped me because she had thought I was cheating on her but when she realized I wasn't wasn't things started slowly coming back together My soon to be ex wife have been separated for almost a year pending a divorce. Child support has been set and is deducted from my pay every week and visitation is set for standard visitation. My girlfriend is a photographer and on this past weekend took pictures of my happy son on one of our outings Instagram is extra special because unlike Facebook, its layout is simplified and scrolling through pictures until you're 117 weeks deep and praying you don't have an accidental thumb spasm takes only a few moments. You can actually tell a lot about a guy based on what his Instagram posts and activity are about This is one of the major signs he still loves his ex and is merely finding ways of being a part of her life in some way. 10. He cries and tells you about his feelings for her when he's drunk.

Giving up butt stuff is not an option for me (I'm too much of a hedonist) and for at least a year, every time it came up that a guy wanted to do something with my ass, I'd worry that he'd. Thanks a lot for posting a valuable article about intellectual property rights. I am a retailer and nowadays I started selling in online, I sell different types of cover and screen protector for iPhone, Samsung etc. when I take product images I take screen protector and iPhone in the same photo just to make it how looks perfect fitting Well a couple days after the surgery I finally took a look at it to see how it is healing and he cut me all the way to and a little up on my pubis mound and I am assuming that since my frenulum was not connected to my penis it allowed it to draw back up into the pubis area, it is bruised and sore and I told my wife it looks like a seller vagina. Sep 19, 2016 - When I recently found myself trying to explain to some friends of mine why I don't put pictures of my five year old son on social media their reactions ranged from baffled - why not share the happiness and wonder that your little darling brings A Stranger Posted Your Photo. This can get complicated. If a stranger takes photos on public property, such as at a park or on a city street, you are giving your consent by being in a public area. If someone you do not know takes pictures of you on private property, you may have some rights according to the rules of the private property

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My man and I have been together for a while (almost a year), and we have talked about living together. My lease renewal on my apartment has come up, and I had every intention of just letting it renew for a full year, but my boyfriend wants to move in together later this year and has asked me many times over the course of the last two months if I could go month-to-month A power associated with sale clause will be the clause within a deed of believe in or home loan, where the borrower pre-authorizes the particular sale of property to repay the balance on tips on getting my ex boyfriend back up the loan in the event of the their default. big t finished the game, but acquired feeling, a should i end a casual.

My life is ruined - nudes leaked onto internet WITH my full name attached - HELP! Sex work at uni show 10 more I need to move out of my partner's house but I can't hold down a job - sponsor? Me and my Ex we used to have cam sex. Now that we broke up he is threatening me tha I go through my pictures anytime I am in the toilet, that's even when it normally occurs to me to use certain pics as dp. It's the little things that often feed the biggest wahala. A woman that changes her dp more than is necessary has her priorities misplaced, it's simply as simple as that and I don't want to marry a woman with misplaced. I have been harassed and stalked by my boyfriends ex who also was my best friend, which ended when she used him to cosign for a car..then she dumped him//8 months later after a 3.4 year friendship he and I started a relationshipshe didn't like it..TOld him anyone but her and a bunch of crap..Since then she has repeatedly lied to me. Need help getting along with partners, relatives, coworkers... and people in general? Ask Prudence! Emily Yoffe -- a.k.a. Slate's advice columnist Dear Prudence takes your questions on manners, morals and more

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Hello Shurzota, Yes, when you move My Documents from C to D, My Documents will no longer be at #3. However, the (User Name) User's Files desktop icon #2 and Documents library #1 will still be linked to wherever on D you moved My Documents and open it. If #2 is just the turned on User's Files desktop icon, then deleting it will not hurt anything and just turn it off and not affect My. Pictures tell stories; post-production enhances those stories. But as each moment is distinct, so too, I think, should the images of those moments. Slapping a filter on makes images look the same. A couple of weeks ago, my husband was out at a club with Matt. I don't know the exact details but somehow, my husband went though his phone and found text messages from me as well as nude pictures. My husband got in a fight with Matt and left him at the club. He came home and confronted me and I denied everything Mo once cried in front of me and said he should become Christian, said Melise, who has frequent Skype chats with Begg now and said the ex-detainee taught him how to play chess. I told him to tighten up and stay with your heart. Fuck what's happening now. You'll pull through. I said 'don't question your faith. Don't think you need to change. Pictures of my Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Pictures of my Hidradenitis suppurativa. This is a picture from 2009 from when I started documenting my hs. This is discharge that happens 24/7 it never stops. I have to change bandages up to 10 times a day. This is a picture from July 2011 showing it is not getting better it is actually getting worse

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  3. 1,589. Trophy Points: 113. Because this question comes up so often, I discussed it with an attorney. Depending on state law, posting such pictures without permission could be illegal. According to the attorney, in at least some states a written release is needed from the subject regardless of who owns the pictures
  4. You're my girlfriend.' You're completely out of line to suggest she belongs to you, or that her pictures suggest sexual promiscuity. She's free to make her choices (and that includes breaking up with you). This goes back to step two: Figuring out why she's posting those photos in the first place
  5. DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend saved 30 photos of my cousin in her bikini on his laptop. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were sexy photos of her best friend too. He'd saved them all.

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A newlywed husband divorced his wife before they could even consummate their marriage after her ex sent him compromising photos of her. The couple had been wed only hours when the groom was passed. Today, my wife gave me back my camera which she took on vacation to visit her parents with our 2-year old. I noticed the picture sequence had big gaps in the numbering. I ran an undelete on the card, and found 80+ pictures of her naked with another guy in her mom's bedroom. FML. I agree, your life sucks I broke up with my boyfriend when my newborn was 2 days old. I had a csection and was in the hospital for 3 days. Throughout our 5 year relationship we've had problems and have constantly fought and argued (verbally). Even arguing while I was pregnant and I felt like depending on how he treated me while.. After restoring my foreskin and dekeratinizing my mucosal tissue, my glans and inner foreskin remnant have a nice pinkish-purple color. But, alas, my glans is not as smooth as shown in the pictures. My glans is shiny and has a good color, but it is not smooth. I have bumps and unevenness on the surface

After I got Tony up to speed on my discovery of the nano tech in 2012, that everyone was pursuing as Lyme or Morgellons/Mold, I continued my research, and after 10 years of continuous searching, have finally formulated a compound the dissolves the nano and disconnects it from the frequency grid A day later, my pictures were splashed across two dailies, and my boyfriend got to know the truth. I missed 58 of his calls, as I was busy thinking of an excuse The first message had two nude photos of herself with a message; Hello dear, the way is clear now. I can't wait to have you here, and ended with the kiss smiley. Immediately, my hands started shaking and my heart beating very loud and out of rhythm. All of a sudden, my feet couldn't support my weight and I..

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After Break Up. The Words. Pretty Words. Meaningful Words. Relationships Love. Word Art. Words Quotes. stoicmike. After a breakup you should either say only good things about your ex, or never speak of them again. - Michael Lipsey. Nessa. 1 0 0 % R e a l. Soft Wallpaper My ex always hated my sarcastic T-shirts, says engineering student Shweta K, adding, He always found them rude, but I really love them. And I am going to celebrate my break-up with these T.

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Drawing, writing, and adding graphics to photos. Sending private messages to anyone on your friend's list; Self-destruct or auto-delete feature which means that the snaps posted will only be available for a short time like 24 hours. The self-destruct or auto-delete feature is perhaps the most appealing to Snapchat users Please I think you should actually take a break because high blood pressure in pregnancy is a huge risk. You need love and attention and if your brother will give that to you then fine. Dear ladies, please stop getting married to men you can't talk to, they rather see you as a wahala woman and avoid dating your type than having someone you fear.

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