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The highest-quality and best-performing hand-crafted, custom clubs. The performance, precision and feel you love. Without the retail mark up you hate Let Us Help You Find Your Next Ping Irons. Award-Winning Fitters Available. Shop Now! Reach More Greens With Our Large Selection Of Ping Iron Sets. Browse Online Only with the Ben Hogan PreciseLoft™ System can each golfer have their irons fitted to optimize their personal launch profile. In each model - FT. WORTH blades and PTx game improvement irons - you can select the exact loft matrix that will deliver the trajectory pattern you desire The irons Ben Hogan would make with today's technology. I have had iron sets from nearly every major pro line manufacturer out there. I have NEVER had a set of irons more enjoyable to hit and game-improving than my new Ben Hogans! ~ Kirk M All Ben Hogan irons utilize this in order to minimize loft 'compression' at the long end of your set. The Edge EX lofts are designed 2 degrees stronger than our Icon and PTx Pro irons to further enhance the playability for the mid-hanicap golfer looking not only for incredible feel and forgiveness, but also increased distance in their irons

Ever since, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has embraced this mantra with every golf club we've produced. And the new ICON irons are textbook Hogan, carrying on that heritage of high-quality, beautifully forged, contemporary muscle backs and placing it in a re-imagined package. Designed with the graceful blend of traditional styling and. Overview[/title] The irons Ben Hogan would make with today's technology. PTx PRO Irons are the irons of choice for discerning players who want to make the most of today's advanced club manufacturing technology. These irons suit extremely accomplished golfers who want to maintain their handicap, as well as very serious

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Model Loft Lie Length; Ben Hogan Apex 1 Iron: 17.00° 56.00° 39.750″ Ben Hogan Apex 2 Iron: 19.00° 57.00° 39.250″ Ben Hogan Apex 3 Iron: 22.00° 58.00° 38.750 Club loft on older Ben Hogan irons? Close. 1. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Club loft on older Ben Hogan irons? I'm trying to figure out what loft my wedges are on a set of older (circa 1988) Hogan Magnum Irons are. Does anybody know what the loft on the E and S wedges are? I did some research and I think the sandwedge is 56 The lengths and lofts of our shorter, scoring irons tend to be similar to many competitive clubs, but Ben Hogan mid- and long irons (specifically the #4 iron through the #6 or #7 iron) sometimes have weaker lofts

These were pretty much the Hogan specs on his clubs from 1970 - 1994 or so. The lofts have changed slightly. I believe my Apex PC Equalizer came in at 50* loft instead of 51.5*. I have Bounce Sole 1+ irons and that's exactly what the specs are. With my 60's Hoganslike the '63 IPT's and the '67 PC5's, the shafts are about a ¼. The following iron specification information has been compiled from product brochures, golf magazines, and from inquiries to the manufacturers. The year indicated is the specifications noted at that time and may not reflect any changes made during the life of the product. The information is listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name and. The lofts would be considered extremely weak today. Comparing Hogan's personalized MacGregor forged irons from 1953 to current forgings reveals that, on average, modern irons have lofts. Ben Hogan offers you the choice of four different loft options when purchasing a set of PTx irons. Depending on your natural game, you can select low launch, mid-launch, mid-high launch, and high launch loft

Ben Hogan Precision - Released 1954. This is the iron that went through all of the production changes before finally coming to the market in 1954. It is the granddaddy of all modern blade designs, as Patrick Boyd likes to point out. The key element of this clubhead is the mass positioned lower in the head to create the modern muscle. Ben Hogan Edge irons are, on average, 12% larger than our tour-proven Ben Hogan PTx irons, creating a larger effective hitting area. This means shots that are struck closer to the toe or heel, or high or low on the face, will perform much like they would if hit on the sweet spot BEN HOGAN IRON SET - THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION # 1843 of 1953 SETS. $ 1,399.00. Ben Hogan Iron Set - Vintage 1988 Apex Redline Refurbished 1/E and Sand Iron - Apex 4 shafts # 17. $ 1,999.00 1,599.20. Ben Hogan iron set 2/E - the 1984 Apex PC forged blade irons. $ 999.00 899.00

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Model Loft Lie Length; Ben Hogan Apex Edge 1 Iron: 16.00° 59.50° 39.750″ Ben Hogan Apex Edge 2 Iron: 18.00° 60.00° 39.250″ Ben Hogan Apex Edge 3 Iron Model Loft Lie Length; Ben Hogan Apex Plus 2 Iron: 17.00° 57.00° 39.250″ Ben Hogan Apex Plus 3 Iron: 20.00° 58.00° 38.750″ Ben Hogan Apex Plus 4 Iron I found a set of 1973 Ben Hogan Apex irons (1-9,E and S) at a 2nd hand store ($30). They have the Legend 3 shaft. I want to re-shaft them with stiff shafts, any recommendations? For example, Project X Rifle or TT XP115 or something else? Because the lofts on irons have been de-lofted for todays s..

The Edge irons will sell only on Hogan's website for $105.00 per club or $735.00 for a seven club set. The price is the same for steel or graphite shafts and includes all loft, lie, and shaft-specific swingweight customizations. Edge irons should be part of Hogan's 14-day Demo Program in early April The Ben Hogan Icon irons are very pretty. Setting them down at impact, you'll see a very straight leading edge, a slightly compact club head, and a top line that's thin but not razor thin . There's a touch of offset that's very nicely shaped. In the bag, the Icon will have huge appeal to the fans of the Hogan brand The new Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons are a refreshing change of pace. They don't have a four figure price tag, they don't have uber-strong lofts, and they don't make outrageous performance claims. This is a very solid set of irons for the mid-handicap or better golfer The Ben Hogan Icon irons sit squarely in the 'players' end of the market, delivering premium looks and feel. The toplines may be thin but there is plenty of loft to look down on which helps inspire confidence. Better ball-strikers in search of maximum control will certainly enjoy the performance

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The new Ben Hogan BH-5 irons, the first fully cast stainless steel irons in the Ben Hogan product line. 17-4 Stainless steel cast construction with extreme perimeter weight design provides maximum playability, control and forgiveness. I purchased a set of non-offset BH-5 Irons looking for more forgiveness and hopefully distance Inventory available of individual, single, replacement or add-on golf irons and wedges for Hogan Apex Ben Hogan (red line) Irons. Men's Right Handed. Make Request. 1 Iron (17°) Hogan Apex Ben Hogan (red line) 2 Iron (20°) Hogan Apex Ben Hogan (red line) Condition. Details. Hogan Apex 4 (in circle) Steel Stiff shaft (1 available

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Ben Hogan Golf Apparel for Men | Official Site. Crafted with the excellence and top-notch performance he demanded of himself, the Ben Hogan brand celebrates the fabled pro golfer's exceptionally high standards. The collection includes top-quality Men's and Women's apparel, as well as industry-leading equipment The loft structure remains what purists would consider more or less traditional, and are identical to the original PTx irons, starting at a 22-degree 4-iron with four degree loft increments up to a 46-degree pitching wedge. Hogan is making the PTx PRO available in 5-, 6- and 7-piece sets, depending on how long of a long iron you'd like in. Ben Hogan ICON irons The Diamond Black Metal finish is incredibly durable; much more so than 'painted' dark finishes used by other companies. The Diamond Black Metal finish reduces wear on the grooves so better players can impact the spin necessary to shape shots left and right, or flight shots up and down

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Like all Ben Hogan irons, Edge EX irons will be separated by consistent 4° gaps as Ben Hogan demanded, however, lofts on Edge EX irons have been strengthened slightly (+ 2°) based on consumer preferences during the testing process. As a result, golfers should be conscious of a potential gap between the pitching wedge and their next lowest. 3 Iron (20°) Hogan Edge CFT. 4 Iron (23°) Hogan Edge CFT. 5 Iron (26°) Hogan Edge CFT. 6 Iron (30°) Hogan Edge CFT. Condition. Details. Hogan Apex Edge by Ben Hogan Lightweight 3 Graphite Regular shaft (2 available) Good. Continue

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The Ben Hogan Company loft and lie machine, which is on display at the Ben Hogan Museum in Dublin, Texas. With no engineering or formal physics schooling, Mr. Hogan knew instinctively that the loft and lie of an iron combined to determine the launch vector Never used the irons but I have a set of Ben Hogan Slot Line persimmon woods from the '60's in my closet. SiberianDVM I love Hooters. Moderator. Jul 25, 2005 8,773 1,525 Augusta, GA Country United States Sep 18, 2009 #4 Here is a rare BeCu set of Magnums if anyone has a lot of spare chang

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  1. Remember that classic Ben Hogan Irons poster? This is on that famous work! You can also visit my Amazon shop:(paid link)https://www.amazon.com/shop/hobbyphil..
  2. Like all Ben Hogan irons, Edge EX irons will be separated by consistent 4-degree gaps as Ben Hogan demanded, however, lofts on Edge EX irons have been strengthened slightly (+ 2 degrees) based on consumer preferences during the testing process. The #4 iron will be twenty (20) degrees; the Pitching Wedge is forty-four (44) degrees
  3. Hi all,Im looking for original specs for the 93 Ben Hogan Apex irons (redline under Ben Hogan and forged in white, Ft Worth on hosel). Ive looked and cannot find anywhere, currently using 88 Redline specs, not sure how much difference there may be. Thank
  4. Also like all Ben Hogan Golf irons, there are four-degree gaps between irons, keeping with Hogan's gapping philosophy. Lofts can be strengthened up to 2 degrees in the fitting process, but the.
  5. Ben Hogan Ft Worth Iron 11 Irons FULL SET 3-Lob Wedge KBS Stiff Shafts RH NICE! $499.00. $17.75 shipping. Ben Hogan Apex Plus Forged Iron Set 3-PW. 8 Clubs

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50 Words or Less. The Ben Hogan PTx irons are a slightly more game improvement-type iron from the new Ben Hogan Golf company. Great look. Solid feel. Introduction. Last year, the new Ben Hogan Golf introduced itself with a bang. The Ft Worth 15 irons were universally praised and the TK 15 wedges carried forward Terry Koehler's SCOR Golf innovations The lengths and lofts of our shorter, scoring irons tend to be similar to many competitive clubs, but Ben Hogan mid- and long irons (specifically the #4 iron through the #6 or #7 iron) have weaker lofts

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  1. The Ben Hogan Difference. The main selling point of the new Hogan FT. WORTH 15 is this idea of precision. While precision is exactly the type of nebulous term the golf industry loves to throw around, the most recognizable real world manifestation of the concept is that Hogans are manufactured in discrete lofts from 20° to 47°
  2. Also assisting performance are the Ben Hogan V-Sole with lots of bounce on the leading edge and a softer bounce on the trailing edge which improves turf contact. Lofts are 2-degrees stronger than the Icon players-category iron model but maintain a 4-degree gapping through the set. Video: Ben Hogan Edge EX Irons Prom
  3. Hogan's Clubs. After the famous 1-iron Hogan used in the 1950 U.S. Open was stolen, he stopped using it. Instead, he relied on his 2 through 9 irons, all of which had stiff, steel shafts and less-than-typical lofts that ranged from 18 degrees for the 2-iron to 42 degrees for the 9-iron
  4. The words Ben Hogan and Icon go together like velvety and smooth.Hogan was arguably the greatest ball striker ever and damned near every forged iron his company produced was, well, iconic. The circa-1999 Apex blade may have been the most iconic

Neither Mizuno or Hogan has swingweight specs, but Mizuno can make clubs any swingweight the customer wants so it is not really that important. But, from the '72 Apex's to the Callaway Diablo Edge's there is even more of a difference: - about a 5* stronger loft in the Callaway irons. - about 2* more upright lies in the Callaway irons Ben Hogan Edge EX Iron. Ben Hogan Edge EX £560 (6 - PW), £640 (5 - PW), £725 (4 - PW). Availability: 4 - PW Stock shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold, KBS Tour and KBS Tour V (s) UST Recoil (g) 7-iron loft: 32° Forgiveness rating: 3.5 (see other forgiveness rated 3.5 irons here) Buy direct from Hogan at www.benhogangolf.e ICON Irons. £700.00. It's all about feel with a Hogan blade and I suspect I may have a new favuorite! Thanks Ben Hogan Golf! ~ Christo G. UiHi Utility Irons. £100.00. Love my old utility iron, but really was wishing for something a bit thicker (but not GAPR-thick). The UiHi should fit that spot perfectly Ben Hogan Golf introduced its line of BH-5 irons in 2005 with cast, stainless steel heads, unlike the forged steel heads of every previous Ben Hogan series iron. The BH-5 weighting system and other features make the irons forgiving and consistent, ideal for novice to intermediate golfers

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Ben Hogan's new line of irons and wedges are aimed at golfers looking for the most possible precision from their clubs, with 44 available loft options that range from 20-to-63 degrees. Golfers are used to buying irons that are stamped with individual numbers such as a 6 iron, which can range in loft from roughly [ Irons: Ben Hogan Icon 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff. GW: Ben Hogan 1999 Apex blade E ball flight from the '99 Hogan Apex blades is most likely due to the higher standard loft that were present in the irons back then. Lofts today are about 2-3 degrees stronger than 15 years ago At Ben Hogan, we recommend consistent 4-degree loft separation throughout your set to eliminate any loft 'compression'. In turn this provides you with greater distance gapping, especially at the short end of your set, for improved scoring. Simply put, you can easily add Ft. Worth Hi utility irons to the long end of your set SURE OUT 1964-15. IPT 1963. Power Thrust (on back, toe) 1962. Power Thrust (on back, center) 1961. Power Thrust (on sole) 1960. The two clubs arrived today - just wanted to say thanks, and give credit for a wonderful service. For the record, I couldn't find these two clubs anywhere

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Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons. Beauty, precision, and unmatched feel. (Editor's note: This is the debut review from GU writer Matt Hackett. Matt is a 3-5 handicap, former collegiate golfer, and has a driver swing speed of 115mph) Back when my handicap was at its best (2001, age 18), I was hitting hundreds of range balls and playing 3-4. Mid launch loft profile: 21° / 25° / 29° / 33° / 37° / 41°/ 45° Mid-high launch loft profile: 22° / 26° / 30° / 34° / 38° / 42° / 46° High launch loft profile: 23° / 27° / 31° / 35° / 39° / 43° / 47° TESTED: Hollow body irons. You need to know: Ben Hogan PTx iron review. Tradition meets technology I am looking at the Hogan BH5 Irons, anyone have experience with them? Particularly, can someone tell me the difference in the standard set versus the offset version? Is the standard set more like a typical tour version of other manufacturers irons? While the offset plays mor elike the standard g.. Ben Hogan Magnum Plus Single 6 Iron Factory Steel Stiff. $20.99. Was: $29.99. $12.00 shipping. Hogan Magnum Plus 6 iron. Hogan Plus Stiff Steel Shaft. Excellent GP TW Grip. $12.50. $17.55 shipping

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  1. BEN HOGAN Apex Forged #6 2005 262 1.245 .805 11.4743 .593 32 -.056 .749 0 34 530 560 Game Improvement Head C Basic Actual VCOG Actual VCOG MOI Calc. Brand Model Year Wt. Dim. VCOG MOI RCOG Loft Adjst. VCOG C.F. C.F. Points MPF Category BEN HOGAN B-H Offset #6 2004 254 1.463 .848 13.1639 .660 29 -.105 .743 0 39 759 789 Super Game Improvemen
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  3. Loft Lie Length; Ben Hogan Edge GCD Midsize 1 Iron: 17.00° 56.00° 39.750″ Ben Hogan Edge GCD Midsize 2 Iron: 19.00° 57.00° 39.250″ Ben Hogan Edge GCD Midsize 3 Iron: 21.00° 58.00° 38.750″ Ben Hogan Edge GCD Midsize 4 Iron: 24.50° 59.00° 38.250″ Ben Hogan Edge GCD Midsize 5 Iron: 28.00° 60.00° 37.750″ Ben Hogan Edge GCD.

Ben Hogan irons of the past and future. The Table Full of Jewelry is Ronnie McGraw's incredible collection of Ben Hogan iron heads. Laid out like a banquet, the assortment of some of the finest irons ever made catalogues 50 years of chief Hogan Company iron designer Gene Sheeley's work — much of which was done with Ben Hogan peering. In 2003, the year that Callaway purchased Ben Hogan Golf, Jim Furyk won the U.S. Open with a set of Hogan irons 3.A fiftieth-year anniversary set of Apex irons, a limited edition of 1,953 sets, was released to commemorate the founding of Ben Hogan Golf 1 3.But Callaway discontinued the Ben Hogan line in 2008 Lie Angles measured at setup and impact... His Ball Caddy moves farther and farther away.. BH (Ben Hogan) is in center of the trademark Hogan sunburst emblem with the word GRIND under it and Ben Hogan signature on the back. 1993-1994: Apex, redesigned longish blade similar to 1979-83 Apex. Has the Ben Hogan signature on the back with a short red line under it and the word FORGED to the right of the line. 1994-199 Irons from the 1980's and earlier are at least one full club weaker than iron produced today. Your Hogan blade 7-iron proabably has the same loft as your modern Titleist 8-iron and may even be a bit weaker. Additionally, the standard shaft lengths have increased about 1/2 inch versus the irons of yesteryears

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  1. Speaking to loft, the Icon irons have consistent four-degree gaps between clubs to create balanced distance increments between clubs. This has been a signature element of Hogan iron design going back to the first sets in 1953. Ben Hogan always had exceptionally high standards especially for his blade iron designs
  2. Ben Hogan Apex Plus 6 Iron Forged - Ben Hogan Apex 4 Steel Shaft - RH - 37 1/2 $29.95 Ben Hogan Special SI Sand Iron Wedge Steel Apex Shaft 35.25 Golf Club Hgn
  3. Ben Hogan was one part Zen Master and two parts ball striker during his life. The Hawk left us in 1997, and the legendary company that bore his name went to Golf Purgatory in 2008. But 2015 marks the return of the Ben Hogan Equipment Company, courtesy of Terry Koehler, Eidelon and SCOR. Hogan's next shot is finally here
  4. Ben Hogan Golf's newest game-improvement category iron, the Edge EX, has a large cavity back with a design that is forgiving and easy to hit. Fast Facts Ben Hogan Edge EX irons Game-improvement category Cast cavity back with forged face and hosel Wider V-Sole Lofts: 5-iron 24°, pitching wedge 44

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The Ben Hogan name is one of the most iconic in sports. Now the company he founded has delivered a set of forged muscle-back blade irons that feature many of Bantam Ben's design philosophies The lofts on the Ben Hogan Edge irons stick to their 4° gapping they call the PreciseLoft System, but these lofts are pretty standard for modern day clubs. The sole has a V-shape design that was on the previous Hogan irons, but the angles are softer than before to combine a high bounce leading edge with a low bounce trailing edge The ICON irons are textbook Ben Hogan, carrying on the heritage of high-quality, beautifully forged, contemporary muscle backs and placing them in a re-imagined, contemporary package. A blade design having minimal offset, a thin top line, and shorter blade length, the irons are well-suited for accomplished players wanting to work the ball, true.

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The Ben Hogan hybrids also feature shaft lengths similar to the irons they would replace in an effort to produce more consistent distance gaps. The key to hybrid lofts is more spin, not less. PTx Irons are the most technologically advanced Hogan Irons EVER. Fort Worth, Texas - February 14, 2018 - Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC, announced today that their left-handed versions of their best-selling PTx Irons are Back in Stock and now available for purchase.The initial production run, introduced in October 2017, sold out much more quickly than anticipated due to. The Edge irons are the largest, most game-improvement iron that Ben Hogan Golf has released. They're thicker in the top line and sole, and have, on average, as 12% larger face than the PTx irons. Looking at the iron market broadly, I think the combination of thicker top line and minimal offset makes the Edge unique and appealing Brand New 1999 Ben Hogan Apex Plus Irons 2 iron thru Sand Wedge 11 clubs total. $2,200.00. $40.00 shipping. or Best Offer. 26 watching. Ben Hogan 2 Iron APEX 3 Steel Shaft - Nice Condition. $14.99. 1 bid. $13.00 shipping. Ending Saturday at 4:23PM PDT 1d 17h. Ben Hogan Apex Single 2 Iron/Steel/Right Handed

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  1. Ben Hogan Golf's Icon irons (7-piece sets) will be available for $770 in the nickel-chrome finish and $800 in the black finish. Due to delays caused by the coronavirus, the company says pre.
  2. Ben Hogan PTx Irons Review. A well hit golf shot is a feeling that goes up the shaft, right into your hands, and into your heart.. - Ben Hogan. You'll find that quote printed inside the beautiful box that the latest Ben Hogan PTx irons ship in. And if you're one of the players that strives for feel and feedback from your precision.
  3. The traditional appearance and the Ben Hogan heritage enforces the quality of this lovely progressive set of golf blades. Only really useful for the consistent golf player, even with shallow cavity back long irons. Not the most forgiving golf club we tested but you can't fault the looks and quality of the Ben Hogan Apex FTX
  4. Ben Hogan Radial Iron Set, 3-E, SW (9 Clubs), Apex 3 Shafts, Excellent Condition. Up for auction is a beautiful set of Ben Hogan radial (1983-86) irons. 3-9, E wedge, and radial sand wedge (SW is included, but was acquired separately) The shafts on the 3-9 irons and E wedge are stock Apex 3 regular shafts. The SW has a stock Apex shaft
  5. 50 Words or Less. The Ben Hogan Ft Worth 15 irons are beautiful irons with fantastic feel and performance. Much easier to play than their looks would make you believe. Introduction. There are many legendary names in golf - Nicklaus, Snead, and Palmer, just to name a few - but only one carries weight in the world of golf equipment: Ben Hogan

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Opinion piece by Jamie Boudreaux, Ben Hogan Golf Brand Ambassador. The Edge EX irons are Ben Hogan Golf's attempt to bring more average or mid-handicap golfers into the Hogan family. There's a perception in the golfing public that they are a better player club company, but that's just not the case. They had tremendous success with. Used Vintage Ben Hogan Round Sole Blade Irons 3-E #3 Reg Apex Steel Hogan Grips. $499.00. $20.60 shipping. or Best Offer. Ben Hogan Apex Iron Golf Club Set Of 7. 3-8,E. No 9 Iron

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For players, players distance, and even GI the shafts are pretty consistent lots of KBS and Modus with a few others thrown in. Players and players distance are usually in the 110-120g range, GI in the 105. SGI is where you get the biggest variation as you will see both graphite and steel with shafts weight 40-90 grams